Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Photo:  Edward Wilks

Framing of the Grand Junction Colorado Temple Progressing

Structural framing of the Grand Junction Colorado Temple is advancing once again, giving a sense of the size and proportions of the building. Steel columns are fastened to the concrete slab with the help of telescoping crane. The single-level building will have a partial basement where the baptismal font will be located and a mechanical level above the main floor where systems and equipment will be installed.
Photo:  Bradley James

Groundbreaking Announced for the Port Vila Vanuatu Temple

Elder K. Brett Nattress, president of the Pacific Area, will preside at the groundbreaking for the Port Vila Vanuatu Temple on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Attendance at the temple site is by invitation only. Additional details will be announced to local congregations as the event draws closer. The 10,000-square-foot temple will be constructed on the site of the Blacksands meetinghouse, located near the Port Vila International Airport.
Photo:  John Lowe | J.H.L. Photography

Framing and Sheathing the Farmington New Mexico Temple

Light framing is filling in the spaces between the heavy columns of the Farmington New Mexico Temple, creating a steel skeleton for the sacred structure. A few sheathing panels have been attached to the southwest face. The pitched roof for the meetinghouse and institute facility can be seen behind the temple. It is the second to be constructed in the state of New Mexico.
Photo:  Michael and Becky Stucki

Layton Utah Temple Will Serve Growing Population

The double towers of the Layton Utah Temple soar over the city's surrounding residential areas. The community sits along the beautiful Wasatch Front and is home to approximately 85,000 residents, making Layton the most populous city in Davis County. The temple was announced in April 2018, and construction began two years later in May 2020. Due to the winter weather, the majority of work is being carried out on the interior.
Photo:  Sadey Lyn Speelmon

Meauring Up to the Auckland New Zealand Temple

The Auckland New Zealand Temple rises tall over South Auckland, a city that is home to the tallest freestanding structure in New Zealand and the second tallest in the Southern Hemisphere: Sky Tower. The observation and telecommunications tower was completed in 1997 and stands 1,076 feet (328 meters) tall. Cladding of the temple exterior has been stalled for a few months, but work progresses on the interior.
Photo:  Brent R.

Steel Framing Begins for the Lindon Utah Temple

A steel structure rises from inside the concrete walls of the Lindon Utah Temple as heavy framing begins. Steel beams and columns lie in tidy stacks in staging areas around the temple, ready to be incorporated into the growing structure. Earlier this month the basement floor slabs were poured, and the first shipment of granite cladding from Italy arrived. A ground defroster has been delivered for melting snow under the portico.
Photo:  Kevin Christopherson

Fence Installation at the Casper Wyoming Temple Site

Permanent fencing is being secured along the property line of the Casper Wyoming Temple site with most of the hillside behind the ancillary building already completed. Preparations are being made for landscaping the hill once the weather warms. Mechanical equipment has been installed on top of the modules including a rooftop HVAC unit. Steel columns are in place at the building's inside corners as framing for the upper structure begins.
Photo:  Brent R.

Building a Temporary Canopy at the Orem Utah Temple

Dozens of posts have encircled the entrance plaza at the Orem Utah Temple as crews assemble the structural support for a temporary canopy. Once enclosed, installers will begin to lay stone pavers under the temperature-controlled conditions. On the third floor, directly above the main entrance, the stained-glass window panes for one of the four sealing rooms are being installed.
Photo:  Helena Montana Stake

Brass Hand Rails Installed at the Helena Montana Temple

Even in freezing temperatures, the crews at the Helena Montana Temple find ways to keep construction moving forward. Plastic sheeting is draped over scaffolding to trap warm air where the work is progressing. Installers recently secured brass hand rails along the walkways, providing a stabilizing support for patrons walking to the entrance.
Photo:  Jared Fugal

A Look Ahead at the Salt Lake Temple Renovation

An update from Church headquarters on the Salt Lake Temple renovation gives us an idea of what to expect in 2023. Renovations will commence on the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Beehive House, and Lion House. Installation of the base isolator system, post-tension cables, and steel frames for the spires will also begin. Construction will continue on the guest experience pavilions south of the temple. Completion of the restroom facility and contemplation gardens is expected in early fall while completion of the Church Office Building plaza and Main Street Plaza is expected in late fall. Structural work will wrap up on the three-story underground addition, and finish work will begin.
Photo:  Santiago García Gómez

Cladding the Exterior of the Antofagasta Chile Temple

Stone panels are moving up the north face of the Antofagasta Chile Temple, which was recently wrapped in a dark moisture barrier. Windows are being cased in stone trim with handsome keystones. The temple in Antofagasta, located approximately 700 miles (1,100 kilometers) north of Santiago, will bring the blessings of the temple much closer to the Saints of Northern Chile.
Photo:  Brent R.

Plazas Taking Shape at the St. George Utah Temple

Beautiful plazas are taking shape on the east and north sides of the St. George Utah Temple. Both plazas feature royal palm trees, water fountain features, monument signs, colored pavers, urn planters, sod patches, and abundant plantings. Work is underway on the east stairs, which were originally made from volcanic rock and sandstone. Renovation of the temple began over three years ago and is expected to be completed this year.
Photo:  Richard Servinias

Construction Fence Removed from the Urdaneta Philippines Temple

The corrugated sheet fence that served as a safety barrier during the construction of the Urdaneta Philippines Temple has been removed, revealing the completed permanent fence. The concrete base and posts are spanned by ornamental pickets. The park strip between the fence and the highway will be cleaned up and beautified. Interior work continues on the buildings in the complex.
Photo:  David Allred

Phnom Penh Cambodia Temple Foundation Expanding

Several additional walls have been poured and cured for the concrete foundation of the Phnom Penh Cambodia Temple. Work on the foundation began about six months ago, starting with excavation and footing installation. Steel bar has been set and tied at key locations with the heaviest work concentrated on the west end. An ancillary building is also under construction.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Reconstruction of the Anchorage Alaska Temple Announced

The First Presidency has announced that the Anchorage Alaska Temple will be rebuilt where the adjoining meetinghouse is located, making the temple the prominent building on site. The existing 11,930-square-foot temple will remain open during the construction of the new 30,000-square-foot facility. Once completed, the former temple will be decommissioned and replaced by a new meetinghouse. Construction is expected to begin in early 2024 and be completed by the summer of 2026. The temple will have two instruction rooms with 40 seats each.
Photo:  Colleen Donovan

More Lighting Added to the Moses Lake Washington Temple

Additional lighting has been added to the exterior of the Moses Lake Washington Temple along the main level cornice, similar to the Bentonville Arkansas Temple. Beautiful backlit stained glass has been installed in the steeple. The temple has been under construction for 27 months. It will be the fourth in the state of Washington. A fifth has been announced for the Tacoma area.
Photo:  Kent Barton

Scaffolding Removed from the East Tower of the Manti Utah Temple

The refurbished towers of the Manti Utah Temple are on full display following the removal of scaffolding from the east end. Higher color contrast was introduced to the towers, which stand out more prominently from the limestone walls. The once ivory-colored structures are a lighter shade of off-white including the surrounding pinnacles. Roof shingles are slightly darker.
Photo:  Thomas Simpson

Beautifying the Tallahassee Florida Temple Retaining Walls

To create a level surface for the Tallahassee Florida Temple grounds, prominent concrete retaining walls were installed at the front and sides of the property. The terraced front walls were poured in a flattened bell-curve shape. Landscapers are beautifying the structure with sloped mounds, dark mulch, and freshly planted bushes. The installation of a black ornamental fence is progressing.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Staircases Installed in the Burley Idaho Temple

Staircase frames have been added inside the Burley Idaho Temple, and light framing for the exterior walls is progressing. A crane is used to lift and roughly position pieces of steel while workers in boom lifts make detailed adjustments and fasten them into place. The two-story temple is rising in a developing residential area at the southeast edge of Burley near the Snake River.
Photo:  Pam Burt

Hot-Air Balloon Festival Held Near the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

Hot-air balloons filled the sky near the Red Cliffs Utah Temple this weekend for Washington City's Up and Away Hot Air Balloon and Music Festival. Stained glass is being installed in the temple, and plenty of interior finish work remains. With portions of the exterior lighting system in operation, photographers have captured beautiful images of the landmark building in the evenings.
Photo:  Rodrigo Costa Barroso Pais

Preparing for the Brasília Brazil Temple Open House

Representatives from Church headquarters recently met with members of the Brasília Brazil Temple open house committee, as the construction and furnishing of the temple, stake center, and accommodation center near completion. The committee will oversee all aspects of the open house including parking and transportation, visitor reception, technology, security, interpretation, music, food, and more. The First Presidency has not yet released the dates for the open house and dedication of the temple.
Photo:  Yorba Linda Temple Instagram page

Relocating a Transformer on the Yorba Linda California Temple Site

Before construction can begin on the Yorba Linda California Temple, an electrical transformer in the middle of the property must be relocated. Trenching for transmission lines along Bastanchury Road is expected to begin in the next couple of weeks. Once the trench is in place, a schedule will be set for relocation of the electrical equipment. Construction of the temple will follow soon afterward.
Photo:  David Aguayo | Aguayo Photography

Elder Christofferson Dedicates the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple

Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles presided yesterday at the dedication of the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple held in three sessions on Sunday, January 15, 2023. The 6,988-square-foot temple and ancillary building sit on the site of the former Trujillo Ward meetinghouse. "The temple will bless this island," he said. "It has had a lot of challenges in recent years, natural disasters and other kinds of difficulties that have been serious and caused a lot of destruction. It will make a difference."
Photo:  Church of Jesus Christ in Eugene Facebook page

Fasting for Construction of the Willamette Valley Oregon Temple

Many members in the Willamette Valley recently participated in a fast for the construction of the Willamette Valley Oregon Temple. Excavation and site preparation activities have taken place, but the building permits needed to allow construction of the temple to move forward have not yet been issued. A lot of work is taking place behind the scenes including quarrying stone for the exterior cladding. Members are encouraged to continue fasting, praying, and attending the temple in Portland or Medford.
Photo:  Anurat Kaeocha

Project Manager Shares Experience Overseeing the Bangkok Thailand Temple Construction

In a touching 4-minute video presentation, the project manager for the Bangkok Thailand Temple shares his feelings and experience with overseeing the construction of the temple. He relates how building a temple is different from other construction projects and how God is real and helps with problems that arise. He also shares the miracle of recently saving the temple from water damage. (English speakers should click the gear icon and turn on captions for the English subtitles.)
Photo:  Caroline P Trowbridge

Okinawa Japan Temple Is All Aglow

The variegated hues in the stained-glass windows of the Okinawa Japan Temple pop against the dark blue evening skies. Interior lamps and light fixtures illuminate the windows from behind, bringing the vivid coloring to life. The temple is anticipated to serve the members who belong to the stake and district that are headquartered on the island. It is Japan's fourth temple.
Photo:  Christine Lake

Fence Installed Around the Montpelier Idaho Temple Site

A chain-link fence has been erected around the site of the future Montpelier Idaho Temple. The location was officially announced eight months ago, but no exterior rendering or groundbreaking date has been released yet. The small town has approximately 2,600 residents with two stakes that pull membership from the surrounding region. The temple will stand across the street from the historic Montpelier Tabernacle.
Photo:  Mark Thomas Williams

Video of Finial Installation on the Deseret Peak Utah Temple

Yesterday following the installation of the steeple dome on the Deseret Peak Utah Temple, the finial was also hoisted into place. A video of the event was captured and shared on social media. It represents an exciting milestone in the construction of the building. The fully assembled dome will be a distinguishing feature of the temple.
Photo:  Vinz Cascabel Villame

Concrete Walls Rising for the Davao Philippines Temple

Over the past year, concrete crews have built the exterior walls for the main body of the Davao Philippines Temple. The openings for the main doorway and second-story windows can be seen through the scaffolding. Framing for the guardhouse next to the driveway entrance is also in place. Tree-covered hills rise behind the property, providing the perfect backdrop for this House of the Lord.
Photo:  John Stentzel

Wrapping Up Construction on the Feather River California Temple

The Feather River California Temple is in the final weeks of construction, which began nearly two and a half years ago. Furniture is slated to arrive next month, and final inspections will follow. The temple will serve members from a large section of Northern California who currently participate in temple ordinances at the Sacramento California Temple, Oakland California Temple, and Medford Oregon Temple. No open house or dedication dates have been announced.
Grand Junction Colorado Temple
Structural framing underway
Port Vila Vanuatu Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony
Farmington New Mexico Temple
Framing the superstructure; sheathing the exterior walls
Layton Utah Temple
Landscaping and interior work progressing
Auckland New Zealand Temple
Stone cladding underway; interior work progressing
Lindon Utah Temple
Structural steel framing underway; concrete shear walls completed; shipments of granite cladding arriving
Casper Wyoming Temple
Erecting steel frame over modules; installing ornamental fence; making landscaping preparations
Orem Utah Temple
Art glass installation and stone cladding underway; landscaping and interior work progressing
Helena Montana Temple
Installing hand rails; ornamental fence and benches installed
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; strengthening the temple foundation; building the underground north addition; landscaping the Church Office Building plaza and Main Street plaza; building new restroom facility on grounds
Antofagasta Chile Temple
Stone cladding underway; installing moisture barrier, window frames, and glass
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; renovation nearing completion; finish work on the interior underway; final landscaping progressing
Urdaneta Philippines Temple
Construction barrier removed; stone cladding completed; landscaping and interior work progressing
Phnom Penh Cambodia Temple
Installing foundation and setting rebar for structural walls and columns
Anchorage Alaska Temple
54th dedicated temple in operation
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Major construction completed; awaiting furniture deliveries
Moses Lake Washington Temple
Construction nearly completed; finalizing the landscaping and interior
Manti Utah Temple
3rd dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; refurbishing towers; repair and interior work underway
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Parking area surfaced with base layer of asphalt; curbs and gutters poured; landscaping preparations underway
Burley Idaho Temple
Light framing underway; steeple frame installed
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Testing exterior lighting system; installing stained glass; interior work progressing
Brasília Brazil Temple
Major construction completed; finalizing the landscaping and interior; open house and dedication committee functioning
Yorba Linda California Temple
Removing sidewalks and trenching in preparation for moving electrical transformer
San Juan Puerto Rico Temple
176th dedicated temple in operation
Willamette Valley Oregon Temple
Excavation and site preparation activity continues; awaiting approval of building permits
Bangkok Thailand Temple
Construction nearly completed; finalizing the landscaping and interior
Okinawa Japan Temple
Major construction completed; meetinghouse welcome center finished; meetinghouse parking lot expanded
Montpelier Idaho Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced; construction fence erected; height exemption approved by Planning & Zoning on January 12, 2023
Deseret Peak Utah Temple
Steeple dome and finial installed; stone cladding underway; hardscape and interior work progressing
Davao Philippines Temple
Building the structural walls of the temple, meetinghouse, and ancillary building
Feather River California Temple
Major construction completed; finalizing the landscaping and interior; open house and dedication committee coordinators called
Medford Oregon Temple
79th dedicated temple in operation
Oakland California Temple
13th dedicated temple in operation
Sacramento California Temple
123rd dedicated temple in operation