Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Upper Walls Poured for the Salvador Brazil Temple

Construction of the Salvador Brazil Temple, which began almost nine months ago, is steadily moving forward. The upper concrete structural walls have been poured, and rebar has been set for the the parapet and curvilinear gables. The concrete walls for the two-story ancillary building that stands south of the temple are finished.

Excavation Deepens for the Lindon Utah Temple

The excavation for the basement foundation of the Lindon Utah Temple is growing longer and deeper. The full basement of the building will feature two baptistries to accommodate youth in the region. Heavy machinery and bundles of conduit are neatly stacked along the south side of the property. The temple is one of three under construction in Utah County—the others being the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple and Orem Utah Temple.

Structural Work Continues for the Davao Philippines Temple

Crews at the Davao Philippines Temple site continue to build the structural concrete walls for the temple, meetinghouse, and housing facility that form the complex. The accompanying photograph is taken outside the front gate where the steel bar for the temple is visible. The two-story structure will be approximately 18,450 square feet.

Spire and Angel Moroni Added to the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

Word spread quickly across St. George today when a crane began to hoist the spire of the Red Cliffs Utah Temple into place atop the body of the steeple. Shortly afterward, a beautiful gold-leafed figure of the angel Moroni took flight to the apex of the spire. The prophet Joseph Smith said of Moroni: "While I was thus in the act of calling upon God…immediately a personage appeared at my bedside. …He called me by name, and said unto me that he was a messenger sent from the presence of God to me, and that his name was Moroni; that God had a work for me to do." (Joseph Smith—History 1:30, 33).

Layton Utah Temple: "Deer" to Our Hearts

An abundance of nature surrounded the Layton Utah Temple this evening. A glint of the Great Salt Lake and surrounding mountains accentuated the glorious pink and orange bands separating the layers of purple clouds. A small herd of deer looked on from a nearby golden field, bordered by Russian Olive trees. The temple is one of eight under construction and three under renovation in Utah. Plans have been announced for three more.

Concrete Block Walls Rising for the Pago Pago American Samoa Temple

A photograph captured by the staff at Samoa News shows the concrete block being set for the structural walls of the Pago Pago American Samoa Temple. The adjoining stake center and gorgeous green-covered mountains are seen in the background. The temple will be first in American Samoa and the second in the Samoan Islands. The first, the Apia Samoa Temple, stands on the Samoan island of Upolu.

West Addition Walls Nearly Completed for the St. George Utah Temple

On the west end of the St. George Utah Temple, the structural walls for the new addition have topped out. Rebar is emerging from the concrete forms for the battlements that will ornament the roofline, coordinating with the originals. On the lower level of the addition, window installation is underway. Landscaping continues on the north and east sides of the temple including the planting of flowers. Red roses have returned to the grounds, and a wide variety of colorful flowers are filling the east plaza planters.

Elder Rasbands Visits the Nairobi Kenya Temple Site

At the conclusion of a ten-day visit to three countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles toured the construction site of the Nairobi Kenya Temple. Addressing the media, he said: "I speak as an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I know that God loves the people of Kenya. We as a Church are grateful to have freedom of religion here. May God bless this wonderful country of Kenya and all its wonderful citizens." Breeze blocks for the housing facility are currently being explored and assessed for strength, precision, finish, and color. They will be used to create cool sheltered corridors around a central courtyard. Construction is expected to be completed by 2025.

Elder Bednar Dedicates the Yigo Guam Temple

The beautiful Yigo Guam Temple was dedicated today in three sessions by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The Saints of Guam and Micronesia who have made the long journey to the Manila Philippines Temple for years are so grateful for a temple to be in their midst. "I always thought it would come," said Sister Rosemarie Cruz of the temple. She and her husband, Jim, moved to Guam 50 years ago and joined the Church after seeing the example of Latter-day Saint friends and neighbors. She says: "A temple is a symbol of God’s love. God is love. Love is the answer to everything."

A Beautiful Evening at the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

Evening views of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple are heavenly, with the deepening blue skies and glorious light coming from the House of the Lord. This photograph gives a glimpse inside the baptistry where the arched windows are located. Lighting for the cornice has recently been around the top of the building, and stands of dogwood trees have been planted on every corner of the temple site.

Bridal Exit Stonework on the Orem Utah Temple

Recent photographs of the Orem Utah Temple provide a close-up view of the beautiful stonework being attached to the bridal exit on the east (rear) side of the building. Stained glass will be installed in the rectangular windows that sit on either side of the arched doorway. The decorative parapet is intricately carved with symbols and shapes coordinating with the temple motif. Weeks of granite cladding are yet ahead, but brickwork on the meetinghouse is nearing completion.

Aerial Footage of the Antofagasta Chile Temple Site

Watch a recently posted video providing aerial footage of the rising Antofagasta Chile Temple and housing facility. The concrete structural walls are largely in place for the main floor of the temple, and footings are being poured for the housing facility. Antofagasta is a long and narrow city, sandwiched between the beautiful ocean and mountains. The temple is being constructed on the north side of the city near an oceanside park named Jardines del Norte.

Excavation at the Elko Nevada Temple Site

In the two weeks since the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Elko Nevada Temple, significant excavation and grading activity has been carried out. A large circular area has been carved where the temple will stand, surrounded by circular hardscape. Plans call for a grounds building and an ancillary building that will likely house a distribution center, non-patron waiting area, and restrooms.

Yorba Linda California Temple Plans Conditionally Approved

Plans for the Yorba Linda California Temple were approved by the City of Yorba Linda Planning Commission in a 4-1 vote on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, with the condition of a reduction in the proposed steeple height. The concept site plan shows a south-facing temple with a front walk flanked by royal palms. The building will be surrounded by 172 parking spaces and beautiful landscaping. A grounds building and utility enclosure are also planned. Preparations continue for the groundbreaking event to be held on Saturday, June 18, 2022.

Cupola Frame Installed on the Cobán Guatemala Temple

The steel frame for the cupola and lantern of the Cobán Guatemala Temple has been secured to the steeple body. On the exterior walls, the concrete sealer is being coated in a white primer. Structural framing for the patron housing facility has been completed while framing continues on the new meetinghouse.

Montpelier Idaho Temple Site Location Announced

A news release from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has confirmed the presumed location for the Montpelier Idaho Temple. The two-story building of approximately 27,000 square feet will stand on a 2.6-acre site at the intersection of Washington Street and North Sixth Street in Montpelier. Plans for the temple were announced at last month's general conference by President Russell M. Nelson.

Installing Stained Glass in the Brasília Brazil Temple

Intricately patterned panels of stained glass are being installed in the window frames of the Brasília Brazil Temple. The reflection pool on the front has been tiled, and the monument sign is in place. Numerous royal palms have been planted while irrigation lines are being laid in the garden spaces. A wide variety of flowering plants and bushes are finding their new home on the beautiful grounds.

The McAllen Texas Temple: A Reminder of the Light of Life

The beautiful light emanating from the McAllen Texas Temple at night is a reminder of the light of life promised by Jesus Christ. "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life," (John 8:12). While landscaping of the temple grounds makes progress, interior crews continue their finish work on the temple and meetinghouse.

Hardscaping the Salta Argentina Temple Grounds

An aerial view of the Salta Argentina Temple grounds presents the beauty of the surrounding Andes mountains and the satisfying progress being made on installing the hardscape. Beautiful symmetry is achieved in the angled walkways, rounded patios, and raised planters. Various stages of finish work continue on the exterior including sheathing and stone cladding.

Stone Cladding of the Okinawa Japan Temple Completed

All of the exterior surfaces of the Okinawa Japan Temple have been clad in stone. A beautifully patterned stone was used for the parapet and for two strips along the main walls. Scaffolding remains around the building for upcoming projects on the exterior including the installation of the decorative metal panels between the two rows of windows.

Praia Cape Verde Temple Open House Begins

The public open house for the Praia Cape Verde Temple begins this Saturday, May 21, and continues through Saturday, June 11, 2022, except for Sundays, May 22, 29, and June 5. Elder Gary B. Sabin, assistant executive director of the Temple Department, will preside at the events for invited guests, accompanied by Elder Rubén V. Alliaud of the Europe Central Area presidency. The nearly 8,800-square-foot temple was built on 4.46 acres on the southern portion of Santiago Island in the capital city of Praia. The 80-foot tall temple features Moleanos limestone in the exterior finish and is surrounded by lush gardens featuring a wide variety of shade trees, palms, and flowering shrubs. The temple will be dedicated on Sunday, June 19, 2022, by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, following a youth devotional held the evening prior.

Gold Accents Added to the Columbus Ohio Temple

Gold-colored panels embossed with the magnolia flower are being installed above the stained-glass windows of the Columbus Ohio Temple, matching the color of the front entrance door frames. Coping stones are being installed along the parapet of the temple, and the concrete base for the monument sign is curing. The majority of the east fence is in place, and forms have been removed from the concrete columns that stand at the southeast corner of the surrounding walkway.

Laying Shingles on the Taylorsville Utah Temple

Roofers are laying shingles on top of the Taylorsville Utah Temple, giving the building the appearance of a beautifully textured slate roof. Marble cladding is moving up the upper north walls of the temple while the beauty of the stone is on clear display along the lower walls. Access to the underground parking facility is in place for both pedestrians, who can use the staircase, and motorists, who will use the entrance ramp.

Utility Work Underway for the Grand Junction Colorado Temple

It's been a month since the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Grand Junction Colorado Temple, and work has already begun on site drainage and utility trenching. This preliminary work will be carried out before major excavation begins for the temple foundation. The new building will bring the blessings of temple ordinance work closer to the members in western Colorado.

Burley Idaho Temple Site Cleared Ahead of Groundbreaking

The 10.1-acre site where the Burley Idaho Temple will be constructed has been cleared and leveled in preparation for the groundbreaking event scheduled for Saturday, June 4, 2022—three weeks from today. The residence that once stood on the property was demolished several weeks ago. The temple will be the seventh built in Idaho, and like the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple, will stand near the Snake River. Two other Idaho temples have been announced for North Rexburg and Montpelier.

Scaffolding Around the Red Cliffs Utah Temple Steeple

Cladding of the Red Cliffs Utah Temple steeple has been completed, and crews are assembling rows of scaffolding around the structure. This will give them access to the highest part of the building where stained-glass windows will be installed and an angel Moroni statue will be secured to the top. Hardscaping of the temple grounds continue on the north and south sides of the building where extensive plazas and gathering structures are being created.

Distribution Center Materials Arrive in Bentonville, Arkansas

Deliveries have arrived at the Bentonville Arkansas Temple site for the distribution center that is housed in the adjoining stake center. The shelving units were installed, and stocking began soon after. Not only will the center offer temple clothing but also Latter-day Saint scriptures, manuals, art, music, books, and youth emblems. The new center is slated to open on May 19. Distribution facilities are also in the works for the nearby Kansas City Missouri Temple.

Excavation Continues at the Manti Utah Temple

A trackhoe sits on the south lawn of temple hill where renovation continues on the magnificent 134-year-old Manti Utah Temple. On this same lawn, the annual Manti Miracle Pageant was held annually from 1967 to 2019. It was discontinued following a Church statement that stated: "Local celebrations of culture and history may be appropriate. Larger productions, such as pageants, are discouraged." Excavation continues at the east end of the temple where a long-standing water leak is being remediated, and hardscaping has been removed from around the front entrance.

Salt Lake Temple Reflecting Pool Removed

A view of the Main Street Plaza on Temple Square, taken from the top of the Salt Lake Temple, shows the remnants the oval walls of the reflecting pool. Plans calls for a larger replacement pool. On the left side of the photograph is the Relief Society Building and water fountain feature. In the center rear is the Church Office Building plaza where crews are installing conduit for heated sidewalks and walls are being faced in stone. Excavation for the new visitors' center buildings continues on the south side of the temple while construction begins on the second floor of a three-story underground addition on the north side that will house two baptistries, additional sealing rooms, dressing rooms, administrative offices, and other spaces.

Cladding of the Tallahassee Florida Temple Completed

The final precast panels have been secured to the steel frame of the beautiful Tallahassee Florida Temple. A gold dome and finial are planned for the top of the steeple, but they have not yet been installed. The 30,000-square-foot building has caught the attention of motorists traveling Thomasville Road in northeast Tallahassee, and news outlet WTXL recently sought to answer the question many people are asking: What is it? The local story features an interview with Ben Smith, president of the Tallahassee Florida Stake.
Salvador Brazil Temple
Building the structural walls for the temple and ancillary building
Lindon Utah Temple
Excavating for temple basement
Orem Utah Temple
Planting trees; installing window frames and mullions; stone cladding progressing; interior work advancing quickly
Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
Installing stained glass; landscaping and interior work progressing
Davao Philippines Temple
Setting rebar for the structural walls of the temple and meetinghouse
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Angel Moroni installed on May 24, 2022; landscaping and interior work progressing
Layton Utah Temple
Angel Moroni installed on the west spire on March 9, 2022; interior work progressing; landscaping of the grounds underway
Apia Samoa Temple
22nd dedicated temple in operation
Pago Pago American Samoa Temple
Building concrete block structural walls
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; installing windows; building west end extension; landscaping north side; interior work underway
Nairobi Kenya Temple
Concrete walls and roof in place; preparing to build steeple; building ancillary structures; hardscaping underway
Manila Philippines Temple
29th dedicated temple in operation
Yigo Guam Temple
172nd dedicated temple in operation
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Assembling the distribution center; temple interior work advancing
Orem Utah Temple
Planting trees; installing window frames and mullions; stone cladding progressing; interior work advancing quickly
Antofagasta Chile Temple
Building structural walls
Elko Nevada Temple
Excavation underway
Yorba Linda California Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony; plans approved by Planning Commission on May 11, 2022, conditional on steeple height reduction
Cobán Guatemala Temple
Applying sealer to concrete structural walls
Montpelier Idaho Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced; final residence removed
Brasília Brazil Temple
Monument sign installed; reflection pool tiled; stained glass windows being installed; landscaping and interior work continues
McAllen Texas Temple
Planting trees and other soft landscaping; interior work progressing
Salta Argentina Temple
Stone cladding underway; steeple sheathed; glass installed; interior work progressing
Okinawa Japan Temple
Stone cladding completed
Praia Cape Verde Temple
Public open house underway through 11 June 2022
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; entrance doorway windows installed; installing ornamental window panels; steeple cladding nearly complete
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Installing the steeple in sections; cladding of exterior underway; north stairs poured
Grand Junction Colorado Temple
Trenching for utilities; water drainage work started
Burley Idaho Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony
Idaho Falls Idaho Temple
8th dedicated temple in operation
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Angel Moroni installed on May 24, 2022; landscaping and interior work progressing
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Assembling the distribution center; temple interior work advancing
Kansas City Missouri Temple
137th dedicated temple in operation
Manti Utah Temple
3rd dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; excavating behind the temple
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; main Street Plaza demolition underway; excavating on south side; building walls for north underground addition; jack-and-bore process underway to strengthen foundation
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Installing precast concrete wall panels