Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Young Single Adults Help Prepare the Tallahassee Florida Temple Site

A service activity held Friday evening at the Tallahassee Florida Temple site brought young single adults together from the local region to help clear and prepare the property the next month's groundbreaking event. Vegetation was pruned, mowed, and raked to clear a spot among the trees where a stand and chairs can be set up for the service. The temple will be built on Thomasville Road, which is a highway connecting to Thomasville, Georgia.

Landscaping Progress at the St. George Utah Temple

The grounds of the St. George Utah Temple are looking more beautiful each day. Streaks of dark red have been added to the tree-lined walkways between the temple and visitors' center in the form of concrete pavers, and irrigation lines have been installed in the garden spaces. Other areas are seeing landscape boulders, mulch, trees, and shrubs added. Demolition has wrapped up inside the temple, and micropiles are being installed on the west end for the extension that will replace the former stair tower. The annex interior has been framed and a skylight installed.

Alabang Philippines Temple Reaches Heavenward

A gentle breeze weaves through the columns of reinforcing steel bar and nearby trees at the Alabang Philippines Temple construction site. The rebar stands well above the blue construction fence surrounding the property, ready to become part of the concrete walls and columns that will form the main structure of the building. Ground was broken for the temple 11 months ago on June 4, 2020.

Reaching the End of the Tunnel at the Salt Lake Temple

Excavation has been completed for the new 180-foot (55-meter) tunnel underneath North Temple street that will connect the Conference Center parking structure to the yet-to-be-built underground entrance to the Salt Lake Temple. Removal of the concrete wall at the Conference Center end of the tunnel will be done later. The temporary removal of stones from the top of the temple exterior walls for cleaning and repair continues. Demolition of the Church Office Building plaza and fountain is making good progress. Watch a video update of the latest developments.

Cladding Progress at the Columbus Ohio Temple

Precisely molded stone panels are turning the gray exterior of the Columbus Ohio Temple to a fresh white with subtle gray marble veining. Work began at the base of the northeast corner and is moving up and east along the rear face of the building. All of the window opening have been framed, and a temporary weather barrier has been attached to the wood sheathing that has not yet been coated with a waterproofing compound.

Shear Walls Growing Taller for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

Concrete shear walls on all four sides of the Red Cliffs Utah Temple are reaching the second level of the three-story building. Reinforced with steel bar, the walls will provide significant lateral strength. At the rear (south) side of the temple, eight footings have been poured to support the large portico that will provide shade for wedding parties. Much of the foundation has been backfilled, and the basement floor slab continues to be poured.

August Groundbreaking Announced for the Salvador Brazil Temple

The First Presidency has announced that ground will be broken for the Salvador Brazil Temple in August 2021. Elder Adilson de Paula Parrella, president of the Brazil Area, will preside at the event. Attendance at the temple site will be by invitation only in accordance with local COVID-19 guidelines. There are thirteen temples in Brazil either in planning, under construction, or dedicated.

Steel Framing for the Taylorsville Utah Temple Rises Higher

A celestial moment was captured at the Taylorsville Utah Temple last night as the setting sun shone through the steel columns for the building's third-floor walls. Structural framing for the temple is moving from the north end to the south, and floor decking is installed along the way. Concrete continues to be pumped into the ground for the walls and floors of the underground parking facility.

Tower Walls Poured for the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple

A beautiful view of the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple, captured by drone, shows the newly poured tower walls with arched window openings that sit over the entrance to the building. The concrete structure is being built to withstand the extreme weather that can be experienced during hurricane season. Base, window, and cornice moldings have been attached to the west side of the temple.

Making Serious Strides on the Orem Utah Temple

Construction of the Orem Utah Temple is moving forward at a brisk clip with framing for the base of the tower started, the floor deck for the third level installed, and the concrete support walls for the baptismal font poured and cured. Installation of the grand staircase, located at the center rear of the building, is also underway. Patrons will ascend from the main floor to the second floor instruction rooms or to the third floor sealing rooms.

Modified Plans Announced for the Manti Utah Temple

At a press conference held in the Manti Tabernacle on Saturday, May 1, President Russell M. Nelson announced in a prerecorded message that plans for the Manti Utah Temple have been modified. He said: "We have been impressed to modify our earlier plans for the Manti Utah Temple so that the pioneer craftsmanship, artwork, and character will be preserved, including the painted murals loved by so many. We will leave those murals where they are located now—inside the Manti Utah Temple." The announcement came immediately following an announcement of a temple to be constructed in nearby Ephraim, Utah. Brent Roberts, Managing Director of the Temple Department said the renovation will be a mix of preservation, restoration, and installation of new equipment. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will be evaluated and renewed or replaced. Audiovisual equipment will be installed for film presentations. Bishop W. Christopher Waddell of the Presiding Bishopric said, "The work that will now be done will not only honor the Lord but will honor our pioneer forbears whose sacrifice and talent will continue to be on display for generations to come as members of the Church worship in this sacred house of the Lord."

President Nelson Announces Plans for the Ephraim Utah Temple

President Russell M. Nelson announced the construction of the Ephraim Utah Temple in a prerecorded message played at a press conference held inside the Manti Tabernacle on Saturday, May 1. Elder Kevin R. Duncan, Executive Director of the Temple Department, provided additional details. He said the temple will be similar in size to the Brigham City Utah Temple, which is approximately 36,000 square feet. The temple in Ephraim will serve some 30,000 Latter-day Saints and have four 30-seat endowment rooms, three sealing rooms, and one baptismal font. Endowment sessions will be offered every half hour. Bishop W. Christopher Waddell of the Presiding Bishopric said the site and design of the temple will be released later and that construction will take two years once the design and permitting process has concluded. "Every new temple built upon the earth brings with it an increase of Christlike service, goodness and love of God and of neighbor," said Elder Duncan. "We are especially thrilled that, similar to students who attend other colleges and universities, students who attend Snow College will now have an easily accessible temple in which to serve and worship."

Forming the Moses Lake Washington Temple Exterior Walls

Installation of the exterior wall forms for the Moses Lake Washington Temple is moving forward swiftly with the help of an innovative product known as insulated concrete forms (or ICF blocks). The interlocking, stay-in-place forms incorporate insulation, a vapor barrier, and rebar holders for efficient and cost-effective construction. Forms have also been installed for the stake center foundation.

Hong Kong China Temple Inscription Stones

Gold characters adorn the east side of the Hong Kong China Temple declaring Holiness to the Lord and designating the edifice as the House of the Lord. Bamboo scaffolding began to be removed from around the temple beginning in February and remains only around the base of the building. Renovation of the temple will reach the two-year mark in July.

Pouring the Steeple Walls for the Brasília Brazil Temple

The upper walls for the tiered steeple of the Brasília Brazil Temple are being installed over the center of the building while the concrete exterior is being wrapped in a weather barrier. The construction is progressing with the aid of a tower crane, boasting a jib that spans the entire length of the temple.

Tower Frames Installed Atop the Layton Utah Temple

Construction of the Layton Utah Temple reached an important milestone last week with the completion of the steel framing for the east and west towers. The taller west tower that sits over the temple entrance was completed first, followed immediately by framing for the east tower. The heaven-pointing structures will later be clad in precast panels and capped with tapering spires.

Drilling Equipment Arrives at the Okinawa Japan Temple Site

New machinery has arrived at the Okinawa Japan Temple site that will drill for the support structure beneath the temple foundation. The expertly designed temple will fit beautifully on the narrow lot that previously served as a parking area. Over the past few weeks the ground has been cleared of rocks and debris to prepare it for construction.

May Updates Announced for Temple Reopenings

On May 3, 2021, the Lisbon Portugal Temple will begin Phase 2 of reopening, and the Curitiba Brazil Temple will unpause and resume Phase 2. The Boston Massachusetts Temple is currently undergoing maintenance and will reopen in Phase 2 on June 1. On May 10, temples in 27 locations will begin Phase 2-B in North America and Asia, and the following three temples will begin Phase 3: the Kansas City Missouri Temple, the London England Temple, and the Preston England Temple. The Halifax Nova Scotia Temple and Suva Fiji Temple will pause operations this week.

Majority of Art Glass Installed in the Pocatello Idaho Temple

The lights inside the Pocatello Idaho Temple glow each night, illuminating the art glass that has been installed in most of the window openings. Trees and soil conditioner have been delivered to the north plaza to advance the landscaping efforts as winter weather gives way to spring. Drip lines are delivering water to the freshly mulched garden spaces around the perimeter of the property.

Bentonville Arkansas Temple Taking Shape

Structural framing of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple has accelerated over the past few days. The steel skeleton of the building is growing upward and outward with each beam and column that is fastened. Concrete work continues in and around the temple including an exterior staircase that will provide access to mechanical equipment in the basement.

Auckland New Zealand Temple Elevator Shaft Completed

Construction of the Auckland New Zealand Temple is making headway. Scaffolding has been removed from the elevator shaft that sits near the center of the building, and structural steel framing is joining the concrete shear walls to frame the body of the building. Construction can be observed from the stake center that sits north of the temple.

Cladding the Feather River California Temple Steeple

Cladding of the Feather River California Temple in precast panels has progressed to the body of the steeple. The rectangular-shaped tower will feature four arched windows while the octagonal lantern tower will hold eight windows, capped with a domed cupola and angel Moroni statue. Inside the temple, rooms are being framed and utility runs roughed in.

Public Hearing Held for the Syracuse Utah Temple

A public hearing was held on Tuesday at the Syracuse City Planning Commission Meeting where Church representatives presented plans for the Syracuse Utah Temple. The 89,000-square-foot facility will house two main floor baptistries with a dedicated entrance at the rear. The Salt Lake Temple was also recently announced to be adding a second baptistry during its renovation. The Syracuse temple site has been prepared for construction, and a groundbreaking has been announced for June.

Inspiring Progress on the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple

Cladding of the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple is steadily moving up the steeple frame. The windowed tower will sit directly over the Celestial Room and bring in natural light. A tapered, patterned spire supporting a fiberglass figure of the angel Moroni will be attached to the top. Inside the building, framing and utility runs are underway.

Helena Montana Temple Location and Rendering Revealed

The Helena Montana Temple will be constructed on the site of the current stake center for the Helena Montana Stake at 1260 Otter Road. The single-level, 10,000-square-foot temple will share the 4.8-acre site with a new stake center. The building features a covered entrance with an arched opening, a single central spire, and gold accents. Plans for the temple were announced just 16 days ago in the closing session of General Conference. Project leaders will soon be filing documents with the local government. Construction is expected to begin soon, but no groundbreaking date has been set.

Pouring Exterior Walls for the Salta Argentina Temple

With the foundation installed for the Salta Argentina Temple, the concrete crew is now forming and pouring the steel-reinforced exterior walls of the building. A collection of construction signs sit above the green fence including a prominent print of the temple rendering. Salta has a population of over a half million people and is the largest city the province of Salta.

Framing Started for the West Tower of the Layton Utah Temple

The first section of framing for the west tower of the Layton Utah Temple has been secured to the top of the building. The frame was assembled on site in a staging area and then lifted by a 550-ton crane to its final position. Stone cladding continues to be attached to the north side of the temple including the cornice pieces at the top of the wall.

Second Level Floor Deck Installed for the Orem Utah Temple

Structural framing for the Orem Utah Temple is moving swiftly with framers already securing steel beams and columns for the third level. The floor deck for the second level has also been installed. The temple is being constructed on the west side of the city near Utah Valley University—not far from the shores of Utah Lake. Across the lake, another temple is under construction in Saratoga Springs.

Official Photographs Taken of the Mesa Arizona Temple

The renovated Mesa Arizona Temple is all but finished, and the official photographs have been taken—inside and out—for use in the open house news release, visitors' center, and other Church publications. The Family Discovery Center is also nearing completion where the new visitors' center is housed, featuring a beautiful cutaway model of the temple. The grounds remain closed, but a walk around the perimeter of the property offers breathtaking views of the lush landscaping and the historic temple. No information is available on when the open house and dedication may be held.

Tunnel Excavation at Salt Lake Temple Nearing Completion

Excavation for the tunnel underneath North Temple that will connect the Salt Lake Temple entrance to the Conference Center parking structure is about 80 percent complete. Steel arches and sprayed concrete provide temporary support while the earth is removed. A secant wall has been built around three sides of the temple, which will support the foundation during the deep excavations that will be required for installation of the base isolation system. The copper roof has been replaced with a temporary roof until additional steel trusses can be installed. Stones continue to be removed from the top of the temple. After cleaning and repair, they will be returned to the exact same locations.
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony; young Single Adults participate in service project to prepare temple site for groundbreaking
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; installing pavers and irrigation lines on the grounds; interior demolition of temple underway; preparations for west addition continue
Alabang Philippines Temple
Setting reinforcing steel bar for exterior walls
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; tunnel excavation completed; stones from top of temple being removed; fountain completely removed from Church Office Building plaza
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; cladding the exterior walls; wood sheathing wrapped in a weather barrier
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Building shear walls for temple superstructure
Salvador Brazil Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Structural framing for superstructure underway; installing support columns for parking facility
San Juan Puerto Rico Temple
Attaching moldings and plastering exterior walls; building tower walls
Orem Utah Temple
Structral framing continues; second floor deck installed; preparing to install third floor deck
Manti Utah Temple
3rd dedicated temple in operation
Brigham City Utah Temple
139th dedicated temple in operation
Ephraim Utah Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location unknown
Moses Lake Washington Temple
Forming the exterior walls
Hong Kong China Temple
48th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; interior and exterior renovations underway
Brasília Brazil Temple
Framing the temple tower; concrete frames for accommodation center and meetinghouse nearing completion
Layton Utah Temple
Steel framing for east and west towers completed; installation of precast wall panels underway
Okinawa Japan Temple
Drilling and excavating for foundation and substructure support
Boston Massachusetts Temple
100th dedicated temple in operation
Curitiba Brazil Temple
126th dedicated temple in operation
Halifax Nova Scotia Temple
64th dedicated temple in operation
Kansas City Missouri Temple
137th dedicated temple in operation
Lisbon Portugal Temple
166th dedicated temple in operation
London England Temple
12th dedicated temple in operation
Preston England Temple
52nd dedicated temple in operation
Suva Fiji Temple
91st dedicated temple in operation
Pocatello Idaho Temple
Majority of art glass windows installed; fresh mulch added to garden spaces; preparing to landscape north plaza; interior work advancing
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Structural framing underway
Auckland New Zealand Temple
Concrete shear walls installed
Feather River California Temple
Precast concrete panels attached to structural frame of temple
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; tunnel excavation completed; stones from top of temple being removed; fountain completely removed from Church Office Building plaza
Syracuse Utah Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony
Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
Attaching panels to the steeple; framing the interior
Helena Montana Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced; exterior rendering released
Salta Argentina Temple
Exterior walls rising
Layton Utah Temple
Steel framing for east and west towers completed; installation of precast wall panels underway
Orem Utah Temple
Structral framing continues; second floor deck installed; preparing to install third floor deck
Mesa Arizona Temple
7th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; virtually completed; public open house and rededication to be announced when large public gatherings deemed safe
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; tunnel excavation completed; stones from top of temple being removed; fountain completely removed from Church Office Building plaza