Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Taylorsville Utah Temple Mock-up Wall

A small section of wall at the northwest corner of the Taylorsville Utah Temple has been designated as a mock-up wall where the planned exterior finishes for the temple will be installed and evaluated. A gypsum-based sheathing wrapped in fiberglass was attached first, followed by coats of a waterproofing sealant and the installation of windows. Italian stone sits in crates awaiting installation. The grand staircase is being installed inside the temple, and large geofoam blocks have been delivered for placement between the surface-level parking and the ceiling of the underground parking facility.

Installing the McAllen Texas Temple Parapet Panels

Cladding of the McAllen Texas Temple has reached the roofline where the parapet panels are being installed. At the center of the each side is a mission-style parapet facade with scalloped coping along the top and an ornamental flower design in the center. The areas yet to be clad include the entrance portico, the mechanical level, and the steeple. The portico will feature arched openings with a scroll keystone over the center arch.

Preparing for the Syracuse Utah Temple Foundation

The outlines for the footings and font rooms of the Syracuse Utah Temple are becoming more defined as excavators carefully carve the ground. A concrete slab with protruding rebar has been poured in the north font room, and forms are being placed for some of the surrounding footings. Plumbing is being roughed in, including a sewer line trench that runs between the two font rooms. On the far south side of the lot, excavation has been carried out for the cooling tower enclosure.

Moses Lake Washington Temple Steeple Rising

Rising up out of the center of the Moses Lake Washington Temple are the wall forms for the steeple pedestal, supported by the walls of the central Celestial Room. A notch at the top of each wall form indicates the future location of a window. Framing has begun at the corners and along the facade of the temple for the pilasters that will add dimension to the exterior. Pieces of steel are being staged for the framing of the roof and the interior.

Public Open House Announced for the Washington D.C. Temple

The public is invited to an open house of the Washington D.C. Temple, following a two-and-a-half year renovation, that begins Thursday, April 28, 2022, and continues through Saturday, June 4, 2022. The temple will be rededicated in three sessions on Sunday, June 19, 2022. The evening before the rededication, a youth devotional will be broadcast to youth in the temple district. The reopening events for the temple had originally been scheduled for 2020, but they were delayed due to COVID-19. News of the revised open house dates was presented at a media event held at the visitors' center on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. Open house information and tickets will be made available at dctemple.org. "I hope when people come, they will feel the warmth of a place dedicated to God," said Anne Golightly, chair of the temple open house public affairs committee. "There is a light there. There's a feeling of hope."

Pocatello Idaho Temple Open House Tickets

Free tickets for the first week of the open house of the Pocatello Idaho Temple are now available. Tickets will be released for the other four weeks shortly. Artwork has been hung in the temple, and the rooms are being furnished. The major landscaping has been completed, which will be finalized just a few weeks before the open house begins with the planting of tens of thousands of flowers.

Monument Sign Installed at the Yigo Guam Temple

The monument sign for the Yigo Guam Temple has been attached to the concrete base in the front lawn of the temple grounds, inscribed with the name of the Church and the name of the temple. The sign is surrounded by flowers and equipped with nighttime lighting. The temple is in the final stages of construction, but no open house and dedication dates have been announced yet.

Clearing the Helena Montana Temple Site

Heavy machinery is clearing the site for the Helena Montana Temple. A water hose is used to moisten the soil and reduce dust levels around the construction site. The property was formerly occupied by a stake center and a grass field. The stake center was razed in early June ahead of the groundbreaking. Asphalt and vegetation are being removed before excavation gets underway for the foundations of the temple and new stake center.

An Artistic View of the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple

A lovely community park, known as Palao Park, sits directly behind the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple. It is covered in a variety of trees, shrubs, and cactus plants. The park and the temple site beautifully complement each other: the park being an extension of the temple grounds, and the temple bringing peace and beauty to the park with its inspiring architecture and hallowed atmosphere.

Cladding, Interior Framing Continues for the Columbus Ohio Temple

Wooden crates hold stone panels in a staging area near the entrance to the Columbus Ohio Temple. The cladding crew has been affixing stone to the exterior walls around the Celestial Room windows, using hanging brackets and epoxy to form a strong bond. Metal framing, ductwork, and fire suppression is nearly finished on the interior, but a tight seal on the roof must be achieved before dry wall installation begins. Window mounts that are designed to protect against moisture damage will soon be delivered, and the steeple is expected to be placed on the temple around the end of summer.

Cupola Added to the Praia Cabo Verde Temple

A handsome domed cupola now crowns the steeple of the Praia Cabo Verde Temple. The walls were recently fastened to a frame and topped with an elegant lantern and finial. Palm trees are being planted in the garden areas of the temple grounds, and an ornamental fence has been installed along the property lines. Roofing of the on-site meetinghouse has begun, and plastering of the exterior walls is underway.

Footings Poured for the St. George Utah Temple Extension

At the west end of the St. George Utah Temple, a concrete foundation has been poured for an extension to the building that will replace the previously removed 1970s stair tower. The extension will house a grand staircase and two elevators for accessing each floor of the building. A sprinkler system is being installed on the east side for the garden spaces that will sit just outside the ornamental fence. Ornamental trees and rose bushes have also been planted. On the north side, street curbing is being poured for a greatly improved entrance experience from the parking lot.

Iconic Christus Statue Removed from the North Visitors' Center

Dismantling of the North Visitors' Center on Temple Square is moving forward. It was announced last month that the center would be replaced with gardens. The iconic Christus statue that stood in the center's rotunda has been removed for storage until its return to Temple Square at the end of the renovation. On the north side of the temple, deeper excavations are underway for the three-level underground addition that will house maintenance facilities, two baptistries, dressing rooms, sealing rooms, and administrative offices. Secant walls are holding the existing temple foundation in place, which will be encased in a new foundation beginning next month in preparation for the base isolators that will be installed underneath. Stones continues to be removed from the top of the temple for restoration. At the Church Office Building plaza, concrete is being removed and repaired.

Holiness to the Lord Panel Installed at the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

The striking Holiness to the Lord panel has been attached to the portico frame of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple. The sacred words and symbols will remind patrons that they are entering the House of the Lord. Cladding of the temple is nearly finished including the steeple, which will be capped with a metal cupola and finial. The first precast panel was fastened to the temple frame just six weeks ago.

Gorgeous Sunrise at the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

It was a beautiful morning at the Red Cliffs Utah Temple site on Sunday in St. George. Heavy framing for the structure has reached the top floor, and staircases are now being installed. Guests are welcomed at the visitors' trailer where the missionary couple will share plenty of information and up-close photographs of the project. The concrete block walls are in place for the grounds building, which will have a simple pitched roof.

Steeple Cap Installed for the Brasília Brazil Temple

Construction of the Brasília Brazil Temple and its supporting facilities is steadily moving forward. The pyramidal frame for the steeple finial cap has been installed, which will support a golden needle-like spire. Window frames are being added to the window openings of the temple, and the concrete crew is pouring sidewalks around the edges of the property.

Site Plan Approved for the Lindon Utah Temple

At a Lindon City Planning Commission meeting held on Tuesday, July 13, a conditional use permit, minor subdivision, and site plan for the Lindon Utah Temple were unanimously approved. The floor plan for the three-story temple is the first of its kind and includes a full basement with two baptismal fonts. The upper floors will feature four 50-seat instruction rooms and four sealing rooms. No groundbreaking date has been determined, but it is anticipated to occur sometime in 2022, as detailed planning and approvals are still underway.

Location Announced for the Yorba Linda California Temple

The location has been revealed for the Yorba Linda California Temple, announced by President Russell M. Nelson at the April 2021 General Conference. The temple will be built on a 5.4-acre site at the intersection of Bastanchury Road and Osmond Street where an existing meetinghouse stands. Plans call for a single-story building of approximately 30,000 square feet. The temple will serve more than 21,000 Latter-day Saints. Detailed plans are undergoing development, and project leaders will soon begin working with city officials on the approval process. No groundbreaking date has been set.

Nairobi Kenya Temple Groundbreaking to Be Held in September

On September 11, 2021, the groundbreaking ceremony will be held for the Nairobi Kenya Temple. Elder Joseph W. Sitati, Africa Central Area president, will preside at the event. The location of the temple will be released later. There are currently two stakes and six districts organized in the country of Kenya with both stakes headquartered in the capital city of Nairobi. Plans to construct the temple were announced in the April 2017 General Conference.

August Groundbreaking Announced for the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple

Elder Randall K. Bennett, North America Northeast Area president, will preside at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple on Saturday, August 21, 2021. The temple will be constructed on a 5.8-acre parcel at 2093 Powell Road in Cranberry Township next to the stake center for the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania North Stake. The single-story building will be about 32,000 square feet. Attendance at the temple site will be by invitation only, but photographs and video will be published on the Church newsroom website following the services.

Attaching Granite Cladding to the Orem Utah Temple

The first pieces of granite cladding have been installed on the north side of the Orem Utah Temple over the past couple of weeks. Orange sheathing was attached to the main floor exterior walls and has recently made an appearance on the upper walls. The sheathing is coated in a white sealer before hanging brackets are affixed for the granite. The roof deck has been completed for each tier of the tower, and footings have been installed for the meetinghouse.

Building the Foundation for the San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple

Installation is progressing of the footings and foundations for the San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple and ancillary building. The partial basement for the temple will house the font for the main floor baptistry and dressing rooms for the ordinance workers. San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras, following the capital city of Tegucigalpa where the nation's other temple is located.

Grass Appearing at the Pocatello Idaho Temple Grounds

Over the past two weeks, sod has been laid across the grounds of the Pocatello Idaho Temple including the front lawn, the north lawn, and the park strip around the perimeter of the property. Flowers will be planted in the garden space around the monument sign just a few weeks before the public open house begins. Work on the north plaza is progressing with the installation of sprinklers and bollard lights and the planting of shrubs and flowers. Most of the contractor vehicles have left the parking lot as construction nears completion.

Building a Mound for the Harare Zimbabwe Temple

A barrel-shaped mound has formed on the northern end of the site for the Harare Zimbabwe Temple. Ground was formally broken in December, and site work began about three months later. The property was cleared of vegetation by the end of April, and grading began in May. The land around the existing meetinghouse has also been cleared including removal of the parking lot and landscaping. The 17,250-square-foot temple will be constructed on the mound alongside two supporting Church facility buildings.

Puebla Mexico Temple Structure Taking Shape

Crews at the Puebla Mexico Temple are erecting the steel frame and structural concrete for the building. A tower-like projection over the rear side of the temple will accommodate a raised ceiling in the Celestial Room. Installation of the roof deck has also begun over the instruction rooms. Behind the temple, rafters have been set in place for the roof of the meetinghouse.

Signage Posted at the Deseret Peak Utah Temple Site

A black privacy screen and construction signage has been attached to the chain link fence that surrounds the Deseret Peak Utah Temple site. Over the past couple of months, contractors have been busy digging utility trenches and installing electrical transformers so that overhead power lines can be moved underground. More trailers have been delivered to the property as the time draws near for major construction.

Recently Installed Lighting Sets the Yigo Guam Temple Aglow

The Yigo Guam Temple is like a heavenly night light to motorists traveling Marine Corps Drive. The soft glow that illuminates the House of the Lord is reminder of the Savior's words: "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life" (John 8:12). On Monday evening, senior missionaries in the Micronesia Guam Mission worked hard to remove trash from around the temple grounds—not even stopping during the rainy spells.

Video Tribute to the Taylorsville Utah Temple

It has been just over a year since demolition began on the former stake center that stood on the site of the Taylorsville Utah Temple. In commemoration of this anniversary, a video tribute has been created showing the transformation that has taken place over the past twelve months. In that time, the structural frame for the main body of the temple has been erected, and construction of a expansive parking facility is progressing from the south to the north. Sheathing has just begun at the northeast corner of the temple.

Cladding the Steeple of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

Cladding of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple in custom concrete panels has reached the lower tier of the steeple. Each side features a circular window opening for the stained glass that will be installed during the later stages of construction. The windows will be backlit to produce a glimmering glow each evening when the sun sets. The city of Bentonville is famous for being the world headquarters of Walmart, the world's largest retailer.

Excavation for North Plaza at the Layton Utah Temple

On the north side of the Layton Utah Temple, excavation has been carried out for several landscape structures along Oak Hills Drive. Work on the parking areas east and south of the temple are making visible progress including fresh curbing around the parking lot islands that will be planted with trees. Concrete panels have been attached to the main body of the temple and work has started on the west steeple.
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Steel rafters for roof in place; construction of parking facility continues
McAllen Texas Temple
Installing precast concrete wall panels; steeple frame installed
Syracuse Utah Temple
Pouring concrete footings for the north baptismal font
Moses Lake Washington Temple
Steeple base walls rising
Washington D.C. Temple
16th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; completed; public open house and rededication postponed until large public gatherings deemed safe
Pocatello Idaho Temple
Furnishing the interior; final landscaping underway; first round of tickets released for the public open house
Yigo Guam Temple
Final stages of construction; temple president and matron arrive in Guam
Helena Montana Temple
Clearing of the temple site underway
Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple
Temple tower framed; roughing in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; cladding the steeple and exterior walls; re-sheeting the roof; installing copestones on mechanical/storage building
Praia Cabo Verde Temple
Cupola added to steeple; exterior moldings installed; interior work and landscaping continues
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; footings poured for west end extension; pouring street curbing on north side of temple; landscaping of east side progressing
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Cladding the temple frame in ornamented precast concrete panels
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Installing staircases and floor decks; forming the front portico floor
Brasília Brazil Temple
Installing window frames
Lindon Utah Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced; exterior rendering released; planning, design, and approval activities underway
Yorba Linda California Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Nairobi Kenya Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location unknown
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony; conditional Use application under review
Orem Utah Temple
Preparing to begin stone cladding on north side; light-gauge steel framing underway; footings poured around base of steeple
San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple
Installing the footings and foundation walls
Pocatello Idaho Temple
Furnishing the interior; final landscaping underway; first round of tickets released for the public open house
Harare Zimbabwe Temple
Site cleared; raised mound created for the temple
Puebla Mexico Temple
Erecting structural frame for temple; pouring concrete exterior walls; roof rafters installed for meetinghouse
Deseret Peak Utah Temple
Overhead power lines buried; privacy screen and signage attached to construction fence
Yigo Guam Temple
Final stages of construction; temple president and matron arrive in Guam
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Steel rafters for roof in place; construction of parking facility continues
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Cladding the temple frame in ornamented precast concrete panels
Layton Utah Temple
Cladding of steeples underway; excavation carried out for north plaza; pouring curbing for parking lots; planting trees