Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Helping Hands at the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple

A Helping Hands volunteer group composed largely of full-time missionaries participated in a service project to clean and revitalize the park behind the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple. Glaziers are fitting stained glass into the windows of the temple, and crews are installing the ornamental fence around the temple grounds. A Peruvian flag flies over the main windows on the rear side of the building.

President Nelson to Rededicate the Washington D.C. Temple

Church headquarters has released an announcement that President Russell M. Nelson will rededicate the Washington D.C. Temple, scheduled for Sunday, August 14, 2022. He will be accompanied by both his counselors, President Dallin H. Oaks and President Henry B. Eyring, and three members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles including Elders Quentin L. Cook, D. Todd Christofferson and Gerrit W. Gong. The three rededicatory sessions will be held at 10:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 5:00 p.m.

Landscaping and Cladding Underway at the Puebla Mexico Temple

Green grass and trees are filling in the outer sections of the Puebla Mexico Temple grounds while dark gray pavers are being laid for some of the walkways and driveways. On the rear side of the temple, crews are installing ornate stonework that features pinnacle-topped pilasters between the Celestial Room windows and elaborate window toppers that blend with the beauty and flair of local architecture.

Landscaping the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple Grounds

Trees have been removed and irrigation lines installed along the south side of the Cocody stake center in preparation for new landscaping that will coordinate with the grounds of the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple. The exterior walls of the services building have been plastered and are visible over the construction barrier. A small portion of the south end of the temple can also be seen just beyond the stake center.

An Overhead View of the Cobán Guatemala Temple Complex

A recent photograph taken from a building across the street from the Cobán Guatemala Temple provides a beautiful overhead view of the temple complex. Along the north side, a guardhouse is under construction, a parking lot has been installed, and a maintenance building sits in the corner. The temple stands at the center of the property with a housing facility to the east (behind the temple) and a new meetinghouse to the south.

Steeple Frame Grows Taller Over the Syracuse Utah Temple

Additional framing has been erected for the steeple rising over the east end of the Syracuse Utah Temple. Light framing for the second floor exterior walls is underway, and stone cladding is making progress on the main floor, having wrapped from the north side to the west end. Ductwork for the air handling system is visible at the corners of the temple, and concrete blocks are being set for the structural walls of the maintenance building.

Concrete Frame Rising for the Harare Zimbabwe Temple

The concrete frame for the Harare Zimbabwe Temple continues to rise. Columns can been seen for the raised center section that will run from the entry to the back wall. And concrete walls are being poured for the protruding entry that will support a windowed steeple. A pitched roof frame is being installed on one of the ancillary buildings south of the temple.

Concrete Structure Growing for the Bengaluru India Temple Complex

Concrete work is progressing for the structural walls and floors of the Bengaluru India Temple and multipurpose building. The temple will rise at the north end of the site near the street and trees while the multipurpose building will stand behind it on the south end. The ground floor slab has been poured for the multipurpose building, and the first concrete columns for the superstructure are in place. Work on the temple remains below ground level.

Scaffolding Removed from North End of the Taylorsville Utah Temple

Scaffolding has been coming down from the north end of the Taylorsville Utah Temple, providing an unobstructed view of the exquisite Italian stone cladding being installed. Cladding started on the north end and is well underway on the east (rear) side. Progress is also being made on the hardscape including walkways, stairs, and surface parking. Shingles have been attached to the pitched roof.

East Side Scaffolding Removed from the Salta Argentina Temple

Scaffolding has been removed from the east side of the Salta Argentina Temple where stone cladding has been completed. The south side is also nearing completion, and work is underway on the west. The temple faces north toward the accommodation center buildings. Frames have been installed for the roofs, and pieces of the top cornice are being attached. Windows have been installed.

Monitoring the Movement of the Salt Lake Temple

With so much construction activity taking place both under and around the Salt Lake Temple, hundreds of monitoring devices have been installed on the interior and exterior of the structure to measure any ground and building movement. These highly sensitive devices can detect a shift of even two millimeters. More devices will be installed as needed over the coming months to help ensure the stability of the historic temple.

Installing Window Headers at the Helena Montana Temple

Ornamental headers are being installed over the stained-glass windows of the Helena Montana Temple. The patterned panels coordinate splendidly with the geometric design in the glass. Stone cladding of the main exterior walls is making progress while the steeple frame has yet to be sheathed or clad. Hardscaping of the grounds is moving forward with the installation of concrete curbing and walkways.

Third Floor Fire at the Orem Utah Temple Under Investigation

The cause of a fire inside the Orem Utah Temple is under investigation. Flames became visible just before midnight last night. "The source of the fire is not yet known, but it is believed that the fire started on the third floor of the temple. Foam was used to extinguish the fire as much as possible, which limited water damage to the construction site. Damage is still being evaluated this morning. The church is grateful to the Orem Fire Department for their quick response," said Church spokesman Doug Andersen. Read more.

Palm Trees Planted at the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

A dozen royal palms have been planted leading to the entrance of the Red Cliffs Utah Temple. The trunks have been staked, and the heads will remain tied for several weeks while the roots are established. Several other tree varieties have been planted in the parking lot islands on the west side, and curbing is being poured for the lot on the east side. Fence posts surround the temple grounds as the work of installing the ornamental fence continues.

Sheathing the Steeple of the Mendoza Argentina Temple

Scaffolding has gone up around the steeple of the Mendoza Argentina Temple, which is being sheathed and damp proofed with the rest of the building. North of the temple, concrete bases have been poured for the lamp posts that will light the grounds and parking areas, and the walls of the arrival center are being plastered. Inside the buildings, framing and utility rough-ins have begun. A meetinghouse is under construction south of the temple.

Extended Maintenance for the Fukuoka Japan Temple

The Fukuoka Japan Temple will be closed for a four-month extended maintenance period from August 1 through November 30, 2022. Patrons will be accommodated at the recently rededicated Tokyo Japan Temple or at the Sapporo Japan Temple. Refurbishment will be carried out on the temple, which was dedicated 22 years ago on June 11, 2000, by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Paso Merendón Opens Near the San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple

A public works project, known as Paso Merendón, has opened near the San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple. The architecture of the three-level structure has been celebrated for its beauty, especially the mirrored bridge trusses with multicolored nighttime lighting and angled suspenders. The latest advancements on the temple include the application of a rubberized roof coating on the roof deck and a rust inhibiting product on the steeple frame.

Interior Finish Work of the Bangkok Thailand Temple Making Headway

The Bangkok Thailand Temple is luminous at night, glowing from the tallest spire to the ground floor windows. A variety of mechanical equipment and contractor supplies sit on the rooftop, which can be accessed through a door located in the base of the steeple. Inside the temple, finish work continues at various stages including the installation of millwork, light fixtures, railing, and tile.

Entrance Frame Installed at the Cobán Guatemala Temple

An arched frame has been bolted to the ceiling of the recessed entryway to the Cobán Guatemala Temple. It will be used to create the rounded opening at the front of the building and to frame the Holiness to the Lord lettering that will appear underneath the arch, just above the transom window over the entry doors. The steeple dome frame has been sheathed and partially covered with sheeting.

Dome Installed on the Tallahassee Florida Temple Steeple

A new addition now crowns the Tallahassee Florida Temple. A beautiful octagonal dome sits on top of the tiered steeple, featuring a lattice pattern on the surface and a spun metal finial on top. The steeple rises over the center of the building where the Celestial Room is located. The temple has been enclosed with glass or boards in the window openings, allowing the interior work to progress.

Okinawa Japan Temple Steeple Unveiled

Scaffolding has been removed from the steeple of the Okinawa Japan Temple, providing a fine view of the elegant structure. An arched window and decorative medallion is featured on each wall of the steeple underneath a cast metal spire. Work continues on the front exterior wall where scaffolding remains. Flexible ducts can be seen entering the front of the building to support the interior finish work.

Beautiful Views from the Farmington New Mexico Temple Site

Situated along the crest of a hill, the Farmington New Mexico Temple site offers beautiful views of the cityscape to the east. Construction of the temple remains below grade, as work continues on building a solid foundation. The city of Farmington is located on the Colorado Plateau well over a mile (1.6 km) above sea level. The semiarid climate produces bright blue skies during the day and stunning sunsets at dusk.

Spire Frame Installed on the Auckland New Zealand Temple

The spire frame for the Auckland New Zealand Temple has been installed on top of the frame for the steeple body, bringing the building to its full height. The multitiered spire will be clad in fluted stone—giving a waterfall-like appearance—and terminate in a golden finial. Most of the exterior has been sheathed, and some stone cladding has begun. Framing and utility rough-ins are underway on the interior.

Massive Excavation for the Smithfield Utah Temple Foundation

Truckload after truckload of dirt has been hauled away from the Smithfield Utah Temple site as the work of excavation for the foundation continues. The three-story temple will feature a full basement with a subbasement. Northeast of the excavation, footings are being formed for an ancillary structure near the existing stake center. The temple sits on the west side of the city surrounded by farmland.

Be Ye Therefore Followers of God, as Dear Children

A beautiful pair of antelope peacefully follow each other along the edge of a field near the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple. Hundreds of more plants have been integrated into the landscaping of the temple grounds, which grow closer to completion each day. "Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour" (Ephesians 5:1–2).

Columns of Rebar Still Stand for the Davao Philippines Temple

The columns of reinforcing steel bar for the upper walls of the Davao Philippines Temple still stand tall over the blue construction barrier. It is the first temple to be constructed on the island of Mindanao—the second-largest island in the Philippines and the seventh-most populous island in the world. Though not much appears to have changed with the temple over the past few months, a building permit for the ancillary building was issued in April.

Accent Lighting for the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

Additional accent lighting has been installed for the Bentonville Arkansas Temple including uplight fixtures in the flower beds that cast light on the exterior. Wall lanterns have been affixed to fence columns, and post lanterns have been mounted to concrete bases in the garden spaces. Black fence posts are being dropped in ahead of the picket installation. Sod has been laid for the east lawn.

West Lawn of Logan Utah Temple Goes Dormant

In its efforts to conserve water in the drought-afflicted areas of the western United States, the Church has allowed the iconic west lawn of the Logan Utah Temple to go dormant. "We're trying to do our part with the community to ration water, and that's a lot of grass on that western hill to keep alive. It takes a lot of water," said Temple Recorder David Dayhuff. "We’re giving it some water," he said, "but considerably reduced." Read more.

Building the Tower Walls for the Salvador Brazil Temple

The base walls for the tower of the Salvador Brazil Temple are being formed under a column of scaffolding that will be used when forming the upper walls. On the main body of the temple, crews are adhering a vapor barrier to the concrete structural walls. The building sits on a gentle rise among the beautiful hills of Salvador's Paralela neighborhood.

Cladding the Upper Structures of the Moses Lake Washington Temple

Stone cladding has wrapped around the main body of the Moses Lake Washington Temple, leaving only the entrance and the upper structures to be clad. Work has already begun on the mechanical level, and additional scaffolding has been erected around the steeple frame, which is not yet sheathed and sealed. Construction of the temple and an adjoining meetinghouse began 21 months ago.
Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple
Exterior completed; landscaping and interior work progressing
Washington D.C. Temple
16th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; preparing for rededication
Puebla Mexico Temple
Cladding the exterior walls; installing hardscape; interior work underway
Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple
Transom window panels installed; plastering and painting the exterior walls; interior work underway; landscaping the temple grounds
Cobán Guatemala Temple
Sealer applied to concrete structural walls; cupola frame installed
Syracuse Utah Temple
Framing the steeple; sheathing and cladding underway
Harare Zimbabwe Temple
Constructing structural walls for the temple and meetinghouse; framing roofs for housing buildings
Bengaluru India Temple
Building the substructure for the temple and ancillary building
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Installing window frames; cladding the exterior; hardscaping the grounds
Salta Argentina Temple
Stone cladding underway; steeple sheathed; glass installed; interior work progressing
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; strengthening the temple foundation; building the underground addition; landscaping the Church Office Building plaza and Main Street plaza
Helena Montana Temple
Installing stained-glass windows; exterior cladding underway; meetinghouse exterior completed
Orem Utah Temple
Planting trees; stone cladding progressing; interior work advancing
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Entrance plaza palm trees planted; curbing poured for east parking lot; installing ornamental fence; interior work progressing
Mendoza Argentina Temple
Steeple frame installed; attaching vapor barrier to exterior walls
Fukuoka Japan Temple
88th dedicated temple in operation
Sapporo Japan Temple
151st dedicated temple in operation
Tokyo Japan Temple
18th dedicated temple in operation
San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple
Roof and steeple frame coated
Bangkok Thailand Temple
Installing millwork, light fixtures, and railings
Cobán Guatemala Temple
Sealer applied to concrete structural walls; cupola frame installed
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Steeple dome installed; building enclosed; early phases of interior work underway
Okinawa Japan Temple
Scaffolding removed from steeple
Farmington New Mexico Temple
Building the foundation
Auckland New Zealand Temple
Spire frame installed; light framing and sheathing underway
Smithfield Utah Temple
Excavating for the foundation; dump trucks hauling away dirt
Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
Delivering furniture to the temple
Davao Philippines Temple
Setting rebar for the structural walls of the temple and meetinghouse
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Installing stained-glass windows and exterior lighting; landscaping and interior work progressing
Logan Utah Temple
2nd dedicated temple in operation
Salvador Brazil Temple
Building the structural walls for the temple and ancillary building
Moses Lake Washington Temple
Stone cladding and landscaping underway