Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Lighting the Exterior of the Pocatello Idaho Temple

Exterior lighting tests and adjustments continue periodically for the Pocatello Idaho Temple. The holy structure was all aglow last night, drawing hundreds of visitors to the grounds with cell phones in hand to snap pictures and text their friends. A 45-second aerial video of the site shows not only the beauty of the temple at night, but also the progress on the landscaping. No grass sod has been laid, but plenty of path lights are operating among the nearly 500 trees and numerous shrubs that have been planted.

Planting Trees, Finalizing Cladding of the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple

Scaffolding has returned around the base of the steeple atop the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple where the final pieces of precast trim are being installed. More curbing has been poured for the parking areas on the south side of the lot, and a curving retaining wall has been installed on the east side. Trees are being planted around the meetinghouse and in the islands separating the parking sections. The temple turns a warm ivory color when it catches the golden rays of the setting sun.

Clearing the Tallahassee Florida Temple Site

Heavy machinery is clearing vegetation from the heavily wooded site for the Tallahassee Florida Temple. The groundbreaking event for the state's third temple was held earlier this month under the direction of James B. Martino. It will serve Church members in North Florida who currently travel to the Orlando Florida Temple in Central Florida or to the Birmingham Alabama Temple in North Central Alabama.

Monument Sign Installed at the Belém Brazil Temple

The concrete base for the monument sign at the Belém Brazil Temple has now been faced in stone. The inscription identifies the name of the Church and the name of the temple. Landscaping continues at the temple entrance, which will feature a wide staircase, raised planter boxes, and a pebble mosaic plaza. Trees, shrubs, and grass are bringing color and life to the grounds.

Farm Near Snake River Selected for the Burley Idaho Temple

A 10.1-acre piece of farmland, located just west of the Snake River and Highway 81 at 40 South and 150 East, has been announced as the site for the Burley Idaho Temple. Plans call for a two-story temple of approximately 38,600 square feet. The temple will be the seventh in the state, joining the Boise Idaho Temple, Idaho Falls Idaho Temple, Meridian Idaho Temple, Pocatello Idaho Temple, Rexburg Idaho Temple, and Twin Falls Idaho Temple.

Site Chosen for the Grand Junction Colorado Temple

A beautiful sloping site of 6.94 acres, located at the intersection of Horizon Drive and North 12th Street—just a mile from an Interstate 70 interchange, will become the location for the Grand Junction Colorado Temple. The single-story temple will be approximately 25,000 square feet and become the third in the state, joining the Denver Colorado Temple and the Fort Collins Colorado Temple.

Location Announced for the Farmington New Mexico Temple

The location of the stake center for the Farmington New Mexico Stake will become the site of the Farmington New Mexico Temple, joining the Albuquerque New Mexico Temple to become the second in the state. The 6.62-acre parcel is situated across the street from San Juan College at the intersection of College Boulevard and Windsor Drive. Plans call for a single-story temple of approximately 25,000 square feet and a new meetinghouse to replace the existing stake center.

More Temples to Begin Phase 3 in July

Sixteen temples began Phase 3 of reopening yesterday, and many more will join through the end of July. In all, 117 temples have begun or are preparing to begin Phase 3. On July 5, the Mexico City Mexico Temple, Paris France Temple, The Hague Netherlands Temple, and Vancouver British Columbia Temple will begin Phase 2-B while the Kyiv Ukraine Temple will reopen in Phase 1. On the date, all temples will have officially reopened since the worldwide closure in March 2020.

June Video Update on the Bangkok Thailand Temple

Construction progress on the Bangkok Thailand Temple can be seen in a new video update. Window frame installation is progressing, and cladding of the temple exterior in concrete panels has started on the fourth floor. Cladding of the multipurpose building is following shortly behind. The accompanying photograph gives a view of the front side of the temple, which faces south. The frames for several of the small spires can be seen rising above the debris net.

Excavation Advancements at the Mendoza Argentina Temple

Both deep and shallow excavations are being carried out at the site for the Mendoza Argentina Temple where footings will support the foundations for the temple and its supporting buildings. Located in the foothills of the Andes mountains in the suburb of Las Heras, the temple site overlooks the expansive metropolitan area of Mendoza and its more than one million residents.

Precast Panel Progress at the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

In a matter of a couple of weeks, cladding of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple has been completed on two sides and is well underway on a third, leaving only the front side and the steeple entirely unclad. A grouping of arched windows is featured at the center of each side of the building, mimicking the arched openings in the portico at the temple entrance. The ivory panels are splendidly detailed in symbols and ornamentation including the dogwood flower and the compass rose.

Concrete Walls in Place for the Salta Argentina Temple

Construction continues on the Salta Argentina Temple at the entrance to El Aybal—a gated community and country club in southwestern Salta. The concrete walls for the temple are nearly finished, and work on the accommodation buildings is moving above ground. Excavations have been carried out for the footings a Church services building and temple president and matron residence.

Greening Up the Yigo Guam Temple Grounds

The grounds of the Yigo Guam Temple are going green with freshly laid sod and newly planted trees and shrubs. Post lights are being installed to light the garden areas and walkways, and trees are being planted along the street where rubble is being cleared ahead of curb and gutter improvements. The exterior of the new meetinghouse has been completed, which was painted in a different but complementary color to the temple.

Public Open House and Dedication Announced for the Pocatello Idaho Temple

The general public is invited to an open house for the newly constructed Pocatello Idaho Temple beginning Saturday, September 18, and continuing through Saturday, October 23, 2021. The temple will be dedicated in three sessions on Sunday, November 7, 2021, by President M. Russell Ballard, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Just prior to the dedication, a youth devotional will be held on Saturday evening, November 6. The youth devotional and the dedicatory sessions will be broadcast to all of the congregations in the temple district.

Ten More Temples Begin Phase 2-B of Reopening

On June 21, the following ten temples will begin Phase 2-B of reopening: Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple, Colonia Juárez Chihuahua Mexico Temple, Detroit Michigan Temple, Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple, Freiberg Germany Temple, Lima Peru Temple, Manhattan New York Temple, Orlando Florida Temple, St. Paul Minnesota Temple, and Villahermosa Mexico Temple. Eleven temples began Phase 3 on June 14, and the Arequipa Peru Temple and Santiago Chile Temple have paused operations.

The Quito Ecuador Temple All Aglow

The exterior lighting system for the Quito Ecuador Temple is fully operational and running on a regular schedule. A new series of photographs captures the temple at night from various locations. The illuminated building is a stunning evening landmark for motorists traveling Ruta Viva. Construction of the temple is in the final stages and is expected to be completed this year.

Preparing for Footings for the San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple Foundation

Excavation for the foundations at the San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple complex has been carried out over the past few months, becoming more and more precise with each passing week. The locations for footings have been marked on the soil as the crew prepares to make its first concrete pours. An ancillary building will stand behind the temple, and an excavation has been made for what appears to be a detention pond.

Setting Rafters for the Roof of the Taylorsville Utah Temple

The construction crew at the Taylorsville Utah Temple is "raising the roof," much to the joy of local members and enthusiasts of the project. The peaks and valleys of the pitched roof are forming on the south side as framing moves north. Concrete columns for the underground parking facility continue to be poured on the north end while the massive effort of setting steel bar for the concrete roof slab is well underway on the south end.

Steeple Assembly and Cladding at the Columbus Ohio Temple

The steeple for the Columbus Ohio Temple is bolted to a concrete pad on the grounds where it is being assembled over the next few months before installation. More shipments of stone have arrived, allowing cladding of the exterior to continue with the east face essentially finished and work moving to the north and south sides. Star-like magnolia blossoms are featured in the corners of new stone insets. Interior framing has been completed, and the baptismal font is ready to be tiled. The installation of plumbing, electrical, and fire suppression systems is well underway.

Installing Precast Wall Panels for the McAllen Texas Temple

Wall installers at the McAllen Texas Temple are making quick work of cladding the exterior of the building's steel structure in precast panels. The concrete is precisely colored and cast with elegant moldings and ornamentation for the exact positions where the panels will be attached to the building. McAllen is the largest city in Hidalgo County in the state of Texas.

Turning a Corner at the Richmond Virginia Temple

Stone cladding of the Richmond Virginia Temple is progressing to the north side of the building, having started on the south and then wrapped around to the east. The east side stonework features pilasters on either side of the Celestial Room and baptistry windows. Brickwork on the grounds building and mechanical enclosure that stand behind the temple is nearly finished.

Ground Is Broken for the Syracuse Utah Temple

"We recognize the great legacy of faith and sacrifice that has been passed down from the pioneers who settled in this area where a new temple will soon stand," said Elder Kevin R. Duncan of the Quorum of the Seventy in his site dedicatory prayer at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Syracuse Utah Temple. Elder Duncan presided at the event held on Saturday morning, June 12, where several testimonies were shared from members of all ages. The three-story, 89,000-square-foot temple will stand on a 12-acre site at the intersection of 2500 West and 1025 South in Syracuse. Watch the groundbreaking video.

Steel Framing Well Underway for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

With the majority of the concrete shear walls completed for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple, work has begun on the heavy framing. Steel beams and columns are gently lifted and lowered by a luffing crane while crew members fasten the steel pieces together to create the building's infrastructure. The foundation has been backfilled except for the southeast corner where work around the mechanical enclosure continues.

Making Utility Runs at the Deseret Peak Utah Temple Site

Since last month's groundbreaking was held for the Deseret Peak Utah Temple in Tooele, work has been focused on digging utility trenches and installing underground concrete utility vaults inside the chain-link fence that surrounds the perimeter of the property. Additional equipment arrives regularly including construction trailers, mounted generator, and large dumpster.

Cladding of the Urdaneta Philippines Temple Begins

The stately frame for the steeple of the Urdaneta Philippines Temple points heavenward toward the soft white clouds and blue skies that drift over the lively construction site. Hanging brackets have been fastened to the concrete exterior walls for the stone that will clad the edifice. Cladding has begun along the base of the building and will continue upward over the next several months.

Repaving Around the St. George Utah Temple

The street that lies east of the St. George Utah Temple block—300 East—has been temporarily closed and the asphalt removed. The road will be repaved, creating a handsome transition between the temple and the rebuilt stake center across the street. Footings were recently poured for the addition on the west end of the temple, but groundwater problems are being remediated before construction continues. The temple was famously constructed on marshy ground due to the presence of underground spring water.

North Visitors' Center on Temple Square to Be Replaced with Gardens

The North Visitors’ Center on Temple Square will be demolished and replaced with an open garden and contemplation space by 2023 as part of the ongoing renovation of the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square. Constructed in 1963, the visitors' center features a stunning rotunda with an 11-foot replica of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Christus as the focal point. The statue will be carefully removed from the facility this summer for preservation and reinstalled on Temple Square at the conclusion of the renovation. Removal of the building will provide a peaceful, quiet space on Temple Square and clearer views of the temple, enhancing its prominence.

Site for the Smithfield Utah Temple Announced

A 13.3-acre tract of farm land located next to a meetinghouse in the Smithfield Utah North Stake at the intersection of N 800 West and W 100 North (Highway 218) has been announced as the location for the Smithfield Utah Temple. Plans call for a three-story building of approximately 81,000 square feet. It will be second temple in Cache Valley, joining the 137-year-old Logan Utah Temple. No date has been announced for the groundbreaking, and no temple rendering has been revealed.

Site Revealed for the Elko Nevada Temple

Nevada's third temple will be constructed on a 5.2-acre site near the southeast corner of Ruby View Golf Course at the north end of Elko. Plans for the Elko Nevada Temple call for a single-level, 10,000-square-foot building. The other temples in the state are the Las Vegas Nevada Temple and the Reno Nevada Temple. No exterior rendering has been released for the new temple, and no groundbreaking date has been scheduled.

Location for the Casper Wyoming Temple Announced

The location of the future Casper Wyoming Temple has been announced as a 9.5-acre property at the corner of Wyoming Boulevard (Highway 258) and Eagle Drive in a developing area of southwest Casper. The design for the temple is a single-story building of approximately 10,000 square feet. The temple will be the second in the Cowboy State, joining the Star Valley Wyoming Temple in Afton. No rendering or groundbreaking date has been released.
Pocatello Idaho Temple
Exterior lighting tests and adjustments underway; landscaping continues; interior finish work progressing
Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
Attaching panels to the steeple; framing the interior; installing temporary glass
Birmingham Alabama Temple
98th dedicated temple in operation
Orlando Florida Temple
46th dedicated temple in operation
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Clearing of the temple site underway
Belém Brazil Temple
Sod laid; landscaping progressing; stone cladding of exterior walls nearing completion; interior work underway
Boise Idaho Temple
27th dedicated temple in operation
Burley Idaho Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Idaho Falls Idaho Temple
8th dedicated temple in operation
Meridian Idaho Temple
158th dedicated temple in operation
Pocatello Idaho Temple
Exterior lighting tests and adjustments underway; landscaping continues; interior finish work progressing
Rexburg Idaho Temple
125th dedicated temple in operation
Twin Falls Idaho Temple
128th dedicated temple in operation
Denver Colorado Temple
40th dedicated temple in operation
Fort Collins Colorado Temple
153rd dedicated temple in operation
Grand Junction Colorado Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Albuquerque New Mexico Temple
73rd dedicated temple in operation
Farmington New Mexico Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Kyiv Ukraine Temple
134th dedicated temple in operation
Mexico City Mexico Temple
26th dedicated temple in operation
Paris France Temple
156th dedicated temple in operation
The Hague Netherlands Temple
114th dedicated temple in operation
Vancouver British Columbia Temple
131st dedicated temple in operation
Bangkok Thailand Temple
Installation of precast concrete panels to exterior continues
Mendoza Argentina Temple
Excavating for the building foundations
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Cladding the temple frame in ornamented precast concrete panels
Salta Argentina Temple
Exterior walls rising
Yigo Guam Temple
Landscaping the temple grounds; removing rubble from around the property
Pocatello Idaho Temple
Exterior lighting tests and adjustments underway; landscaping continues; interior finish work progressing
Arequipa Peru Temple
167th dedicated temple in operation
Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple
71st dedicated temple in operation
Colonia Juárez Chihuahua Mexico Temple
55th dedicated temple in operation
Detroit Michigan Temple
63rd dedicated temple in operation
Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple
143rd dedicated temple in operation
Freiberg Germany Temple
33rd dedicated temple in operation
Lima Peru Temple
38th dedicated temple in operation
Manhattan New York Temple
119th dedicated temple in operation
Orlando Florida Temple
46th dedicated temple in operation
Santiago Chile Temple
24th dedicated temple in operation
St. Paul Minnesota Temple
69th dedicated temple in operation
Villahermosa Mexico Temple
85th dedicated temple in operation
Quito Ecuador Temple
Exterior lighting operating; final landscaping underway; interior finish work progressing
San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple
Excavation nearing completion
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Setting steel rafters for the roof; construction of parking facility continues
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; cladding the exterior walls; re-sheeting the roof; assembling the steeple
McAllen Texas Temple
Installing precast concrete wall panels; steeple frame installed
Richmond Virginia Temple
Stone cladding of temple underway; laying brick for meetinghouse
Syracuse Utah Temple
Surveyor establishing reference point
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Steel framing underway
Deseret Peak Utah Temple
Burying power lines; utility vaults installed
Urdaneta Philippines Temple
Cladding of exterior started along base; attaching hanging brackets to exterior walls; interior framing progressing
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; pouring footings for west end extension; pouring sidewalks on south side; preparing to pave road on east side; interior demolition completed
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; making deep excavations for base isolation system
Logan Utah Temple
2nd dedicated temple in operation
Smithfield Utah Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Elko Nevada Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Las Vegas Nevada Temple
43rd dedicated temple in operation
Reno Nevada Temple
81st dedicated temple in operation
Casper Wyoming Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Star Valley Wyoming Temple
154th dedicated temple in operation