Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Exterior Details of the Belém Brazil Temple

Much of the scaffolding has been removed from around the Belém Brazil Temple, unobstructing the handsome stonework that has been attached to the exterior walls of the building. Carved panels add character to the stone cladding including medallions, fluting, and unique patterns. Trees have been planted along the street and in the garden spaces immediately next to the temple.

Gratitude for the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple Construction Crew

The Primary children and leaders of the San Juan Puerto Rico Stake worked together to express their appreciation to the construction workers building the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple. The children wrote sweet notes of gratitude and created drawings to accompany a delicious lunch prepared by the leaders on January 15, 2021. The emotional reactions and comments of the some of the crew were captured in a beautiful video (in Spanish).

Attaching Panels to the Feather River California Temple

Precast concrete panels are arriving at the Feather River California Temple for attachment to the steel structure of the building. The panels being installed along the body of the temple will each hold an arched upper window and a rectangular lower window. The temple is the eighth to be constructed in the state of California.

Main Level Footings for the Orem Utah Temple

The footprint for the main level of the Orem Utah Temple is coming into view as footings are poured and trenches are dug beyond the walls of the partial basement. The walls have been backfilled on much of the north side with the foundation growing to the north and west. The square-in-square supporting walls for the baptismal font are clearly visible on the south side of the basement.

Nine Temples Move to Phase 2 of Reopening

On March 1, 2021, nine temples will reopen under Phase 2, having either paused operations or been operating under Phase 1. These temples include the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple, Bogotá Colombia Temple, Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple, Colonia Juárez Chihuahua Mexico Temple, Concepción Chile Temple, Durban South Africa Temple, Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Temple, Panama City Panama Temple, and Redlands California Temple.

Sheathing the Richmond Virginia Temple

The metal frame of the Richmond Virginia Temple is steadily being covered in bright green and blue as insulating sheathing is attached to the exterior and wrapped in a protective vapor barrier. The metal studs running between the windows will support ornamental pilasters while the entrance pediment will be supported by full columns. The wooden roof deck has been attached to the top of the adjacent stake center.

Work Focused on Interior of Praia Cabo Verde Temple

A white plaster is being applied to the exterior walls of the Praia Cabo Verde Temple, but work has largely been carried out on the interior of the building over the past few weeks. Metal trusses have been installed on top of the adjoining meetinghouse, and work continues on building the steeple that will rise over the south wing of the meetinghouse. Each wing will feature three exterior gables.

Support Columns for the Taylorsville Utah Temple Parking Structure

The basement walls for the Taylorsville Utah Temple are being waterproofed in anticipation of being backfilled in the coming weeks. Rebar has been set for some of the main level walls and footings that will significantly increase the current footprint of the structure. To the west of the temple, excavation has been completed for the parking structure, and footings and support columns are being installed.

Cladding the Tower of the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple

A view of the east (rear) side of the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple shows the new panels that are being installed at the base of the tower. Cladding of the entrance porticos on the west and east sides of the building is also progressing. A beautiful meetinghouse and grounds building have been constructed, complementing this House of the Lord.

Scaffolding Erected Around the Urdaneta Philippines Temple

Take a drive past the Urdaneta Philippines Temple and accommodation center in a new 14-second video that gives you a glimpse of the beautiful concrete and steel structures. Since the installation of the spire frame atop the temple in December, scaffolding has been placed around the exterior of both buildings. The temple walls will eventually be faced in stone panels.

Site Clearing Begins for the San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple

A view from the window of a high-rise bank building shows the progress being made on clearing the site for the San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple. The temple will rise on a major road in the northwest quadrant of the city near businesses, schools, residences, and a major medical center. The groundbreaking ceremony was held five months ago.

Building the Foundation for the Moses Lake Washington Temple

Snow covers the Moses Lake Washington Temple site where mounds of excavated dirt sit around the cavity carved out for the foundation. Footings have been poured, and reinforcing steel is being set for the foundation walls. Members in the Moses Lake region currently belong to the Columbia River Washington Temple district, which has grown significantly over the past several years.

Official Rendering Released for the Syracuse Utah Temple

On Tuesday, February 16, the official rendering was released for the three-story, 89,000-square-foot Syracuse Utah Temple. A principle feature of the design is a towering wall of flowered art glass that rises from the ground level to the steeple along the centerline of the building's facade. Entrance doors flank the wall of windows leading to the spacious main level. The smaller second and third floors are topped with a steeple that narrows to a delicate finial at the top of the metal spire.

Eight Paused Temples Resume Operations

As of today, eight temples that had paused operations will now resume under either Phase 1 or Phase 2 of reopening including the Bogotá Colombia Temple, Fresno California Temple, Los Angeles California Temple, Newport Beach California Temple, Oakland California Temple, Redlands California Temple, Sacramento California Temple, and the San Diego California Temple. On February 22, the Tijuana Mexico Temple will move from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

Stunning Sunset at the Mesa Arizona Temple

Pink and purple clouds fill the sky over the Mesa Arizona Temple as the sun sets on another day of renovation. The grounds grow more beautiful with the planting of petite trees, shrubs, and colorful flowers in the vacant spaces in the planters along the temple walls. Finish work continues inside the temple including the installation of stone moldings. The Family Discovery Center, Deseret Book building, and residential units across the street are entering the final stages of construction with product being shelved and residences moving in.

Preliminary Construction at the Syracuse Utah Temple Site

Preliminary construction continues at the Syracuse Utah Temple site where a rectangular dirt mound has been built for the temple and covered in tarps. Chain-link fencing is being installed around the perimeter of the property while electrical, water, and sewer utilities are being connected. No rendering has been revealed or groundbreaking date announced for the temple.

Virtual Views of the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

A member of the Bentonville Arkansas Stake has created a captivating animation of what we may expect to see when the Bentonville Arkansas Temple is completed. His daughter provides the beautiful vocal accompaniment. The video captures the feeling of driving through the parking lot, gathering outside the temple as friend and family groups, and admiring the exquisite architectural details.

Church Office Building Plaza Demolition

Demolition of the Church Office Building plaza and fountain is making progress. Lamp posts have been unbolted and wrapped for storage while concrete walkways and pavers are being lifted and removed. Support structures have been added throughout the underground parking facility to shore up the structure while demolition of the fountain and garden areas progress above.

The Mountain of the Lord's House in Pocatello, Idaho

With millwork underway inside the Pocatello Idaho Temple and cladding of the spire progressing on the exterior, members are hoping to see the temple completed later this year and to oversee its opening events. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths" (Isaiah 2:2–3).

A New Era for the Hamilton New Zealand Temple

The rich history of the restored Church in Temple View is evident in the many Church facilities surrounding the hill where the Hamilton New Zealand Temple stands. Renovated and repurposed buildings honor the former Church College of New Zealand and the labor missionaries who constructed both the college and the temple. The community now prepares to enter a new era of the Church in Temple View with a fully renovated temple and visitors' center and newly constructed arrival center, patron and missionary housing units, and maintenance building. The open house and rededication committee has been been organized to prepare for the temple's reopening hopefully later this year.

Progress at the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple Site

The site of a former institute building and meetinghouse has given rise to a new complex of religious buildings under construction, anchored by the beautiful Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple. On the southeast side of the temple, the concrete frame for the missionary housing facility has been erected, and walls for the utility yard have been installed in the eastern corner of the property. Scaffolding has been removed from the square tower that sits over the center of the temple.

An Aerial Update on the Layton Utah Temple

A series of beautiful aerial photographs of the Layton Utah Temple shows the progress being made on the third floor. On the west side of the temple, the lower sections of the concrete corner walls have been poured, and reinforcing steel is being set for the upper sections. On the east side, forms are in place at the northeast corner, and rebar has been set at the southeast corner. Structural steel framing is making an appearance on the concrete floor slab.

Phase 2 and Phase 3 Reopenings Announced

On February 15, 2021, the Johannesburg South Africa Temple, Palmyra New York Temple, Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple, Rome Italy Temple, San José Costa Rica Temple, and Santiago Chile Temple will reopen in Phase 2. On February 22, 2021, the Guatemala City Guatemala Temple, Halifax Nova Scotia Temple, Mérida Mexico Temple, Oaxaca Mexico Temple, Sydney Australia Temple, and Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mexico Temple will reopen in Phase 3.

Landscaping the Belém Brazil Temple Grounds

Landscaping efforts are underway at the Belém Brazil Temple grounds where curbing has been poured for the driveway and parking lot, some walkways have been installed, and several palm trees have been planted. Much of the exterior of the building has been clad in stone, and the steeple has been covered in a vapor barrier. The cladding features sculpted stones that coordinate with the selected design for the temple.

Cupola Frame Attached to the Feather River California Temple

On Friday, February 5, a crane hoisted the frame for the cupola of the Feather River California Temple to its place atop the tower frame, bringing the temple to its full height, except for the future addition of the angel Moroni. The structure will feature eight arched windows and an octagonal dome. A three-minute video captures the exhilarating moment of installation.

Removing Parapet Stones from the Salt Lake Temple

Stones are coming down from the parapet walls of the Salt Lake Temple with the help of a crane. The granite pieces are then labeled and placed in storage for cleaning and repair. The installation of shoring support continues for the subterranean tunnel that will connect the Conference Center parking facility to the underground entrance to the temple (not yet constructed). Shoring and excavation around the temple foundation has allowed for installation of a lift near the southwest corner that will carry workers and materials to the upper floors of the temple interior.

Visitors Welcomed at the Columbus Ohio Temple

Visitors to the Columbus Ohio Temple renovation project are welcomed to stop by the information center, located inside the west door of the adjacent meetinghouse, where the serving missionary couple will provide information on the renovation and answer questions. (Please wear a mask or face covering.) The marble cladding has now been completely removed from the temple, and the framing crew is forming the pilasters that will decorate the exterior of the building.

Orem Utah Temple Basement Nears Completion

The crisp concrete walls of the Orem Utah Temple basement are being coated in a black waterproofing mastic and insulated with foam board before the foundation is backfilled. An aerial view of the structure shows a prominent elevator shaft near the center and numerous pipes and conduits for the rough electrical and plumbing work underway. Columns of rebar have been set around an outdoor mechanical area that will house a cooling tower and other equipment.

Tokyo Japan Temple Annex Building Dedicated

On Sunday, January 10, 2021, the annex building next to the Tokyo Japan Temple was dedicated for use by the members of the Church in Japan. The immense facility is equipped for transmitting broadcasts and houses a full meetinghouse with two stake suites and five ward suites, area offices, two mission offices, a visitors' center, patron housing, a family history center, and an underground parking facility with space for about 100 vehicles. Take a walking tour of the new facility lead by a pair of young men. The rededication of the temple is delayed until large public gatherings are deemed safe.

A Glorious View of the Quito Ecuador Temple

The cream-colored Quito Ecuador Temple is a stunning sight against the verdant Andes Mountains and foothills. The temple stands in the suburb of Cumbayá at a recently constructed intersection with double roundabouts. The majority of the exterior cladding has been attached to the temple, and palm trees have been planted around the building as landscaping progresses.
Belém Brazil Temple
Curbing poured for parking lot; stone cladding of exterior walls continues; trees being planted
San Juan Puerto Rico Temple
Plastering exterior walls; building tower base; preparing to pour footings for meetinghouse
Feather River California Temple
Attaching precast concrete panels to exterior
Orem Utah Temple
Pouring main level footings; basement nearing completion
Bogotá Colombia Temple
57th dedicated temple in operation
Buenos Aires Argentina Temple
39th dedicated temple in operation
Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple
71st dedicated temple in operation
Colonia Juárez Chihuahua Mexico Temple
55th dedicated temple in operation
Concepción Chile Temple
160th dedicated temple in operation
Durban South Africa Temple
168th dedicated temple in operation
Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Temple
72nd dedicated temple in operation
Panama City Panama Temple
127th dedicated temple in operation
Redlands California Temple
116th dedicated temple in operation
Richmond Virginia Temple
Attaching sheathing and vapor barrier to exterior; power lines buried; roof deck attached to stake center
Praia Cabo Verde Temple
Plastering exterior of temple; trusses installed on meetinghouse; installing hard landscaping
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Pouring the basement walls and the footings for the underground parking structure
Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
Attaching panels to the base of the steeple and around the front entrance doors
Urdaneta Philippines Temple
Scaffolding erected around the exteriors of the temple and accommodation center
San Pedro Sula Honduras Temple
Site clearing and excavation underway
Columbia River Washington Temple
107th dedicated temple in operation
Moses Lake Washington Temple
Foundation work underway
Syracuse Utah Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced; exterior rendering released; installing construction fence posts
Bogotá Colombia Temple
57th dedicated temple in operation
Fresno California Temple
78th dedicated temple in operation
Los Angeles California Temple
10th dedicated temple in operation
Newport Beach California Temple
122nd dedicated temple in operation
Oakland California Temple
13th dedicated temple in operation
Redlands California Temple
116th dedicated temple in operation
Sacramento California Temple
123rd dedicated temple in operation
San Diego California Temple
45th dedicated temple in operation
Tijuana Mexico Temple
149th dedicated temple in operation
Mesa Arizona Temple
7th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; final stages of landscaping underway; installing roof over service entrance; work on surrounding development nearing completion
Syracuse Utah Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced; exterior rendering released; installing construction fence posts
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Concrete forms set for basement walls
Pocatello Idaho Temple
Cladding of temple entrance, spire, and landscape structures continues; millwork and other interior work underway
Hamilton New Zealand Temple
11th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; interior and exterior renovations continue; open house and rededication committee formed
Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple
Structural walls in place for temple and housing buildings
Layton Utah Temple
Pouring corner walls and setting structural steel on third floor; light-gauge steel framing underway on main level
Guatemala City Guatemala Temple
32nd dedicated temple in operation
Halifax Nova Scotia Temple
64th dedicated temple in operation
Johannesburg South Africa Temple
36th dedicated temple in operation
Mérida Mexico Temple
92nd dedicated temple in operation
Oaxaca Mexico Temple
74th dedicated temple in operation
Palmyra New York Temple
77th dedicated temple in operation
Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple
136th dedicated temple in operation
Rome Italy Temple
162nd dedicated temple in operation
San José Costa Rica Temple
87th dedicated temple in operation
Santiago Chile Temple
24th dedicated temple in operation
Sydney Australia Temple
28th dedicated temple in operation
Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mexico Temple
75th dedicated temple in operation
Belém Brazil Temple
Curbing poured for parking lot; stone cladding of exterior walls continues; trees being planted
Feather River California Temple
Attaching precast concrete panels to exterior
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; removing stones from top of temple; preparing for tunnel between Conference Center parking and underground temple entrance; demolishing Church Office Building plaza fountain
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; sheathing the exterior; working on concrete floor slabs; monument sign removed
Orem Utah Temple
Pouring main level footings; basement nearing completion
Tokyo Japan Temple
18th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; completed; public open house and rededication to be announced when large public gatherings deemed safe; annex building dedicated on 10 January 2021
Quito Ecuador Temple
Interior work and landscaping progressing; exterior lighting tests underway