Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Photo:  Adam Lott

Framing the Steeple for the Nairobi Kenya Temple

A group of white steel trusses have been secured to the roof of the Nairobi Kenya Temple to form the frame for the steeple over the main entrance. The temple sits where the former meetinghouse stood on the west end of the property, facing east toward the ancillary buildings. Pitched roof trusses have been installed over the ancillary buildings. They will provide housing and services to support the operation of the temple.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

New Guest Building Under Construction on Temple Square

Crews have begun to build the new guest building on the south end of Temple Square where the South Visitors' Center once stood. The multi-level building will feature two above-ground pavilions with direct views of the Salt Lake Temple and an expansive underground exhibit hall. The pavilions will house an updated cut-away model of the temple and a statue of Jesus Christ. The exhibit hall will include an open house experience with replicas of the baptismal font and the instruction, sealing, and celestial rooms. The new guest experience will open to the public when the temple renovation is completed in 2025.
Photo:  Paul H

Ornamental Fence Installation Progressing at the Layton Utah Temple

More posts and metal pickets for the ornamental fence that surrounds the Layton Utah Temple grounds are being installed along the north and west sides of the property. The concrete pedestal for the monument sign is in place, and the construction trailers have been removed to accommodate the growing landscaping. Plenty of work remains on the interior of the temple.
Photo:  Tondrea Jackson

Pouring Walkways Behind the St. George Utah Temple

Architectural finishes have been applied to the now-white walls of the west extension to the St. George Utah Temple. They are visible through the black debris net that hangs over the back of the building. Curved walkways have been poured on the west end of the property, and dozens of crated trees await planting. East of the temple, the basin for the tiered fountain has been faced in stone, and the interior has been tiled in blue.
Photo:  Parley Fisher

Trailers Removed from the Feather River California Temple

With the Feather River California Temple drawing closer to completion, the decision was made to remove both the visitors' center trailer and the contractor's office trailer from the temple site this month. The missionary couple will continue to be available in the adjoining stake center. Additional stained-glass windows have been installed in the temple, and the landscaping is looking more beautiful by the day.
Photo:  Kaori Shimabukuro Fong

Okinawa Japan Temple Brings Blessings to the Isles of the Sea

The remaining scaffolding has been removed from the steeple of the Okinawa Japan Temple, providing an unhindered view of the exquisite detailing of the building. Church members who live on Okinawa Island are looking forward with excitement to the completion of the temple. "Know ye not that I, the Lord your God, have created all men, and that I remember those who are upon the isles of the sea…?" (2 Nephi 29:7).
Photo:  Elko Nevada Temple Facebook page

Stormy Construction Day at the Elko Nevada Temple

A recent webcam view of the Elko Nevada Temple site gives a glimpse of the continuing construction, even under stormy conditions. The idea of a temple for Elko was proposed to the Saints in the area by President Gordon B. Hinckley over 25 years ago. The prophet, accompanied by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, gathered in the Spring Creek High School gym with more than 4,200 members from the four stakes in northeast Nevada on Sunday, April 20, 1997. He said he was pleased with the membership in Elko and expressed his belief that a temple would be built there one day.
Photo:  Anurat Kaeocha

Bangkok Thailand Temple Project Manager Is Baptized

After overseeing every detail of the construction of the Bangkok Thailand Temple for nearly four years, the project manager has chosen to be baptized tomorrow as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was so impressed by the magnificence of the project that it opened his heart to hearing the message of the restored gospel and to receiving baptism.
Photo:  Christine Weety Lagarejos

Rainy Day at the Pago Pago American Samoa Temple

Raindrops fall on the construction site of the Pago Pago American Samoa Temple where the reinforced concrete block frames for the temple and adjoining housing facility are growing stronger and taller. The temple president, matron, and temple missionaries will live on site in the housing facility where a distribution center will also be located. Construction on the 17,000-square-foot temple began almost 11 months ago.
Photo:  Langton Chidarara

Structural Work Continues on the Harare Zimbabwe Temple

The eastern surfaces of the concrete structural frame for the Harare Zimbabwe Temple catch the rising sun as another construction day begins at the temple complex. Roof work is making progress on the matching ancillary buildings south of the temple. The roof frame is in place on the eastern building, and shingles have been laid on the western building. A pre-existing fence encloses the construction site.
Photo:  Liz Applegate

Framing Begins on the Farmington New Mexico Temple

A handful of steel columns have been erected over the baptistry wing of the Farmington New Mexico Temple, as framing of the superstructure begins. A floor deck has been installed over the partial basement where the baptismal font will rest. Footings for the main floor have also been poured and cured. An exterior staircase to the basement will be created as a separate access to the mechanical areas of the temple.
Photo:  Sister Wendy Hill

Cladding the Facade of the Puebla Mexico Temple

Exterior cladding of the Puebla Mexico Temple has reached the front facade. Work began at the rear of the building and has been largely completed on three of the four sides. The steeple, side wings, and inner entrance walls remain to be clad. On the lot behind the temple, where a meetinghouse has been constructed, palm trees have been planted and walkways are being installed.
Photo:  Valerie Chandler

Interior Windows Arrive at the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

A special delivery was unpacked at the Bentonville Arkansas Temple this week. Interior windows emerged from the wooden crates marked Holdman Studios, featuring a combination of stained, frosted, swirled, and beveled glass. An art glass team will be on site for the next few days to oversee the installation process. The oxen for the baptismal font arrived last week along with lighting fixtures from Schonbek. The interior of the temple will be a stunning representation of the heavenly realms.
Photo:  Google

Site Location Announced for the Teton River Idaho Temple

In a news release issued today, the location of the Teton River Idaho Temple was announced as a 16.6-acre site located northwest of 2000 North and Salem Road in Rexburg, Idaho. Plans call for a three-story temple of approximately 130,000 square feet. It will join the Rexburg Idaho Temple to become the second temple in the city of Rexburg where Brigham Young University–Idaho is located.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

October Groundbreaking Announced for the Heber Valley Utah Temple

Elder Kevin R. Duncan, executive director of the Temple Department, will preside at the groundbreaking for the Heber Valley Utah Temple on Saturday, October 8, 2022. The 88,000-square-foot temple will be constructed on a 17.9-acre site located southeast of 1400 East Center Street in Heber City. President Russell M. Nelson announced the temple in the October 2021 General Conference.

Stone Cladding Progress on the Mendoza Argentina Temple

Stone cladding has made significant progress on the north side of the Mendoza Argentina Temple. The temple will be the lightest in color of the three buildings in the complex, indicative of the holiness of this House of the Lord and the sacred work performed inside. Landscaping plans call for 152 trees along the public streets and approximately 170 trees of various species on the temple grounds.
Photo:  Chad James L. Fournier

Construction Fence Removed from the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple Site

The construction fence that has surrounded the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple site for the past three years has come down. Its function has been replaced by the ornamental fence that protects the inner grounds of the temple where beautiful trees and flowers have been planted, benches have been set in place, and flower pots have been positioned near the entrance. The parking lots have been striped including the handicap symbols. Stunning stained-glass inserts have been installed in the entrance doors. The open house and dedication dates have not yet been announced.
Photo:  Shanna Anderson

Building a Drainage System for the Burley Idaho Temple Site

A lone steel column rises from the Burley Idaho Temple site where foundation work has been underway for three and a half months. The heavy steel frame for the superstructure of the building will rise over the coming months. Work is also progressing on a drainage system for the property. Drainage ditches have been dug, and concrete drainage boxes have been delivered.
Photo:  Dane P Carver

135-Foot Boom Lift Delivered to the Manti Utah Temple

To support the continuing renovation of the Manti Utah Temple, additional heavy machinery has been delivered. In the accompanying photograph, a flatbed trailer truck carries a 135-foot boom lift to the base of temple hill. The basket at the end of the boom will lift workers who need access to the upper walls. Excavation has taken place around the east and south sides of the temple, giving crews access to the foundation stones.
Photo:  Aaron Nuffer

Extended Maintenance for the Denver Colorado Temple

The Denver Colorado Temple closed this week for a seven-week extended maintenance that includes renovation of all four instruction rooms. The nearly 36-year-old building was dedicated on October 24, 1986 by President Ezra Taft Benson. It was the first temple dedicated in the state, followed by the Fort Collins Colorado Temple in 2016. A third temple is under construction in Grand Junction.
Photo:  Gailen N Janet Call

Tree-Studded Entrance to the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

Dozens of royal palms have been planted along the private drive that offers vehicular access to the Red Cliffs Utah Temple grounds and parking areas from George Washington Boulevard. Lamp posts have been installed in the west parking lot, joining the trees that have taken residence in the parking lot islands. Ornamental fencing continues on the grounds while millwork has started on the interior.
Photo:  Aaron Allen

Preparing to Clad the Helena Montana Temple Steeple

Eight levels of scaffolding surround the steeple frame of the Helena Montana Temple, giving stone installers a multi-level platform for cladding the walls in beautiful granite imported from Portugal. Stained glass has been inserted, the front entrance doors hung, and framing for the arched portico installed. Landscaping is making progress around the meetinghouse and maintenance building.
Photo:  Ecuador Quito Mission

Preparing for the Quito Ecuador Temple Open House

Missionaries from the Ecuador Quito Mission gathered on the steps of the Quito Ecuador Temple for a stunning group photograph taken several weeks before the public will be received at an open house. Tours of the temple will be offered from Friday, October 14 through Saturday, October 29, 2022, excluding Sundays. The temple will be dedicated by Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on Sunday, November 20, 2022.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Extensive Renovation Announced for the Stockholm Sweden Temple

The Stockholm Sweden Temple will close next year for major renovations that are anticipated to last approximately three years. The temple will nearly double in size from 16,366 square feet to around 31,000 square feet. It will feature two instruction rooms for presentation of the endowment with 40 seats each. Following reconstruction of the interior, the public will be invited to tour the temple during an open house, and it will be rededicated.
Photo:  David Aguayo | Aguayo Photography

Open House Dates Announced for the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple

The First Presidency has announced that the public open house for the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple will be held from Thursday, December 1, through Saturday, December 17, 2022, with no tours held on Sundays. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will dedicate the temple in three sessions on Sunday, January 15, 2023. The dedicatory sessions will be broadcast to all congregations in the future temple district.
Photo:  Cody Sheffer

Setting Rebar for the Smithfield Utah Temple Footings

Inside the concrete forms for the footings of the Smithfield Utah Temple, rebar is being tied in a uniform grid pattern. The steel bar will strengthen and reinforce the concrete foundations of the building. Work has begun on the front end of the south-facing temple where forms for the portico footings can also be seen. The north end will feature a subbasement level to accommodate the temple's two baptismal fonts.
Photo:  SOS Jovem BR

Upper Tier of Salvador Brazil Temple Steeple in Place

Walls have been erected for the upper tier of the Salvador Brazil Temple that will be topped with a dome and a metal finial. Behind the temple, framing is underway for the pitched roof of the ancillary building that will house an accommodation center, temple missionary apartments, and auxiliary spaces. Beautiful royal palms stand in the street median.
Photo:  Valerie Chandler

Fence Completed Around the Bentonville Arkansas Temple

The ornamental fence that surrounds the Bentonville Arkansas Temple has been fully installed including four wide-arched gates. Sconce light fixtures beautifully decorate the fence posts and light up the walkways for patrons. Handsome pilasters are featured at each corner of the building, and the garden spaces on the grounds are teeming with plant life. Construction of the temple has been underway for 22 months.
Photo:  Gerlim Albornoz Fabian

Park Strip Improvements Behind the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple

Concrete crews have completed improvements to the sidewalk and park strip behind the rear wall of the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple. Evenly spaced trees have been planted in the strip with more landscaping yet to come. Stained glass is being installed in the windows while finish work continues on the interior. The temple will be the fourth in Peru. A fifth was recently announced for the city of Cusco, the main gateway city to Machu Picchu.
Photo:  MGRauckis

Front Gates Installed at the Columbus Ohio Temple

Gates have been installed over the entrance walkway to the Columbus Ohio Temple as part of the west fence that runs along the driveway coming off of Gateway Boulevard. The old driveway apron has been removed and will be repoured. The walkways surrounding the temple are nearing completion, and new curbing has been installed. Heavy planting continues in the garden spaces on the grounds.
Nairobi Kenya Temple
Framing the temple steeple; building ancillary structures; hardscaping underway
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; strengthening the temple foundation; building the underground addition; landscaping the Church Office Building plaza and Main Street plaza
Layton Utah Temple
Interior work progressing; landscaping of the grounds underway
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; building the west end extension; landscaping the grounds; interior finish work underway
Feather River California Temple
Installing stained-glass windows; soft landscaping being planted; installing millwork on the interior
Okinawa Japan Temple
Scaffolding being removed; interior work underway
Elko Nevada Temple
Building the foundation
Bangkok Thailand Temple
Installing millwork, light fixtures, and railings
Pago Pago American Samoa Temple
Building concrete block structural walls
Harare Zimbabwe Temple
Constructing structural walls for the temple and meetinghouse; framing roofs for housing buildings
Farmington New Mexico Temple
Building the foundation
Puebla Mexico Temple
Cladding the exterior walls; installing hardscape; interior work underway
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Installing carpet, light fixtures, and interior stained glass; baptismal font oxen installed
Rexburg Idaho Temple
125th dedicated temple in operation
Teton River Idaho Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced; residence relocated from Church-owned property; garage, outbuilding, and trees removed
Heber Valley Utah Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony
Mendoza Argentina Temple
Vapor barrier attached to exterior walls; exterior cladding underway
Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
Construction fence removed but grounds not open; front doors installed; parking lots striped
Burley Idaho Temple
Foundation poured and cured; preparing to strip concrete forms
Manti Utah Temple
3rd dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; excavating on east and south sides of temple; scaffolding in place; annex entrance face removed
Denver Colorado Temple
40th dedicated temple in operation
Fort Collins Colorado Temple
153rd dedicated temple in operation
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Entrance plaza palm trees planted; curbing poured for east parking lot; installing ornamental fence; interior work progressing
Helena Montana Temple
Cladding of steeple underway; landscaping progressing; meetinghouse exterior completed
Quito Ecuador Temple
Preparing for public open house beginning 14 October 2022
Stockholm Sweden Temple
34th dedicated temple in operation
San Juan Puerto Rico Temple
Preparing for public open house beginning 1 December 2022
Smithfield Utah Temple
Tying rebar for the temple basement footings
Salvador Brazil Temple
Building the structural walls for the temple and ancillary building
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Installing carpet, light fixtures, and interior stained glass; baptismal font oxen installed
Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple
Exterior completed; landscaping and interior work progressing
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; renovation nearing completion; installing ornamental fence; heavy planting underway