Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

President Ballard Rededicates the Columbus Ohio Temple

On Sunday, June 4, President M. Russell Ballard, Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, rededicated the Columbus Ohio Temple, which had been closed for three years for extensive renovations. "I testify that the temples are the houses of the Lord," said President Ballard. "It is here where Heavenly Father instructs His children and helps us prepare to return to His presence. It is here where we receive personal revelation, make covenants with Heavenly Father, the Savior, and participate in eternal ordinances."
Photo:  William Gentry

Grass Sod Laid on the Tallahassee Florida Temple Grounds

Construction of the Tallahassee Florida Temple reaches its two-year anniversary on Monday. Work on Florida's third temple has progressed efficiently inside and out. The grounds immediately adjacent to the temple have already been planted with grass, shrubs, and trees while finish work advances on the interior. Light posts have also been installed.
Photo:  Jaren Bracken

Trees Delivered to the Deseret Peak Utah Temple Site

Dozens of trees have been staged north of the Deseret Peak Utah Temple site in preparation for soft landscaping of the grounds. A new roundabout has been paved at the intersection east of the temple, and 2400 N has been modified to feature a landscaped median with tree-lined park strips on each side. The exteriors of the temple, meetinghouse, and maintenance building are nearing completion.
Photo:  Kevin Christopherson

Rainbow Appears Behind the Casper Wyoming Temple

Nature's beauty was on display at the Casper Wyoming Temple this week when the sunshine came out on a rainy day to produce a beautiful rainbow. The body of the temple and most of the steeple have been clad in precast panels. Construction of the temple has been underway for 20 months. It is the second temple to be constructed in Wyoming, following the Star Valley Wyoming Temple. A third Wyoming temple to be constructed in Cody is in the government approval process.
Photo:  Josimar FigAr

Landscaping the Salvador Brazil Temple Grounds

Pallets of pavers are staged on the grounds of the Salvador Brazil Temple where walkways and driveways are under construction. An ornamental fence has been installed on terraced concrete footings, and more vegetation is being planted. Cladding of the exterior has reached the upper walls and the steeple. It is the eleventh temple to be constructed in the country of Brazil.
Photo:  Brent R.

Framing the Interior of the Lindon Utah Temple

On the ground floor of the Lindon Utah Temple, interior framing and mechanical rough-in are progressing. Perfectly plumb studs are being positioned while HVAC ducts are run along the ceiling. Heavy framing for staircases and side windows have been recently installed, and concrete block walls for the maintenance building are in place. Construction of the temple has been underway for about 13 months.
Photo:  Tom Cook

Pre-Temple Open House Planned for the Cody Wyoming Temple

Church leaders will be available to answer questions and provide information on the Cody Wyoming Temple at a "pre-temple open house" to be held on Tuesday, June 6, from 7 to 8 p.m. at the meetinghouse located at 1407 13th Street. The open house is being held the week before a public hearing on the project where the Planning and Zoning Commission will consider applications for a conditional use permit to build the temple and an ancillary building and a special exemption request to exceed height restrictions.
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Elder and Sister Christofferson Visit the Auckland New Zealand Temple

The beautiful city of Auckland was the final stop on a ministering assignment given to Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles who had been to six cities in New Zealand and Australia. He invited the members to prepare for the dedication of the Auckland New Zealand Temple by becoming more holy and Christlike. He encouraged them to ask themselves, "What could I do that would make me a holier person, a better offering and gift of myself to present to the Lord on that day of the dedication?"
Photo:  Christine Lake

Site Preparation Underway for the Montpelier Idaho Temple

Heavy machinery has cleared and leveled the site for the Montpelier Idaho Temple, which is slated to begin construction following a groundbreaking event scheduled for Saturday, June 17, 2023. Asphalt is being removed from an access road and parking lot while preparations are made for running utilities to the property. Crews have started with burying existing power lines.
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Charlotte North Carolina Temple Location Announced

The site for the Charlotte North Carolina Temple was announced today as a 5.9-acre property located south of Charlotte at 345 Providence Rd S in the community of Weddington. Plans call for a single-story temple of approximately 30,000 square feet. Plans to construct the temple were announced by President Russell M. Nelson less than two months ago at the April 2023 General Conference. An exterior rendering and groundbreaking date will be released later.
Photo:  Salta Argentina Stake

Monument Sign Installed on the Salta Argentina Temple Grounds

The monument sign for the Salta Argentina Temple has been installed at the entrance to the property, just across from the guardhouse. Curbing is in place for the semicircular flowerbed that sits in front of the sign, which will be planted later. Large sections of the grounds feature drought-tolerant plants and earth-toned pathways. Construction of the temple is in the final stages, but no completion date has been announced.
Photo:  Kondro Yao Théodore

Landscaping Efforts Continue at the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple

A bird finds rests at the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple, perched atop the outstretched trumpet of the angel Moroni statue. Far below, the temple grounds are coming to life with the addition of grass sod and leafy plants. Numerous pavers have been laid, lamp post bases have been secured, and retaining walls painted. When the temple is dedicated, it will relieve demands on the Accra Ghana Temple, which currently serves 67 stakes and 29 districts in Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo, Benin, and Senegal.
Photo:  Kwikie James Cutamora Pagula

The Urdaneta Philippines Temple Shines Against a Cloudy Backdrop

The lights of the Urdaneta Philippines Temple shine bright against the dark clouds of nighttime. Elder Gary E. Stevenson said, "You are never lost when you can see the temple. The temple will provide direction for you and your family in a world filled with chaos. It is an eternal guidepost which will help you from getting lost in the 'mist of darkness.' It is the 'House of the Lord.'" The Urdaneta temple is in the final months of construction.
Photo:  Kent Barton

Memorial Day Weekend at the Manti Utah Temple

American flags fill the historic Manti City Cemetery, just north of the Manti Utah Temple across Highway 89. The patriotic exhibit was put on display for Memorial Day weekend. A clear view of the new entrance to the temple annex is available from the cemetery. The temple has been closed for major renovation for almost 20 months. Much of the exterior has been refurbished, but landscaping and interior work continue.
Photo:  Mary T Smith

Scaffolding Removed from the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple Steeple

Scaffolding has been removed from the newly clad steeple of the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple. The structure features long stained glass and will eventually support a gold spire. Cladding of the main level is progressing on the east side where it has reached the portico. More elements of the hardscape have been installed including sidewalks, fence posts and panels, and lamp posts.
Photo:  John Mark Manuel

Cladding Reaches the Top of the Alabang Philippines Temple Spire

Exterior cladding of the Alabang Philippines Temple has reached the top of the spire. The attachment of stone began last year and has progressed over the months that followed. There is currently one operating temple on the Philippines' largest island of Luzon, located in Metro Manila. The Urdaneta Philippines Temple will be Luzon's second temple, and the Alabang Philippines Temple will be the third. Three additional temples have been announced for Naga, Santiago, and Tuguegarao City.
Photo:  Ethan Searle

Window Installation at the Burley Idaho Temple

Window frames and glass have been installed in many of the window openings in the Burley Idaho Temple. Stone cladding continues on the west side of the building, and sheathing of the south portico has begun. Most of the yellow sheathing boards have been coated in a dark waterproofing sealer.
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Excavation and Drainage Work at the Managua Nicaragua Temple Site

Excavation for the foundation of the Managua Nicaragua Temple has begun. The temple will rise on the west side of the property while the meetinghouse and ancillary building will be constructed on the east. Temporary white lines have been used to mark the location for key structures and materials. Crews are working on installing a storm drain system that will service the property.
Photo:  Robert Henningson

Installing Foundation Footings for the Ephraim Utah Temple

Under-slab plumbing is being roughed for the Ephraim Utah Temple while concrete footings are poured for the foundation. A floor deck is being installed around the baptismal font, and the first steel columns have been erected. Dozens of catch basins are staged on site, ready to become part of the property's drainage system. In front of the temple, a large area has been excavated.

Foundation Work at the Bacolod Philippines Temple Site

Concrete walls are being formed and poured in a large excavation pit at the Bacolod Philippines Temple site, located on the western side of Negros Island—the fourth largest island in the Philippines. Construction at the temple complex began late last year, and the general contractor is actively recruiting for positions like Civil Engineer, Safety Officer, and First Aider. It will be the sixth temple constructed in the Philippines.
Photo:  John Lowe | J.H.L. Photography

Sheathing Completed for Farmington New Mexico Temple Steeple

The upper and lower segments of the steeple for the Farmington New Mexico Temple have been sheathed. The structure will be fully completed before it is lifted into place. Stone cladding and window installation at the temple are making excellent progress with early interior work underway. The majority of the meetinghouse exterior has been completed, and interior work is advancing.
Photo:  Rory Wallwork

Hardscaping Ramps Up at the Syracuse Utah Temple

Spring weather at the Syracuse Utah Temple has allowed construction crews to resume work on the hardscape. At the east plaza, concrete forms are being set and irrigation lines are being run to support the extensive gardens. Large concrete planters are also being added to the west plaza. Stone cladding continues on the upper walls while window installation is carried out. Construction has been underway for nearly two years.
Photo:  Robert O'Connor

Building the Willamette Valley Oregon Temple Foundation

Construction of the concrete foundation for the Willamette Valley Oregon Temple is progressing. Using a 120-foot tall crane—the same height as the temple—reinforcing bar is lowered into the excavation pit where it is received and installed. A concrete mixer and boom truck work in tandem to deliver concrete through a long pipe and hose. The 37-inch base will be waterproofed before being backfilled.
Photo:  Elko NV Temple Progress Facebook page

Sheathing Underway at the Elko Nevada Temple

Sheathing boards are being attached to the steel frame of the Elko Nevada Temple, forming the exterior walls of the building. Framing for the parapet is in place along the roofline, and deliveries of stone cladding have begun. It is the third temple to be constructed in the state of Nevada. A fourth has been announced for Las Vegas, known as the Lone Mountain Nevada Temple.
Photo:  Imelda Genova Apsay

Davao Philippines Temple Steeple Dome Frame on Site

The dome-shaped metal frame that will be installed on top of the steeple of the Davao Philippines Temple sits next to the concrete walls of the temple. Progress on the ancillary building can be seen in the background where framing for a hip roof has been completed. Across from the ancillary building is a meetinghouse with an end spire. Construction at the temple complex has been underway for two and a half years.
Photo:  Dorian Rodas

Building a Foundation for the Miraflores Guatemala City Guatemala Temple

A view through the construction gates at the Miraflores Guatemala City Guatemala Temple site shows the fill pile that has been created from excavation for the foundation. The building will stand on a 1.5-acre site in the Zone 11 neighborhood of Roosevelt, which borders the Miraflores neighborhood. The groundbreaking ceremony for the temple was held five and a half months ago.
Photo:  Kay N Dale Cherrington

Installing Stained Glass in the Steeple of the Taylorsville Utah Temple

Stained glass is appearing in the window openings of the Taylorsville Utah Temple steeple. The exterior of the building is nearly finished, but scaffolding remains along the lower portions of the west and south walls. At the southeast corner of the grounds, trees have been set in a mound of soil until they can be planted. Most of the hardscape has been installed while much of the softscape remains.
Photo:  Hugo Mauricio Caal Beb

Stone Casing Added to the Cobán Guatemala Temple

The sun begins to rise on another construction day at the Cobán Guatemala Temple. Scaffolding has been removed from the steeple where ornamental grills have been installed over the windows. The arched entryway and steeple windows have been cased in stone, and the entry doors have been hung. Construction of the temple has been underway for two and a half years.
Photo:  Temple Square Facebook page

First Base Isolator Installed at the Salt Lake Temple

The first base isolator has been placed at the Salt Lake Temple as part of a massive seismic retrofit of the historic structure. Each isolator weighs 18,000 pounds (8,165 kilograms), measures 7 feet (2 meters) across, and accommodates up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) of horizontal movement in any direction. Placement of the 98 base isolators on top of the new lower foundation is anticipated to take about a year and a half.
Photo:  Katherine James

McAllen Texas Temple Open House and Dedication Dates

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will dedicate the McAllen Texas Temple on Sunday, October 8, 2023, in two sessions broadcast at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. An open house will be held beginning with a media day on Monday, August 21. Invited-guest tours will follow from Tuesday, August 22, through Thursday, August 24. The general public is invited to tour the building every day from Friday, August 25, through Saturday, September 9, 2023, excluding Sundays.
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Installing millwork and painting the interior; landscaping work underway
Deseret Peak Utah Temple
Steeple dome and finial installed; stone cladding underway; hardscape and interior work progressing
Casper Wyoming Temple
Attaching precast exterior panels; steel frame installed; landscaping underway; temple president and matron called
Star Valley Wyoming Temple
154th dedicated temple in operation
Salvador Brazil Temple
Stone cladding underway; installing stained glass; hardscape progressing
Lindon Utah Temple
Interior framing underway; building retaining walls with decorative blocks
Cody Wyoming Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced; exterior rendering released; seeking government approvals
Auckland New Zealand Temple
Stone cladding underway; interior work progressing
Montpelier Idaho Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony; construction fence erected; height exemption approved by Planning & Zoning on January 12, 2023
Charlotte North Carolina Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Salta Argentina Temple
Stone cladding completed; fence panels installed; stained glass installed; landscaping being planted; interior finish work progressing
Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple
Landscaping the grounds; interior work underway; temple president and matron called
Accra Ghana Temple
117th dedicated temple in operation
Urdaneta Philippines Temple
Construction barrier removed; stone cladding completed; stained glass installed; landscaping and interior work progressing; temple president and matron called
Manti Utah Temple
3rd dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; installing new irrigation lines; interior work progressing
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple
Stone cladding underway; glass installed in window openings; hardscaping the grounds; interior work progressing; temple president and matron called
Alabang Philippines Temple
Exterior cladding underway; interior work progressing; tower crane removed
Urdaneta Philippines Temple
Construction barrier removed; stone cladding completed; stained glass installed; landscaping and interior work progressing; temple president and matron called
Burley Idaho Temple
Sheathing and stone cladding underway; roofing material staged on site
Managua Nicaragua Temple
Excavation and site drainage work underway
Ephraim Utah Temple
Building foundation
Bacolod Philippines Temple
Building foundation
Farmington New Mexico Temple
Exterior cladding underway; steeple frame sheathed
Syracuse Utah Temple
Sheathing and cladding underway; hardscaping the grounds
Willamette Valley Oregon Temple
Building foundation
Elko Nevada Temple
Sheathing underway
Lone Mountain Nevada Temple
Planning and approval phase; site location announced
Davao Philippines Temple
Building the structural walls of the temple, meetinghouse, and ancillary building
Miraflores Guatemala City Guatemala Temple
Excavation underway
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Stone cladding nearing completion; landscaping and interior work progressing; temple president and matron called
Cobán Guatemala Temple
Majority of landscaping completed; installing moldings on exterior walls
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; installing base isolators beneath the foundation; building the underground north addition; landscaping the Church Office Building plaza and Main Street plaza; building new restroom facility
McAllen Texas Temple
Preparing for public open house beginning 25 August 2023