Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


West Side View of the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple

Building materials are stacked on and around the Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple to support the continued construction of the country's first temple. Cored concrete block can be seen in the foreground near the gathering plaza on the west side. Scaffolding remains around the steeple and exterior walls. Abidjan is one of the most populous French-speaking cities in Africa. There are 16 stakes and 17 districts that operate in the country.

Inscription Stones Installed at the Richmond Virginia Temple

Cladding of the entablature that rests on top of the portico columns at the main entrance to the Richmond Virginia Temple has been completed, including the panels that are inscribed with the sacred words Holiness to the Lord – The House of the Lord. Construction of the temple has been underway for 21 months. The two-year anniversary of the groundbreaking will be reached on April 11.

Bentonville Arkansas Temple Makes Headlines

The Bentonville Arkansas Temple is grabbing the attention of motorists on I-49 and was recently featured in an article in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. President Simon Keogh, president of the Bentonville Arkansas Stake, was interviewed for the piece. He said, "As a sacred place of worship, we want it to be uplifting, edifying, and inspiring for people." He continued, "The building has the ability to inspire, but that is a reflection of what happens inside." Read the full article.

First 2022 Video Update on the Bangkok Thailand Temple

The first video update of the year for the Bangkok Thailand Temple has been published, featuring shots of the construction crew at work and beautiful views of the stunning structure in its urban setting. Cladding of the exterior has been finished except for a few panels that will be installed on the spires. The multipurpose building, located behind the temple, was clad at the same time and houses twice the floor space of the temple.

Damp Proofing the Mendoza Argentina Temple

Concrete forms have been set for the steeple pedestal of the Mendoza Argentina Temple while a vapor barrier is being affixed to the main exterior walls. The parapet has been poured and cured, and heavy framing is in place for the mechanical level. The temple is perched on a hillside in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, commanding a sweeping view of the Mendoza metropolitan area.

Visitors' Center Opens at the Tokyo Japan Temple

On January 5, 2022, the Tokyo Japan Temple visitors' center opened to the public. The first floor exhibit, entitled "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," features huge back-lit photographs that give visitors the sensation of being in a room of the temple. On the second floor, the "Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ" exhibit shows that Jesus Christ is at the center of the work performed in temples. The room is decorated with beautiful paintings and sculptures. Watch a short video showing the assembly of the exhibits.

Preparing the Foundation Walls for the Casper Wyoming Temple

Trucks, trailers, and heavy machinery are spread across the Casper Wyoming Temple site where construction continues on the foundations for the temple and adjacent ancillary building. Rebar has been set for the walls of the temple foundation while pipes are conduits are installed underneath. The temple in Casper shares a floor plan with the Helena Montana Temple for which ground broken almost 7 months ago.

An Overhead View of the St. George Utah Temple Site

Recent photographs of the St. George Utah Temple site give a bird's-eye view of the current construction activity. Landscaping continues on the north end where a beautiful entrance plaza is taking shape with a water feature, royal palms, and plentiful garden spaces. The windows in the annex have been masked to protect them from interior painting, and an elevator shaft is visible inside the growing west-end addition.

Building the Steeple for the Deseret Peak Utah Temple

Framing of the steeple for the Deseret Peak Utah Temple in Tooele continues to grow higher. The four corner beams of the main shaft have been positioned and secured atop the frame for the pedestal. Each wall of the steeple will hold a narrow stained-glass window that will be backlit at night. On the east side of the building, metal frames have been installed for the arched doorways featured in the entrance portico.

Preparing a Visitors' Trailer for the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple

A trailer has been parked outside the construction fence at the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple site that is being prepared as a visitors' trailer. Until now, construction activity has been difficult to observe, but the trailer offers an observation ramp that allows guests to watch the construction activity while staying outside the fence. Heavy equipment on site continues the foundation and utility work that is underway.

Setting the Structural Steel for the Tallahassee Florida Temple

Steel columns are rising out of the ground at the Tallahassee Florida Temple site, joining the towering trees that stand behind it. Heavy framing will continue over the next several weeks atop the firm, pier-supported foundation walls. The design for the temple is similar to two other temples under construction in the Southern United States: the McAllen Texas Temple and the Bentonville Arkansas Temple.

Open House and Dedication Announced for the Yigo Guam Temple

A public open house has been announced for the Yigo Guam Temple, beginning Wednesday, May 4, and continuing through Saturday, May 14, 2022. (No tours will be offered on Sunday, May 8.) The temple will be dedicated on Sunday, May 22, in three sessions by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. A youth devotional will be held just prior to the dedicated on Saturday, May 21.

Forming the Steeple Walls for the Okinawa Japan Temple

Additional rows of scaffolds have been added around the Okinawa Japan Temple as the structure continues to grow taller. The concrete floors and exterior walls have been poured and cured, and forming of the steeple walls has begun. The rising steeple has eclipsed the height of the adjacent meetinghouse and will eventually be topped with a metal spire.

Parking Lot Pavement at the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

Fresh black asphalt has appeared around the south and west sides of the Red Cliffs Utah Temple as the construction crew makes progress on paving the parking lot surfaces. The majority of the main body of the temple has been clad in precast concrete panels including the striking front facade. Installation is underway on a huge drainage pipe, and road construction in the area has increased.

Granite Cladding Progress on the Orem Utah Temple

Construction workers at the Orem Utah Temple continue to clad the first level of the temple in ornamented granite panels. Work has begun on attaching hanging brackets to the second level, and plastic sheeting has been put up to cover the window openings on the second and third floors. A steel roof deck has been installed on the maintenance building, and brick layers are making progress on the exterior of the meetinghouse.

Cladding of the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple Completed

Cladding of the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple in ornamented stone has been completed. An intricate lined pattern is featured on the facade between the first and second floor windows. The location of the inscription stones, just beneath the tower, is currently covered. Members are organized into 48 stakes in the Lima metropolitan area. A second temple in the city will help alleviate demands on the 36-year-old Lima Peru Temple.

Tickets Available for the Washington D.C. Temple Open House

Tickets are now available for the public open house of the Washington D.C. Temple to be held Thursday, April 28, through Saturday, June 4, 2022, excluding Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The tours are free of charge, and people of all ages, faiths, and no faith are welcome to come inside. The temple will be open to the public for the first time in nearly 50 years for just over five weeks. Come & See!

Exterior Cladding of Columbus Ohio Temple Nearly Completed

The masonry crew at the Columbus Ohio Temple has finished cladding the entrance vestibule, leaving only the steeple pedestal to be clad. Stained-glass windows with transparent glass covers continue to be installed, and landscaping efforts are progressing. On the east of the temple, fresh topsoil has been spread and a concrete base has been poured for the fence posts.

Alabang Philippines Temple Reaches New Heights

The concrete exterior walls of the Alabang Philippines Temple have reached new heights, as seen from the sidewalk along Filinvest City's Corporate Avenue. Steel bar has been set for the top section of wall, but the shuttering has not yet been installed. The east side of the temple features a series of narrow windows that will bring natural light to the rooms and spaces on the first and second floors.

Nighttime View of the McAllen Texas Temple

Flood lights were recently set up at the construction site for the McAllen Texas Temple, giving a preview of how the temple may look once the permanent exterior lighting system is installed and operating. The monument sign has been installed facing the intersection of W Trenton Rd and N Col Rowe Blvd. Across the street from the temple is a meandering hike and bike trail that offers beautiful views of the temple.

Framing for Steeple Pedestal Begins on the Deseret Peak Utah Temple

Heavy framing of all three floors of the Deseret Peak Utah Temple is finished, and the first four columns of the steeple pedestal have been secured. Installation of the steel floor decks is progressing at various stages on all three levels. The foundation walls have been waterproofed and the majority have been backfilled. Steel framing has begun on the portico arches at the entrance to the building.

2021: The Most Temple Announcements Made in One Year

The most temple announcements made in a single year was achieved in 2021. President Russell M. Nelson announced plans to construct temples in 34 locations throughout the world. Announcements were made at the April and October general conferences and at a special press conference for the Manti Utah Temple. The beginning of construction was marked by groundbreaking events for 12 temples. And dedications were held for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple and the Pocatello Idaho Temple. The renovated Mesa Arizona Temple was also rededicated.

Inscription Stones Added to the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple

Underneath the arched opening that frames the entrance to the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple, the inscription stones have been attached. The blue lines across the facade mark the location of the panels that read: Santitad al Señor – La Casa del Señor. The sheet of wood beneath the stones will be replaced with a transom window and grill insert matching the ornamental grills over the entrance doors.

Progress on the Entrance Plaza at the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple

Work is progressing on the expansive entrance plaza for the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple, which will be anchored by a three-tier cascading water feature and flanked by square planters and rows of trees. Concrete-clad posts are being installed for the ornamental fencing that will enclose the grounds closest to the temple. Curved driveways on either side of the building will provide drop-off zones for those giving rides to the temple.

Hong Kong China Temple in the Late Stages of Renovation

The Hong Kong China Temple has entered the late stages of an extensive three-year renovation. Trees have been planted in the enclosed grounds, which will offer a park-like retreat for patrons and guests. The exterior has been replaced, incorporating new ornamentation and enhancing protection against moisture. Finish work is underway on the interior, which will feature new furniture and artwork throughout. And staffing positions are being filled.

Cladding Progress on the Brasília Brazil Temple

New photographs of the Brasília Brazil Temple show the progress being made on the white stone cladding that now covers the main body of the temple. The temple complex sits at the convergence of Via L2 Norte and Via L3 Norte—both six-lane motorways with grassy tree-lined medians. Hardscaping of the temple grounds is well underway including parking areas, driveways, walkways, planters, and retaining walls.

Steeple Pedestal Installed on the Taylorsville Utah Temple

The white paneled pedestal for the steeple of the Taylorsville Utah Temple was lifted into place today at the center of the pitched roof. In preparation for the event, welders have been hard at work securing the steel frame where the structure sits. Scaffolding has been removed from the northeast corner of the temple revealing the handsome cream-colored stone that has been installed.

Richmond Virginia Temple: A Monument to the Lord

The Richmond Virginia Temple continues to be constructed as an enduring monument to the Lord. Cladding of the architrave that sits atop the capitals of the portico columns has been completed. It will be followed by cladding of the frieze where the Holiness to the Lord inscription will be located, proclaiming the sacred structure as the House of the Lord.

Landscaping Progress at the Feather River California Temple

A Christmas Day photograph of the Feather River California Temple shows the progress that has been made on the entrance plaza. The concrete slab has been poured around the planters, some shrubbery has been planted, and lamp posts and gate posts have been installed. Scaffolding remains around the steeple, which has yet to be completed.

Foundation Installed for the Tallahassee Florida Temple

A view of the Tallahassee Florida Temple site from across Thomasville Road (U.S. Route 319) shows the retaining walls that have been installed along the edge of the property and the foundation walls for the temple that have been poured near the center. The concrete foundation is supported by long cylindrical piers. The temple is anticipated to serve members from the Florida Panhandle and portions of Georgia and Alabama.
Abidjan Ivory Coast Temple
Plastering and painting the exterior walls; interior work underway; hardscaping the temple grounds
Richmond Virginia Temple
Excavating for entrance plaza footings; constructing driveway entrance; stone cladding of temple nearing completion
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Interior work progressing
Bangkok Thailand Temple
Cladding nearly completed; interior framing and system installation progressing
Mendoza Argentina Temple
Concrete poured for parapet; heavy framing in place for mechanical level; forms set for steeple pedestal; attaching vapor barrier to exterior walls
Tokyo Japan Temple
18th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; completed; public open house and rededication to be announced when large public gatherings deemed safe
Casper Wyoming Temple
Structural fill placed for temple pad; piers drilled and poured for ancillary building foundation
Helena Montana Temple
Interior work underway
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; installing windows; building west end extension; landscaping north side; interior work underway
Deseret Peak Utah Temple
Framing the steeple
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple
Foundation work underway
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Interior work progressing
McAllen Texas Temple
Monument sign installed; interior work underway
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Structural steel framing underway
Yigo Guam Temple
Preparing for public open house
Okinawa Japan Temple
Exterior walls in place; building the steeple walls
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Exterior cladding underway; interior framing progressing
Orem Utah Temple
Spire and finial installed; sheathing completed; stone cladding continues; meetinghouse framed
Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple
Inscription stones installed
Lima Peru Temple
38th dedicated temple in operation
Washington D.C. Temple
16th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; preparing for public open house
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; installing stained-glass windows; cladding inner walls of entry
Alabang Philippines Temple
Exterior walls rising
McAllen Texas Temple
Monument sign installed; interior work underway
Deseret Peak Utah Temple
Framing the steeple
Manti Utah Temple
3rd dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; design plans and approvals continue
Mesa Arizona Temple
7th dedicated temple in operation
Pocatello Idaho Temple
170th dedicated temple in operation
Winnipeg Manitoba Temple
169th dedicated temple in operation
San Juan Puerto Rico Temple
Inscription stones installed; exterior painted; landscaping and interior work progressing
Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
Landscaping and interior work progressing; stained-glass installation underway
Hong Kong China Temple
48th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; interior renovations underway; exterior cladding completed
Brasília Brazil Temple
Cladding the exterior in stone; hardscaping of the grounds underway
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Steeple pedestal installed; cladding at northeast corner revealed; sheathing damp proofed
Richmond Virginia Temple
Excavating for entrance plaza footings; constructing driveway entrance; stone cladding of temple nearing completion
Feather River California Temple
Preparing for the installation of the angel Moroni statue and the steeple on the meetinghouse
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Structural steel framing underway