Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Angel Moroni Added to the Richmond Virginia Temple

Just a day after the steeple was secured to the Richmond Virginia Temple, a fiberglass statue of the angel Moroni was attached to the top of the spire. Coated in gold leaf, the heralding figure beautifully reflects the light of the sun while calling to those who seek the light of the Son, Jesus Christ. The trumpeting angel is regarded as a symbol of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ in these latter days.

June Groundbreaking Announced for the Tallahassee Florida Temple

The First Presidency has announced that ground will be broken for the Tallahassee Florida Temple in June 2021. Elder James B. Martino, North America Southeast Area President, will preside at the invitation-only event. The single-story, 29,000-square-foot temple will be constructed on a 4.97-acre site at 2440 Papillion Way in Tallahassee. The addition of a distribution center for Church products and materials will also be part of the project. Photographs from the services will be shared after the event.

Richmond Virginia Temple Steeple Installed

The beautifully proportioned steeple of the Richmond Virginia Temple was installed today, significantly adding to the height of the building. Cladding is making steady progress on the south side while framing has been completed for the grounds building that sits southeast of the temple near the meetinghouse. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are being roughed in for all of the buildings.

Stone Cladding Begins at the Columbus Ohio Temple

The installation of stone cladding has begun at the northeast corner of the Columbus Ohio Temple. A dark granite course runs along the base of the building while a light stone will cover the rest of the exterior. Plywood sheathing has been attached to the rebuilt vestibule at the entrance to the temple, and the window openings have been framed. The concrete block walls for the on-site maintenance building are in place with interior framing yet to be done.

Building the Brasília Brazil Temple Tower

Rising over the concrete roof slab for the Brasília Brazil Temple is the framing for the central tower. The sectioned body of the temple now looms over the construction fence along Via L2 Norte. The concrete structures for the on-site accommodation center and meetinghouse are also nearing completion. The temple complex sits near Parque Olhos D'Água—a recreation venue offering shaded walking trails, a lake, and bird watching.

Installing the Spire Frames Atop the Bangkok Thailand Temple

The structural framing for the main body of the Bangkok Thailand Temple has been completed, leaving only the installation of the steel frames for the nine spires that will decorate the top of the building—a central spire surrounded by two spires on each of the four sides. The first two frames were installed for the spires on the north side followed by the large frame for the spire in the center. The attachment of precast concrete exterior panels is progressing to the second and third floors of the temple. A breezeway has been constructed in the courtyard between the temple and multipurpose building, which is also being clad in concrete panels. Watch a video update on the construction progress.

Site Cleared for the Bengaluru India Temple

A recent satellite view of the Bengaluru India Temple shows the cleared site for the temple and multipurpose building. The stake center and service center that previously occupied the property have been razed and removed. A construction barrier has been erected around the perimeter of the grounds, and heavy machinery is advancing the site preparation efforts.

Cladding the North Side of the Layton Utah Temple

Panel installers at the Layton Utah Temple are making quick work of attaching precast concrete stone to the north side of the building, featuring three-story arches between sturdy pilasters that will eventually hold custom stained-glass windows. Framing of the interior rooms is well underway, and damp proofing of the concrete exterior walls continues. A concrete-block grounds building is also under construction.

Landscaping the St. George Utah Temple Grounds

Hard landscaping of the east plaza at the St. George Utah Temple is underway. Concrete walkways have been poured in front of the temple with an oval opening where a basin will sit to catch water from the tiered fountain. Just west of the visitors' center, trees have been planted along the new walkways that lead to the east plaza from 500 South. Most of the windows openings on the east side are currently uncovered, providing easy access for materials to reach the crew inside.

Site Preparation Underway for the Mendoza Argentina Temple

Heavy machinery at the Mendoza Argentina Temple site is preparing the ground for construction. Vegetation, rocks, and debris are being cleared while rough grading equipment contours the property. Excavation and leveling has begun for the temple and its auxiliary facilities. The temple will be the fourth constructed in Argentina. A fifth has been announced for Bahía Blanca.

Scaffolding Removed from the Pocatello Idaho Temple

Stack after stack of scaffolding sits in staging areas around the Pocatello Idaho Temple, having just been removed from the fully clad building. Mounds of compost are being delivered to the grounds for conditioning and preparation of the soil for soft landscaping that will be planted over the next few months. A few more art glass windows have been installed, but work is largely focused on the interior. Today marks the 191st anniversary of the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Twenty Temple Locations Announced on Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday at the conclusion of the 191st Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson announced plans to construct 20 new temples in the following locations: Oslo, Norway; Brussels, Belgium; Vienna, Austria; Kumasi, Ghana; Beira, Mozambique; Cape Town, South Africa; Singapore, Republic of Singapore; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Calí, Colombia; Querétaro, México; Torreón, México; Helena, Montana; Casper, Wyoming; Grand Junction, Colorado; Farmington, New Mexico; Burley, Idaho; Eugene, Oregon; Elko, Nevada; Yorba Linda, California; and Smithfield, Utah.

Steel Framing Rises at the Bentonville Arkansas Temple Site

The sun sets on a productive construction day at the Bentonville Arkansas Temple site where steel columns and beams are being assembled to form the frame of the building. Foam board insulation is being attached to the waterproofed foundation walls, and a floor deck has been installed over the basement.

Backfilling the Taylorsville Utah Temple Foundation

A view of the Taylorsville Utah Temple from the rear side of the building clearly shows the progress on the curved mechanical enclosure and basement, which has been recently covered with a corrugated steel floor deck. Many of the foundation walls have been backfilled as focus turns to framing the temple superstructure. On the west side of the basement, next to the parking facility, an elevator shaft can been seen where patrons coming from underground can be lifted to the main level recommend desk.

Building the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple Tower

The four corners for the body of the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple tower are being constructed while work continues on attaching moldings to the exterior walls and coating them in preparation for paint. The large residential towers that stand behind the temple property have recently been painted white with a red trim along the top.

Foundation Walls Completed for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple

The precisely cast foundation walls for the Red Cliffs Utah Temple have been completed, and the west side has been partially backfilled. Forms have been set for a below-grade mechanical enclosure, and the first forms for the main level walls are rising above the excavation area on the south side. A concrete column just inside the west wall will provide support for the main floor baptistry.

Front Steps Poured for the Yigo Guam Temple

The beautiful lines of the Yigo Guam Temple are accentuated by new concrete staircases and planters at the entrance to the building. The front doors and transom window have been installed, but the ornamental grills have not yet been inserted over the glass. A few more windows remain to be installed in the body of the temple, and the cavity for the cornerstone will remain open until the cornerstone ceremony is held.

A Video Tribute to the Urdaneta Philippines Temple Crew

A newly published video by the Philippines Area provides highlights of the touching tribute to the construction crew of the Urdaneta Philippines Temple who recently achieved two-million accident-free man hours. Elder Taniela B. Wakolo, Area President, spoke at the celebration. The video features sweeping aerial passes over the construction site and fun warm-up routines performed by the crew.

Pouring the Main Floor Slab for the Puebla Mexico Temple

A concrete crew smooths the newly poured floor slab for the Puebla Mexico Temple. Columns of rebar surround the slab, which will provide reinforcement for the concrete exterior walls that have yet to poured. Behind the temple, structural framing is underway for the on-site meetinghouse.

Preparing to Pour the Font Support Walls at the Orem Utah Temple

A ring of steel bar in the basement of the Orem Utah Temple is ready for forms and concrete to cast the circular walls that will support the weighty baptismal font. The steel infrastructure for the temple is being assembled over the basement and the recently completed footings for the main level. A corrugated steel floor deck has been installed over the basement walls, in preparation for the main floor slab that will be poured.

Forms Removed from the Moses Lake Washington Temple Foundation

Forms have been removed from the reinforced concrete composing the basement and foundation for the Moses Lake Washington Temple. The steel bar rising from the concrete will create as a solid connection between the foundation and the main level walls. The temple will be the fourth for the state of Washington with the other three located in Seattle, Spokane, and the Tri-Cities.

Cladding of the Feather River California Temple Moving Quickly

Cladding of the main body of the Feather River California Temple with precast wall panels is nearly finished, leaving just the steeple and mechanical level on the roof. The beautiful temple will be joining a wide variety of houses of worship found throughout the diverse Yuba City region. A newly created video gives an introduction of the temple to interested members of the community.

Assembling the Richmond Virginia Temple Steeple

On the north side of the Richmond Virginia Temple, the steeple is being assembled in a staging area. The pedestal for the steeple has been constructed on the west end of the building over the entrance. Framing is making steady progress inside of the temple, and cladding continues on the south side including the installation of hanging brackets where the stone panels are attached.

Inscription Stones Installed at the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple

The inscription stones that sit over the front portico of the Saratoga Springs Utah Temple have been installed, bearing the sacred words: Holiness to the Lord ♢ The House of the Lord. Cladding of the entrance structure was recently completed while cladding of the steeple continues. The Red Cliffs Utah Temple, under construction in St. George, will share a floor plan similar to the plan for the temple in Saratoga Springs.

Scaffolding Removed from the St. George Utah Temple Tower

Scaffolding has come down from the steeple of the St. George Utah Temple, giving a better view of the recently installed black cupola. Crew members are forming the walkways and landscape structures that will surround the temple while others are digging up the road in front of the building to access utility runs underneath. Numerous trees have been delivered but not yet planted.

Ground Leveled Around the McAllen Texas Temple

Construction of the McAllen Texas Temple remains below grade with work advancing on the foundations and utility runs for the temple and the meetinghouse located behind it. The ground around the temple has been leveled and staked, marking key locations for the landscaping. The temple will be oriented toward the intersection of of Trenton Road and 2nd Street.

Temple Reopening Updates Announced for April

During the month of April, 39 temples will begin Phase 2-B of reopening with 17 temples in the United States and the United Kingdom beginning April 12, and 22 temples in the United States, Canada, and Bolivia beginning April 26. Also on April 12, these seven temples will begin Phase 3 of reopening: Aba Nigeria Temple, Accra Ghana Temple, Durban South Africa Temple, Fukuoka Japan Temple, Johannesburg South Africa Temple, Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple, and Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple. The Manila Philippines Temple will pause operations this week.

Deseret Peak Utah Temple Conditional Use Permit

Following a public hearing on Wednesday, March 24, the Tooele City Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of an application for a conditional use permit for the Deseret Peak Utah Temple site. If the City Council follows the recommendation of the commission, approval will be granted for use of the 17-acre site at the west end of 2400 North for construction of the 70,000-square-foot temple and 20,000-square-foot meetinghouse with plentiful parking and landscaping.

Installation of the Layton Utah Temple Walls Panels Underway

The first precast stone wall panels were installed today along the base of the north side of the Layton Utah Temple near the east end. These first panels have been cast as pilasters that will separate the columns of windows running the length of the temple's north and south sides. A crane is used to lift the hefty objects from the beds of trucks to the structural frame of the temple.

Exacavation for the Salt Lake Temple Annex and Tunnel

On the north side of the Salt Lake Temple, the round opening can be seen for the tunnel that will connect the below-ground temple entrance to the Conference Center parking garage. In front of the opening is a square-shaped excavation for the base of another tower crane. On the east side, demolition continues at the Church Office Building plaza where conveyor belts have been lined up to carry debris to an awaiting excavator and dump truck. Replacement of the temple roof with a temporary roof is about halfway finished.
Richmond Virginia Temple
Angel Moroni installed on April 13, 2021; stone cladding underway on south side of temple; roughing in utility runs
Tallahassee Florida Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony
Richmond Virginia Temple
Angel Moroni installed on April 13, 2021; stone cladding underway on south side of temple; roughing in utility runs
Columbus Ohio Temple
60th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; waterproofing the exterior wood sheathing; deliveries of stone underway
Brasília Brazil Temple
Framing the temple tower; concrete frames for accommodation center and meetinghouse nearing completion
Bangkok Thailand Temple
Setting steel frames for spires atop the temple; Installing precast concrete panels on second and third floors
Bengaluru India Temple
Stake center and service center razed; site clearing and preparation underway
Layton Utah Temple
Installation of precast wall panels underway on north side of temple
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; pouring concrete walkways and planters, placing boulders, and planting trees; interior demolition of temple underway; preparations for west addition continue
Mendoza Argentina Temple
Site clearing and rough grading underway
Pocatello Idaho Temple
Scaffolding removed; cladding of exterior completed; art glass installation progressing; millwork and other interior work advancing
Bentonville Arkansas Temple
Structural framing underway
Taylorsville Utah Temple
Structural framing for superstructure underway; pouring main level footings; installing support columns for parking facility
San Juan Puerto Rico Temple
Plastering exterior walls; building tower base
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Wall forms going up for main level
Yigo Guam Temple
Front stairs and landscape structures installed; front doors in place; window installation progressing
Urdaneta Philippines Temple
Scaffolding erected around the exteriors of the temple and accommodation center; interior framing progressing
Puebla Mexico Temple
Pouring main floor slab; columns of rebar set for exterior walls; framing for the meetinghouse underway
Orem Utah Temple
Structural steel framing underway
Moses Lake Washington Temple
Foundation walls in place
Feather River California Temple
Attaching precast concrete panels to exterior
Richmond Virginia Temple
Angel Moroni installed on April 13, 2021; stone cladding underway on south side of temple; roughing in utility runs
Red Cliffs Utah Temple
Wall forms going up for main level
Saratoga Springs Utah Temple
Attaching panels to the steeple; framing the interior
St. George Utah Temple
1st dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; pouring concrete walkways and planters, placing boulders, and planting trees; interior demolition of temple underway; preparations for west addition continue
McAllen Texas Temple
Foundation and utility work underway
Aba Nigeria Temple
121st dedicated temple in operation
Accra Ghana Temple
117th dedicated temple in operation
Durban South Africa Temple
168th dedicated temple in operation
Fukuoka Japan Temple
88th dedicated temple in operation
Johannesburg South Africa Temple
36th dedicated temple in operation
Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple
163rd dedicated temple in operation
Manila Philippines Temple
29th dedicated temple in operation
Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple
99th dedicated temple in operation
Deseret Peak Utah Temple
Preparing for groundbreaking ceremony; seeking conditional use permit from City Council
Layton Utah Temple
Installation of precast wall panels underway on north side of temple
Salt Lake Temple
4th dedicated temple in operation; closed for renovation; removing stones from top of temple; preparing for tunnel between Conference Center parking and underground temple entrance; demolishing Church Office Building plaza fountain