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Planning and approval phase; site location announced; exterior rendering released; groundbreaking not announced
Cali Colombia Temple

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Calle 50 Norte and Avenida 4a Norte
La Flora


4 April 2021


3.14 acres  |  1.3 hectares

Architectural Features: 

Single attached central tower

Ordinance Rooms: 

One instruction room, one sealing room, and one baptistry

Total Floor Area: 

9,500 square feet  |  883 square meters


3,167 feet  |  965 meters

Construction Status

The Cali Colombia Temple is currently in the planning stages. No groundbreaking date has been announced.

Temple Rendering

On September 23, 2021, an official exterior rendering of the Cali Colombia Temple was released.

Temple Site

The Cali Colombia Temple will be built on a 3.14-acre site in the La Flora neighborhood of Cali. Plans call for a single-story temple of approximately 9,500 square feet.1

Temple Announcement

On April 4, 2021, President Russell M. Nelson announced plans to construct the Cali Colombia Temple at the 191st Annual General Conference. The Cali Colombia Temple will be the country’s third temple. Colombia is home to around 210,000 Latter-day Saints in nearly 250 congregations. The Bogotá Colombia Temple was dedicated in 1999. The Barranquilla Colombia Temple was dedicated in 2018. Missionary work began in Colombia in 1966. The first members of the Church lived in Cali and Bogotá. Cali is the second largest city in Colombia.2

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