Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Temples Under Construction

There are currently 53 temples that are under construction. Once each temple is completed, it will be opened to the public for an open house before being dedicated for ordinance work.

Preparing for public open house beginning 14 October 2022
Preparing for public open house beginning 22 October 2022
Preparing for public open house beginning 1 December 2022
Construction fence removed but grounds not open; front doors installed; parking lots striped
Construction nearing completion; landscaping progressing
Installing stained-glass windows; soft landscaping being planted; installing millwork on the interior
Installing carpet, light fixtures, and stained glass; baptismal font oxen installed
Landscaping and interior work progressing
Exterior completed; landscaping and interior work progressing
Planting soft landscaping; interior work progressing
Scaffolding being removed; interior work underway
Cladding of steeple underway; landscaping progressing; meetinghouse exterior completed
Planting trees and other soft landscaping; installing stained glass; interior work progressing
Stone cladding and landscaping underway
Interior work progressing; landscaping of the grounds underway
Stone cladding completed; scaffolding coming down; interior work underway
Planting trees; stone cladding progressing; interior work advancing
Cladding the exterior; hardscaping the grounds
Entrance plaza palm trees planted; curbing poured for east parking lot; installing ornamental fence; interior work progressing
Header window panels installed; plastering and painting the exterior walls; interior work underway; landscaping the temple grounds
Stone cladding underway; steeple sheathed; glass installed; interior work progressing
Cladding the exterior walls; installing hardscape; interior work underway
Modules arriving on site; ancillary building brickwork completed with interior nearly finished
Hardscaping the grounds; preparing to install moldings on exterior walls of temple; meetinghouse exterior completed
Installing window frames; landscape walls faced with ledgerock; A/C units used to decrease humidity inside temple
Stone cladding and window installation underway; framing the steeple walls
Vapor barrier attached to exterior walls; exterior cladding underway
Spire frame installed; light framing and sheathing underway
Roof and steeple frame coated
Sheathing and damp proofing the exterior walls; installing window frames
Sheathing and cladding underway; hardscaping the grounds
Building the structural walls for the temple and ancillary building
Building the foundation
Scaffolding erected for exterior wall finishes; spire frame installed
Framing the temple steeple; building ancillary structures; hardscaping underway
Forming foundation footings
Building structural walls and floors
Building concrete block structural walls
Building the foundation
Building the foundation
Setting rebar for the structural walls of the temple and meetinghouse
Building the exterior walls
Foundation poured and cured; preparing to strip concrete forms
Tying rebar for the temple basement footings
Constructing structural walls for the temple and meetinghouse; framing roofs for housing buildings
Building the substructure for the temple and ancillary building
Site cleared; tower crane installed
Construction barrier erected; site preparation activities underway
Excavation and site preparation underway
Groundbreaking ceremony held on 11 December 2021; full-scale construction pending
Groundbreaking ceremony held on 19 March 2022; full-scale construction pending
Groundbreaking ceremony held on 18 June 2022; full-scale construction pending
Groundbreaking ceremony held on 20 August 2022; full-scale construction pending