Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Temples Under Construction

There are currently 44 temples that are under construction. Once each temple is completed, it will be opened to the public for an open house before being dedicated for ordinance work.

Preparing for public open house
Completed; public open house and dedication not yet announced
Completed; public open house and dedication not yet announced
Final stages of construction; adding soft landscaping to the temple grounds
Exterior painted; landscaping the grounds; interior work progressing
Exterior lighting tests underway; landscaping nearing completion; interior work progressing
East lawn sod laid; stained-glass installation started; landscaping and interior work progressing
Interior work underway
Plastering and painting the exterior walls; interior work underway; hardscaping the temple grounds
Stone cladding of temple nearing completion; exterior of meetinghouse completed; majority of parking lots paved
Delivery and planting of trees underway; flowerbeds around the temple being constructed
Exterior cladding completed; enclosing temple to focus on interior work
Hardscaping the temple grounds; installing lamp posts; monument sign panels installed; cupola frame covered in plywood and wrapped in weather barrier
Walls and floors poured
Precast stone cladding completed; framing interior; hardscaping the grounds and planting trees
Cladding of the nine spires underway; interior framing and system installation progressing
Site clearing and leveling underway
Stone cladding underway; damp proofing the exterior walls; sheathing the mechanical level
Exterior cladding well underway; transparent glass installed
Scaffolding erected around steeple; sheathing of upper levels continues; cladding the main level in stone; framing meetinghouse
Underground parking facility completed; light framing, sheathing, and cladding continue
Cladding of exterior progressing; installing doors; hanging drywall on interior
Roof framed; attaching vapor barrier to exterior concrete walls
Cladding the exterior in stone; installing window frames; pouring curbing and sidewalks
Steeple frame installed; framing interior; installing windows
Exterior cladding underway; interior framing progressing
Rebar set for the steeple base
Heavy framing progressing
Exterior walls rising
Building the parapet, mechanical level, and base structure for steeple
Full-scale construction pending
Building the foundation
Pouring the foundation
Heavy framing underway
Installing the footings and foundation
Structural steel framing underway
Stake center and service center razed; site clearing and preparation underway
Setting rebar for exterior walls
Digging utility trenches; preparing for footings
Excavating and drilling for foundation
Excavation for foundation underway
Groundbreaking ceremony held on 11 September 2021
Groundbreaking ceremony held on 11 September 2021
Groundbreaking ceremony held on 30 October 2021