Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Puebla Mexico Temple

Planning and approval phase; awaiting official site announcement




7 October 2018

Construction Status

The Puebla Mexico Temple is currently in the planning stages. No groundbreaking date has been announced.

Temple Rendering

Renderings of the Puebla Mexico Temple and site plan have not yet been publicly released.

Temple Site

No site location has been officially announced for the Puebla Mexico Temple, but local members report that a large parcel of land in the northwestern section of the city is under construction. The property sits two miles south of a highway interchange, just north of the shopping mall Galerías Serdán.

Temple Announcement

Mexico's fourteenth temple was announced on October 7, 2018, by President Russell M. Nelson at the close of the 188th Semiannual General Conference. The Puebla Mexico Temple will join the Mexico City Mexico Temple (1983), Colonia Juárez Chihuahua Mexico Temple (1999), Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple (2000), Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Temple (2000), Oaxaca Mexico Temple (2000), Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mexico Temple (2000), Tampico Mexico Temple (2000), Villahermosa Mexico Temple (2000), Mérida Mexico Temple (2000), Veracruz Mexico Temple (2000), Guadalajara Mexico Temple (2001), Monterrey Mexico Temple (2002), and Tijuana Mexico Temple (2015). There are eleven stakes and two districts in the state of Puebla, located just east of Mexico City. Mexico is home to nearly 1.5 million Latter-day Saints.1

Temple Facts

The Puebla Mexico Temple will be the fourteenth temple built in Mexico.

  1. "Twelve Temples Announced as October 2018 General Conference Closes," The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints News Release, 7 Oct. 2018.

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