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Installing Roof Tiles on the Puebla Mexico Temple

Barrel roof tiles are making their way across the pitched sections of roof on top of the Puebla Mexico Temple, and black sheeting has been draped across the front walls, likely in preparation for exterior cladding. On the right side of the entrance opening, a small cavity is visible where a time capsule will be placed behind a cornerstone that is inscribed with the year the temple was dedicated.

Roof Deck Installed on the Puebla Mexico Temple

Several Puebla skyscrapers are seen on the horizon of a recent photograph of the Puebla Mexico Temple. The roof deck has been attached to the frames, located at each corner of the building, while a large amount of work is being carried out inside. A glimpse of the meetinghouse behind the temple is also visible. The steeple has been installed, and the exterior appears to be complete.

Cupola Frame Installed on the Puebla Mexico Temple

The steel frames for the cupola and lantern have been fastened to the top of the steeple frame for the Puebla Mexico Temple. The window openings have been boarded to enclose the interior, and the roof deck is being attached to the frame. It is currently the only temple in Mexico under construction, but site locations and renderings have been released for the Torreón Mexico Temple and the Querétaro Mexico Temple.

Attaching a Vapor Barrier to the Puebla Mexico Temple

Heavy framing for the Puebla Mexico Temple has been completed including the roof trusses at each corner of the building. Crews are damp proofing the concrete roof and exterior walls with a sealer and vapor barrier. On the west side of the building, a narrow staircase can be seen, which provides access to the mechanical equipment in the basement without having to pass through the temple proper.

Steeple Frame Installed for the Puebla Mexico Temple

A recent photograph of the Puebla Mexico Temple captures a volcanic emission hanging in the distance over Popocatépetl, one of Mexico's most active volcanoes. The towering peak stands in congruence with the rising tower frame over the temple entrance. Framing is also underway for the pitched roof at each of the four corners of the building. The temple in Puebla will be the country's fourteenth. A rendering was recently released for the fifteenth temple in Torreón.

Building the Roof of the Puebla Mexico Temple

With the structural frame for the body of the Puebla Mexico Temple in place, framing has begun on the pitched roof that will cover each of the four corners of the building. At the center of each side, a flat-roof tower will rise with a full steeple over the main entrance. The temple will be the fourteenth in Mexico with two more in the planning stages: the Querétaro Mexico Temple and the Torreón Mexico Temple.

Building the Puebla Mexico Temple Tower Frame

The steel frame for the main tower and steeple of the Puebla Mexico Temple is rising over the entrance to the building. Shorter, steeple-less towers are also being built over the baptistry wing, the sealing room wing, and the Celestial Room at the center rear of the temple. The building frame is a combination of concrete and heavy steel. The majority of the concrete walls has been poured, and work has begun on installing the roof deck.

Puebla Mexico Temple Structure Taking Shape

Crews at the Puebla Mexico Temple are erecting the steel frame and structural concrete for the building. A tower-like projection over the rear side of the temple will accommodate a raised ceiling in the Celestial Room. Installation of the roof deck has also begun over the instruction rooms. Behind the temple, rafters have been set in place for the roof of the meetinghouse.

Pouring the Main Floor Slab for the Puebla Mexico Temple

A concrete crew smooths the newly poured floor slab for the Puebla Mexico Temple. Columns of rebar surround the slab, which will provide reinforcement for the concrete exterior walls that have yet to poured. Behind the temple, structural framing is underway for the on-site meetinghouse.

Video of the Puebla Mexico Temple Site

Watch a video published last month of the beginning phases of construction of the Puebla Mexico Temple. With the help of a drone, video is captured of the excavation for the temple and a Church facility that will stand behind the temple. Construction trailers are parked in a staging area in front of the temple. Footage is also taken of the beautiful neighborhood that surrounds the site.

Construction of the Puebla Mexico Temple Begins in Earnest

Large-scale construction is underway on the Puebla Mexico Temple, following a delay of several months after last November's groundbreaking ceremony. A tower crane was assembled on site this week, and materials have been delivered to the staging areas. The temple is located near the Atoyac River across the street from a private golf course in the northwest section of the city.

Ground Broken for Mexico's 14th Temple

Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela, president of the Mexico Area, presided today at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Puebla Mexico Temple with his wife, Silvia Pilar Valenzuela; his counselors, Elder Rafael E. Pino and John C. Pingree Jr.; and their wives, Patricia Mónica Pino and Anne Pingree. The temple will be constructed in the Puebla neighborhood of Los Cipreses and serve more than 50,000 members. Elder Valenzuela explained the significance of the temple, saying it is a holy place where we can go and perform the ordinances and sacred covenants that allow us, if we are faithful to the end, to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father.

Groundbreaking Announced for the Puebla Mexico Temple

Construction of the Puebla Mexico Temple will formally begin on Saturday, November 30, 2019. Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela, president of the Mexico Area, will preside at the groundbreaking ceremony. Attendance at the temple site will be by invitation with the services being transmitted via internet to stake centers in the proposed temple district.