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85th dedicated temple in operation
Villahermosa Mexico Temple

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Avenida 27 de Febrero #1717
Colonia Atasta de Serra
86100  Villahermosa, Tabasco
Telephone:  (+52) 993-352-2028


NO clothing rental available
NO cafeteria food served
NO patron housing available
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30 October 1998

Groundbreaking and Site Dedication: 

9 January 1999 by Richard E. Turley Sr.

Public Open House: 

9–13 May 2000


21 May 2000 by Thomas S. Monson


1.36 acres  |  0.6 hectares

Exterior Finish: 

Blanco Guardiano white marble from Torreón, Mexico

Architectural Features: 

Single attached spire with an angel Moroni statue

Ordinance Rooms: 

Two instruction rooms (two-stage progressive), two sealing rooms, and one baptistry

Total Floor Area: 

10,700 square feet  |  994 square meters


71 feet  |  21.6 meters


62 feet  |  19 meters

Temple History

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Villahermosa Mexico Temple was held on the same day as the groundbreaking ceremony for the Ciudad Juárez Mexico Temple.

The Villahermosa Mexico Temple was dedicated on the same day as the Nashville Tennessee Temple.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

The site of the Villahermosa Mexico Temple is located near the coast of Mexico's isthmus in a Mesoamerica region where ancient ruins are found in abundance. The area is often referred to as a Book of Mormon land; many believe that temples existed there anciently.

Elder Richard E. Turley Sr. of the Seventy and first counselor in the Mexico South Area presided at the groundbreaking ceremony. He spoke of his uncle, Harold E. Turley, who served several years before as a full-time regional representative of the Twelve with his wife, Ireta. The couple resided in a trailer on the site where the temple will soon be constructed. They dearly loved the people of the area.

Elder Turley testified that the Church is led by the Savior, Jesus Christ, who alone has the power to extend salvation to the living and the deceased. "This is why," Elder Turley said, "temples are, along with the atonement, the greatest gift to mankind, as well as the greatest tool to prepare the earth for the Second Coming of the Savior." He reminded leaders of the many responsibilities that lie ahead in order to prepare members so that they will be ready in about a year when the temple will be dedicated and will begin functioning. "Members must now develop within their homes a culture of temple attendance and participation. It is our hope that every member home in the temple district will eventually have a picture of the temple to remind them and their children of the opportunities that can be theirs. If you are faithful," Elder Turley said, "the spirituality of the members will increase. There will be a measurable impact on the whole community through the faithfulness of the people and the beauty of the temple and its surroundings."1

  1. Church News, 23 Jan. 1999.

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71st dedicated temple in operation
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