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Preaparing to Clad the West Face of the Columbus Ohio Temple

A lot of scaffolding has moved over the past few weeks at the Columbus Ohio Temple with cladding on three of the four sides of the building nearing completion, leaving the west face and steeple to be covered in stone. Damp proofing of the sheathing has been carried out on most of the west-facing surfaces, and hanging brackets are being attached in straight even rows. Highly qualified craftsmen are setting the stone including one who worked on the beautiful archways at the Nauvoo Illinois Temple and most recently set stone at the newly completed Pocatello Idaho Temple.

Grouting and Sealing Stone at the Columbus Ohio Temple

Although shipping delays have held up the delivery of more stone cladding, crews are making progress on the renovation of the Columbus Ohio Temple. Good weather has allowed grouting and sealing of the stones to progress, using boom lifts to position the skilled workers where needed. Inside the temple, mechanisms are being installed for lowering and lifting curtains and chandeliers. The stone tiles being laid around the baptismal font are absolutely beautiful, and the majority of the drywall has been hung now that the roof has been sealed. The temporary concrete pads on the grounds may be removed as early as October to begin grading and landscaping.

Cladding, Interior Framing Continues for the Columbus Ohio Temple

Wooden crates hold stone panels in a staging area near the entrance to the Columbus Ohio Temple. The cladding crew has been affixing stone to the exterior walls around the Celestial Room windows, using hanging brackets and epoxy to form a strong bond. Metal framing, ductwork, and fire suppression is nearly finished on the interior, but a tight seal on the roof must be achieved before dry wall installation begins. Window mounts that are designed to protect against moisture damage will soon be delivered, and the steeple is expected to be placed on the temple around the end of summer.

Steeple Assembly and Cladding at the Columbus Ohio Temple

The steeple for the Columbus Ohio Temple is bolted to a concrete pad on the grounds where it is being assembled over the next few months before installation. More shipments of stone have arrived, allowing cladding of the exterior to continue with the east face essentially finished and work moving to the north and south sides. Star-like magnolia blossoms are featured in the corners of new stone insets. Interior framing has been completed, and the baptismal font is ready to be tiled. The installation of plumbing, electrical, and fire suppression systems is well underway.

Turning a Corner at the Columbus Ohio Temple

Stone cladding has been installed across the majority of the east face of the Columbus Ohio Temple, and it is now wrapping around to the south end. The window openings have been covered in plastic sheeting to protect the interior. A Daikin chiller has been installed in a mechanical enclosure next to the maintenance building. The temple district currently covers 13 of the 14 stakes headquartered in Ohio.

Cladding Progress at the Columbus Ohio Temple

Precisely molded stone panels are turning the gray exterior of the Columbus Ohio Temple to a fresh white with subtle gray marble veining. Work began at the base of the northeast corner and is moving up and east along the rear face of the building. All of the window openings have been framed, and a temporary weather barrier has been attached to the wood sheathing that has not yet been coated with a waterproofing compound.

Stone Cladding Begins at the Columbus Ohio Temple

The installation of stone cladding has begun at the northeast corner of the Columbus Ohio Temple. A dark granite course runs along the base of the building while a light stone will cover the rest of the exterior. Plywood sheathing has been attached to the rebuilt vestibule at the entrance to the temple, and the window openings have been framed. The concrete block walls for the on-site maintenance building are in place with interior framing yet to be done.

Waterproofing the Exterior Walls of the Columbus Ohio Temple

Renovation of the Columbus Ohio Temple has been moving forward at a steady pace during the seven months that it has been closed. On the exterior, joints between the sheets of plywood sheathing are being filled, and a waterproofing product is being rolled over the top. Deliveries of stone are being made including a beautiful Spanish stone from Marmoles Gutierrez Mena, S.A. Some trees have been temporarily relocated for replanting during a later stage of construction. Worker facilities are being upgraded in anticipation of additional crews arriving.

Preparing Exterior Walls of Columbus Ohio Temple for Cladding

The attachment of wood sheathing to the exterior of the Columbus Ohio Temple has been completed, and a combination of wood and steel framing is visible for the pilasters that will add dimension and decoration to this House of the Lord. Scaffolding and tenting has been erected on the east side of the temple in anticipation of the marble cladding that will be arriving in the near future. Inside, the concrete floor slabs have been renewed and framing is underway. The monument sign has now been removed, which will be replaced with a new sign matching the stone facing on the temple.

Visitors Welcomed at the Columbus Ohio Temple

Visitors to the Columbus Ohio Temple renovation project are welcomed to stop by the information center, located inside the west door of the adjacent meetinghouse, where the serving missionary couple will provide information on the renovation and answer questions. (Please wear a mask or face covering.) The marble cladding has now been completely removed from the temple, and the framing crew is forming the pilasters that will decorate the exterior of the building.

Down to the Studs of the Columbus Ohio Temple

Little marble cladding remains on the exterior of the Columbus Ohio Temple, which is undergoing a complete renovation. The spire and entrance vestibule have been removed, and work has begun on replacing the wood framing with steel. The length of the steel studs will slightly increase the height of the temple. The monument sign remains in tact on the southeast side of the temple.

Cladding Coming Off the Columbus Ohio Temple

With the interior of the Columbus Ohio Temple dismantled, work has begun on removing the marble cladding from the exterior. The vestibule at the entrance to the temple was originally a canopy that stood over the main doors, but it was later enclosed to provide a space for patrons to escape the weather or wait for others in their party before approaching the recommend desk.

Angel Moroni Removed from the Columbus Ohio Temple

On Thursday, December 3, the angel Moroni that sits atop the spire of the Columbus Ohio Temple was removed and packaged for transportation to Salt Lake City for refurbishment. Renovation continues on the temple, which is expected to last 18 to 24 months. The statue is a representation of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ to the earth. It will be returned to the new spire during a later stage of construction.

Ornamental Fencing Removed from Columbus Ohio Temple Grounds

Renovation activity is increasing at the Columbus Ohio Temple where the construction crew has removed the white ornamental fence that surrounded the grounds. A replacement fence will be installed later in the project, which is depicted in the rendering as a short dark-colored fence. The temple was originally dedicated in 1999 and is expected to be rededicated in 2022.

Rendering of Columbus Ohio Temple Posted at Construction Site

A rendering of the renovated Columbus Ohio Temple has been posted to the construction barrier surrounding the site, revealing the exterior improvements planned for the temple including sculpted stone panels, floral-inspired art glass, and bronze accents. The temple closed nearly two months ago and is expected to reopen in late 2022.

Construction Fence Installed at the Columbus Ohio Temple

The Columbus Ohio Temple has been decommissioned, and a construction fence has been installed around the property as the general contractor begins the work of renovating the interior and exterior of the building. The angel Moroni statue, which currently faces east over the rear side of the temple, will be rotated to face the same direction as the temple entrance.

Columbus Ohio Temple Closes for Extensive Renovation

At the conclusion of ordinance work on Saturday, August 15, the Columbus Ohio Temple closed for a major renovation project that will last approximately two years. During the three weeks that the temple was open under Phase 2, well over 100 people were given the opportunity to attend the temple for the first time. The renovation will alter the interior and exterior of the temple in a similar fashion to recent renovations in Memphis, Oklahoma City, Raleigh, and Baton Rouge but with some distinct differences.

Columbus Ohio Temple to Close for Renovation

On August 15, 2020, the Columbus Ohio Temple will close for extensive renovation. It is currently closed temporarily, along with all other temples, due to COVID-19. During the renovation, members of the Church in the temple district are encouraged to attend the Indianapolis Indiana Temple and Detroit Michigan Temple. The temple is expected to reopen in late 2022, but specific dates and details will be announced as the renovation nears completion.