Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Vancouver British Columbia Temple

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedicated 2 May 2010
by Thomas S. Monson

Almighty God, our Eternal Father, in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, we bow before Thee this sacred and blessed day in prayer and thanksgiving.

We express deep gratitude that Thy Holy House has been completed and this glorious day of dedication has arrived. We pray that Thou wilt bless those faithful members here and around the world who have, through their tithes, made possible this magnificent edifice.

May all who enter the doors of Thy House be worthy to come as Thy guests and to enjoy Thy rich and bounteous blessings which are found here. The Plan of Salvation, taught in Thy temples with simplicity yet with power, will be as a never-failing beacon of divine light to guide our footsteps and keep us constantly on the pathway to eternal life.

As we do work for those who have passed from this life, may we be reminded of the inspired counsel of President Joseph F. Smith, who declared that "Through our efforts in their behalf, their chains of bondage will fall from them, and the darkness surrounding them will clear away, that light may shine upon them; and they shall hear in the spirit world of the work that has been done for them by their children here, and will rejoice."

Our Father, we seek to be like Thee. We seek to pattern our lives after the life of Thy Son, our Savior and Redeemer, who "went about doing good" and who set for us the perfect example. We desire righteousness for ourselves and for our children and our children''s children.

Bless the messengers of eternal truth who go out into the world. Protect and watch over them and lead them to those willing to hear, to believe and to embrace the Gospel of Thy Beloved Son. Bless all who enter the waters of baptism, that they may do so with resolution in their hearts to remain ever faithful to the covenants they make with Thee.

Bless Thy servants whom Thou hast called to stand as leaders in Thy Church in these last days. Grant unto them strength and vitality. Speak through them according to Thy divine will, and uphold them before the people.

We pray for the temple workers, for the presidency of the temple, for the matron and her assistants, and for all who will serve in any way. Bless them with joy in their hearts as they assist in Thy sacred work.

Bless Thy children throughout the world who know hunger, who have no shelter, and who face daily suffering. May we reach out to them in a spirit of love and true charity.

Our Father, we ask Thee to bless our youth, that they may stand firm for truth. Open wide to their view the gates of learning, of understanding and of service in Thy kingdom. Bless them with a lengthened view of their eternal possibilities.

Inasmuch as the family unit is under attack and things long held sacred are often ridiculed by the world, help us to be equal to our tasks, that our homes may be havens of peace, of love and of spirituality.

We express our gratitude for all who have participated in the preparations for this day of dedication, as well as for the open house event held earlier. We ask Thy blessings to attend that vast throng who walked within these sacred walls and felt stirring thoughts course through their minds and hearts. May the spirit of the temple continue with them.

And now, our Beloved Father, acting in the authority of the Holy Priesthood which Thou hast vested in us, and in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, we dedicate unto Thee and unto Thy Son this, the Vancouver British Columbia Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We dedicate it as a house of baptism, a house of endowment, a house of sealing, a house of righteousness — both for the living and for the dead.

Humbly we pray that Thou wilt accept this edifice and let Thy blessings be upon it. Let Thy spirit attend and guide all who officiate herein, that holiness will prevail in every room. May all who enter have clean hands and pure hearts. May their faith increase as they labor here for those who have gone before. May they depart with a feeling of peace, praising Thy holy name.

We dedicate the ground on which the temple stands. We dedicate the beautiful structure, from the unseen footings to the majestic figure of Moroni crowning its highest point. May the beauty of this edifice never be marred by careless or evil hands. May it stand strong against the winds and storms that will beat upon it. May it be a beacon of peace and a sanctuary of solace to those whose burdens are heavy and who seek Thy consoling comfort.

We dedicate the baptistry, all of the facilities for administering the sacred ordinances, the endowment rooms, the sealing rooms with their sacred altars, and the lovely celestial room, together with all ancillary facilities and the beautiful grounds with their lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs. Protect them from any devastating influence, destruction or defacement.

As we now dedicate this sacred edifice, we also rededicate our very lives to Thee and to Thy work. Shield us, we pray, from selfishness and sin and provide the power that we might rise above all that is sordid or below the dignity of Thy children.

We dedicate this temple as an abode for Thee and Thy Son. Let Thy glorious light ever shine upon it. Wilt Thou place Thy ratifying seal of approval upon this dedicatory service and upon all we have done and will do in this, Thy Holy House, which we now present to Thee.

O Holy Father, accept of our love. Let Thy blessings distill upon us as the dews from heaven. May we walk with faith, never faltering, in the testimonies which we carry in our hearts concerning Thee and Thy precious Son, our Redeemer. For all of this we humbly pray in His sacred name, even the name of Jesus Christ, amen.