Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple

Temple District

The Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple serves members from 43 stakes and 9 districts headquartered in Honduras and Nicaragua:

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Choloma Honduras Stake
Choluteca Honduras Porvenir Stake
Choluteca Honduras Stake
Comayagua Honduras Stake
Comayagüela Honduras Bulevar Stake
Comayaguela Honduras Country Stake
Comayaguela Honduras Stake
Comayagüela Honduras Torocagua Stake
Danli Honduras Stake
El Carmen Honduras Stake
El Merendón Honduras Stake
Fesitranh Honduras Stake
Juticalpa Honduras District
La Ceiba Honduras Miramar Stake
La Ceiba Honduras Stake
La Lima Honduras Stake
Monjaras Honduras District
Olanchito Honduras Stake
Palermo Honduras Stake
Potrerillos Honduras Stake
San Lorenzo Honduras District
San Pedro Honduras El Progreso Stake
San Pedro Sula Honduras Stake
Santa Rosa de Copan Honduras District
Satélite Honduras Stake
Tegucigalpa Honduras Guaymuras Stake
Tegucigalpa Honduras La Esperanza Stake
Tegucigalpa Honduras Loarque Stake
Tegucigalpa Honduras Roble Oeste Stake
Tegucigalpa Honduras Stake
Tegucigalpa Honduras Toncontín Stake
Tegucigalpa Honduras Uyuca Stake
Tegucigalpa Honduras Villa Olímpica Stake
Valle de Sula Honduras Stake
Valle Verde Honduras District
Villa Nueva Honduras Stake
Chinandega Nicaragua Stake
Chinandega Nicaragua West Stake
Esteli Nicaragua District
Granada Nicaragua District
Jinotepe Nicaragua Stake
Juigalpa Nicaragua District
Leon Nicaragua Stake
Managua Nicaragua Bello Horizonte Stake
Managua Nicaragua Las Américas Stake
Managua Nicaragua Stake
Managua Nicaragua Universitaria Stake
Managua Nicaragua Villa Flor Stake
Masatepe Nicaragua Stake
Masaya Nicaragua Stake
Matagalpa Nicaragua Stake
Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua District