Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Asunción Paraguay Temple

Temple District

The Asunción Paraguay Temple serves members from 17 stakes and 14 districts headquartered in Paraguay, Northeastern Argentina, and West Central Brazil:

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Asuncion Paraguay North Stake
Asunción Paraguay Stake
Boquerón Paraguay District
Caacupé Paraguay District
Caaguazú Paraguay District
Capiatá Paraguay Stake
Ciudad del Este Paraguay Stake
Concepción Paraguay District
Encarnacion Paraguay District
Fernando de la Mora Paraguay South Stake
Fernando de la Mora Paraguay Stake
La Paloma Paraguay District
Limpio Paraguay Stake
Luque Paraguay South Stake
Luque Paraguay Stake
Ñemby Paraguay Stake
Paraguarí Paraguay District
Pedro Juan Caballero Paraguay District
Pilar Paraguay District
San Lorenzo Paraguay Stake
Northeastern Argentina
Apostoles Argentina District
Corrientes Argentina Stake
Eldorado Argentina District
Formosa Argentina Stake
Ibarreta Argentina District
Posadas Argentina Stake
Reconquista Argentina District
Resistencia Argentina South Stake
Resistencia Argentina Stake
Roque Sáenz Peña Argentina District
West Central Brazil
Ponta Porã Brazil Stake