Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Trujillo Peru Temple

Temple District

The Trujillo Peru Temple serves members from 29 stakes and 6 districts headquartered in Northern Peru:

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Cajamarca Perú Stake
Casa Grande Perú Stake
Casma Perú District
Chiclayo Perú Central Stake
Chiclayo Perú El Dorado Stake
Chiclayo Perú Federico Villarreal Stake
Chiclayo Perú La Victoria Stake
Chiclayo Perú Latina Stake
Chiclayo Perú Stake
Chimbote Perú Buenos Aires Stake
Chimbote Perú South Stake
Chimbote Perú Stake
Guadalupe Perú La Libertad District
Huaraz Perú Stake
Jaén Perú Stake
Lambayeque Perú District
Moyobamba Perú District
Paita Perú Stake
Piura Perú Castilla Stake
Piura Perú Central Stake
Piura Perú Miraflores Stake
Pomalca Perú Stake
Sullana Perú Stake
Talara Perú District
Tarapoto Perú Stake
Trujillo Perú Central Stake
Trujillo Perú East Stake
Trujillo Perú Esperanza Stake
Trujillo Peru Jerusalén Stake
Trujillo Perú Laureles Stake
Trujillo Perú Palermo Stake
Trujillo Perú Porvenir Stake
Trujillo Perú Primavera Stake
Tumbes Perú Stake
Virú Perú District