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Photo:  Jake Barton

Window Seal Repairs Continue at the Ogden Utah Temple

A few of the stained-glass windows on the south side of the Ogden Utah Temple have been removed while crews carry out repairs to leaky seals, giving a glimpse of the beautifully appointed interior. Temple operations will continue to be limited through October 31, though baptism appointments will be accepted. The temple was rededicated in 2014, following a massive renovation that completely altered the exterior and interior appearance of the building.
Photo:  Stephen Jackson

Maintenance for the Ogden Utah Temple Underway

Scaffolding has gone up at the Ogden Utah Temple to carry out repairs to the seals around the stained-glass windows. Maintenance work is also planned on the underground parking structure. Temple operations will be limited from August 29 through October 31, which will include a regularly scheduled two-week maintenance closure from September 6 through September 20. Baptism appointments will be accepted during the limited operations.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Temporary Adjustments Announced for Temple Worship

The First Presidency has announced temporary adjustments to the participation in temple ordinances for all temples worldwide effective March 16, 2020: (1) Proxy and living ordinances are suspended where government restrictions on public/religious gatherings preclude it. (2) Where no such restrictions are in force, ordinances for the living are accommodated by appointment including sealing, endowment, and initiatory ordinances. Proxy ordinance work is temporarily suspended. (3) All patron housing is closed.

President Monson Rededicates the Ogden Utah Temple

The Ogden Utah Temple was rededicated yesterday morning by President Thomas S. Monson. The day before the rededication, two cultural celebrations with more than 16,000 youth were held at the Dee Events Center. Area Saints are grateful to have the temple back in operation.

Public Open House Ends Saturday for Ogden Temple

The final opportunity to tour the renovated Ogden Utah Temple and Ogden Tabernacle will be this Saturday, September 6, which will conclude a five-week public open house. Free reservations for the final days are available online.

Drone Captures Aerial Footage of Ogden Utah Temple

The magnificently reconstructed Ogden Utah Temple is a sparkling new centerpiece to Ogden's redeveloping downtown district. The temple's beauty was recently captured from the perspective of a drone and edited into a compelling YouTube video. The temple is currently open for public tours.

Ogden Temple Open House Begins Friday

The public is invited to tour the Ogden Utah Temple beginning this Friday through Saturday, September 6, excluding Sundays. Free reservations are available at templeopenhouse.lds.org.

Ogden Temple Open House Tickets Now Available

Reservations for the public open house of the renovated and architecturally transformed Ogden Utah Temple block are now available online. The open house will run from Friday, August 1, through Saturday, September 6.

Ogden Open House Tickets Available July 21

Beginning Monday, July 21, at 10:00 a.m., online reservations will be made available for the free public open house of the Ogden Utah Temple and tabernacle. The open house begins on Friday, August 1, and continues through Saturday, September 6.

East Fountain Now Functional at Ogden Utah Temple

In this photograph captured by the webcam on Friday, the beautiful dancing waters of the east foundation can be seen at the Ogden Utah Temple. Numerous crates of flowers are on site, ready for planting this week in the flowerbeds found throughout the temple grounds.

Full Lighting Tests Underway at Ogden Utah Temple

All of the exterior lights at the Ogden Utah Temple are being tested tonight including the landscaping bollards. The beautifully renovated temple has completely altered the exterior of the original building, though the original angel Moroni was refurbished and returned to the top of the spire.

Countdown to the Completion of the Ogden Utah Temple

With just eight weeks remaining before its public open house begins, the Ogden Utah Temple is looking more beautiful than ever. Construction barriers are coming down as trees, flowers, and grass are going up. Contractors have their punch lists in hand in order to have the building "temple ready."

Monument Sign Added to Ogden Utah Temple Grounds

A beautiful granite-clad sign on Washington Boulevard now identifies the Ogden Utah Temple, which will be surrounded by colorful flowers and vegetation before the August open house. And with the decorative fence in place, the unsightly green construction barrier is coming down.

Laying Sod at the Ogden Utah Temple

Long rolls of green grass are restoring color to the grounds of the Ogden Utah Temple, starting at the southeast corner of the site. Over the coming weeks, the temple block will be covered in nature including trees, shrubs, and flowers. Public tours of the interior begin in August.

Late Summer Open House and Dedication for Ogden Temple

The First Presidency has announced the reopening of the Ogden Utah Temple. The public house will be held Friday, August 1, through Saturday, September 6, 2014. The rededication will be broadcast in three sessions on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

Lighting Tests Underway at Ogden Utah Temple

The spire of the Ogden Utah Temple was beautifully illuminated last night by the new lighting system that is being installed and tested. The grounds continue to be more defined and filled with vegetation. Water has been added to the pool on the west side of the temple.

Final Months of Construction for Ogden Utah Temple

Spring and summer will provide the needed weather to make the final push on the renovation of the Ogden Utah Temple block, which is expected to be completed later this year. Numerous trees and shrubs are making their new home on the grounds while work advances on the interior.

Fence Installation and Street Closure at Ogden Utah Temple

Activity is full steam ahead at the Ogden Utah Temple grounds where the installation of a decorative fence and the planting of trees and shrubs are quickly advancing. In cooperation with the City, Grant Avenue has been closed behind the temple, which will be reconfigured and beautified.

Fencing Ready for Installation at the Ogden Utah Temple

Flatbed trucks have arrived at the Ogden Utah Temple site carrying long sections of decorative fencing. The fence will surround the entire block, connected to granite-clad concrete block columns. Workers are drilling holes where the fence will be secured at regular intervals along the perimeter.

Ogden Utah Temple Expected to Open in 2014

A news article by the Standard-Examiner reports that the Ogden Utah Temple should open this year. "We are confident we can have the temple rededicated in the latter half of 2014," said Elder Walker, executive director of the Temple Department.

Laying Granite for Ogden Utah Temple Fountain

Large slabs of granite are being added to the fountain at the east entrance of the Ogden Utah Temple, which has being undergoing renovation since April 2011. To prevent water overspill from freezing, heating tubes have been installed around the circumference.

Window Installation Progressing at Ogden Utah Temple

On the south side of the Ogden Utah Temple nearly all of the art glass windows have been installed, which feature a variety of the prairie primrose flower. Workers continue to make progress on the east side of the building where the main entrance and water feature are located.

Safe Walkways in the Winter for the Ogden Utah Temple

A system of orange tubing is being installed under walkways near the major entrances to the Ogden Utah Temple, which will help protect patrons from winter slips and falls by reducing snow and ice buildup. Numerous unplanted trees stand on site, patiently waiting for temperatures to rise.

Window Installation at the Ogden Temple

As attachment of granite wraps up on the west side of the Ogden Utah Temple, installation of beautiful art glass windows is making excellent progress.

Deliveries to the Ogden Utah Temple Site

The grounds of the Ogden Utah Temple continue to change a little each day as new elements appear like sidewalks, lamp posts, and water features. Recent deliveries to the site include numerous evergreens for planting and a set of windows featuring a prairie primrose design.

Concrete Poured on East Side of Ogden Utah Temple

On the east side of the Ogden Utah Temple, concrete has been poured for the walkways, planters, and water feature that will greet patrons as they walk toward the main entrance. Lamp posts are installed and fence posts are covered in a black mastic, awaiting the attachment of granite.

Lamp Posts and Fence Posts at the Ogden Utah Temple

Construction work advances in and around the Ogden Utah Temple where lamp posts are going up along newly installed fence posts and sidewalks. The majority of scaffolding is down on the north and south sides of the temple; granite installation continues on the temple's spire.

Scaffolding Coming off South Side of Ogden Utah Temple

Regular viewers of the Ogden temple webcam have been delighted to witness the slow revealing of the south side of the Ogden Utah Temple as scaffolding is removed. The transformed temple features an ornate granite exterior with a single central spire accented in gold leaf.

Fence Posts Added to the Ogden Utah Temple Site

Concrete-block fence posts have been appearing at the Ogden Utah Temple site along the Washington Boulevard side of the property. The sturdy posts will be filled with concrete and covered in the same granite as the temple. Granite on the south side of the temple has reached the steeple.

Work Progressing on the Ogden Tabernacle

The Ogden Utah Temple is not the only building on the block receiving an extreme makeover. The appearance of the Ogden Tabernacle has also been changed with the removal of its bulky spire and the addition of a sleek parapet wall. Currently, windows are being installed and sheetrock hung.