Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Moses Lake Washington Temple

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedicated 17 September 2023
by Quentin L. Cook

O God, our Eternal Father, Thou great Elohim, Thou who art Governor of the universe and Judge of the nations, we come unto Thee in solemn and sacred prayer. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and thanksgiving. We humbly bow our heads in reverent prayer to dedicate the beautiful Moses Lake Washington Temple unto Thee that Thy divine ordinances may be performed on behalf of the living and the dead.

We are profoundly grateful for the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the restoration of sacred priesthood keys that extend the opportunity for each of Thy children to attain salvation and exaltation.

Increase our desire, O Father, to put forth even greater effort toward the consummation of Thy purpose to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of all Thy children, including departing missionaries preparing to gather Israel.

In our petition to Thee, we pray for those who govern this and other nations that they might be blessed and inspired to protect the religious and moral tenants set forth in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

May this beautiful temple be a refuge from the evil and turmoil of the world and be an inspiration to the entire community to seek after those things which are virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy.

We thank Thee for the Prophet Joseph Smith to whom Thou and Thy Son did part the curtains and let the light of the true gospel shine upon the earth. We thank Thee for the Book of Mormon which is a witness of the divinity of Thy Only Begotten Son.

Now Beloved Father, in the name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, and acting under the direction of Thy servant, President Russell M. Nelson, and in the authority of the Holy Apostleship, we dedicate and consecrate this Moses Lake Washington Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latte-day Saints. We dedicate it unto Thee and unto Thy Beloved Son as Thy holy house. We pray that it will be sanctified and a place of Thy holiness, and that Thy Spirit may dwell here.

We also dedicate the stake center and ancillary buildings, and this hallowed ground upon which they are constructed. We dedicate the sacred baptistry, the initiatory, endowment, sealing, and celestial rooms of this hallowed edifice.

We invoke Thy blessings upon all who will serve in this temple, the presidency, the matron, and her assistants, and all who labor in caring forward the ordinances of the temple.

We pray for those who have sacrificed to make this temple possible. Open the windows of heaven and shower down blessings upon the faithful who contributed of their time and resources in accordance with Thy will to accomplish Thy purposes.

Our supplication to Thee is that this sacred structure will be preserved from the destructive forces of nature and other destructive events. On this historic day in Moses Lake Washington for these blessings we plead as we dedicate this, Thy temple, and invoke Thy blessing upon it and all who serve herein. We do so in the name of Him, whom we love and worship as our Redeemer, even the Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen.