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President Russell M. Nelson Rededicates the Manti Utah Temple

In a surprise appearance, President Russell M. Nelson rededicated the Manti Utah Temple on Sunday evening, April 21, 2024. Sanpete County is the home of the prophet's pioneer ancestors who helped settle the valley. "We rejoice in this renewed temple," said President Nelson at the rededication. "And we cherish the blessings that come from obedience to the solemn promises made here." President Nelson was joined by his wife, Wendy; Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (who had previously been announced as the presiding authority at the rededication) and his wife, Melanie; Elder Kevin W. Pearson, Utah Area President, and his wife, June; and Elder Kevin R. Duncan, executive director of the Church’s Temple Department, and his wife, Nancy.
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Elder Rasband to Dedicate the Manti Utah Temple

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced that Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will rededicate the Manti Utah Temple at 5:00 p.m. MDT on Sunday, April 21, 2024. The three-week public open house for the temple recently concluded on Friday, April 5. There were 230,665 guests who toured the historic edifice.
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Interior Photographs of the Manti Utah Temple Released

Interior photographs of the renovated Manti Utah Temple were released today on the first day of the open house. Invited guests will be offered tours through Wednesday, March 13, and the public will be given tours of the historic temple from Thursday, March 14, through Friday, April 5, 2024, excluding Sundays. The magnificent murals and stunning staircases were preserved and restored as part of the project.
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Evening Rededication Session Announced for the Manti Utah Temple

The Manti Utah Temple will be rededicated in one session on the evening of Sunday, April 21, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. MDT. The First Presidency made the announcement today with the direction that the standard two-hour Church meetings should be held at their regular times. The temple is currently being prepared for a public open house to be held from Thursday, March 14, through Friday, April 5, 2024, excluding Sundays. Free reservations to tour the interior of the historic temple are currently available online.
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Open House Reservations for the Manti Utah Temple

Open house reservations are now available to tour the interior of the renovated Manti Utah Temple. Ticket times for the public are available from Thursday, March 14, through Friday, April 5, 2024, excluding Sundays. Due to the number of guests anticipated, reservations are recommended. The temple closed over two years ago in October 2021. It will be rededicated on Sunday, April 21, 2024.
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Open House and Rededication Dates for the Manti Utah Temple

Dates for the public open house and rededication of the renovated Manti Utah Temple have been announced. The public is invited to tour the historic house of the Lord from Thursday, March 14, through Friday, April 5, 2024, excluding Sundays. A media day for guests and journalists will be held on Monday, March 11, followed by two days of tours for invited guests. The temple will be rededicated on Sunday, April 21, 2024, and will be broadcast to all units in the Manti Utah Temple district.
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Distribution Center Under Construction Near the Manti Utah Temple

Construction is underway on a new distribution center in Manti, Utah. The building is rising next to the current facility at the base of Temple Hill across 100 E Street. Once construction is completed, the old building will be removed. The Manti Utah Temple has been undergoing renovation for the past two years and is expected to reopen next year. The 135-year-old house of the Lord was privately dedicated by Wilford Woodruff on Thursday, May 17, 1888, and publicly dedicated by Lorenzo Snow the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
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Renovation of the Manti Utah Temple Draws Closer to Completion

Misty pink clouds gather around the Manti Utah Temple in a beautiful autumn scene in the Sanpete Valley. The temple closed just over two years ago for an extensive renovation that is drawing closer to completion. After addressing problems with a persistent leak, both the interior and exterior were renewed with alterations to improve patron flow through the building and accessibility for individuals with limited mobility.
Photo:  Kent Barton

Door Header Installed Over the Manti Utah Temple Entrance

A decorative door header has been installed over the main entrance to the Manti Utah Temple, and outdoor wall sconces have been affixed on either side. Just west of the entrance, a lamp post has been installed near the flag pole while the streets and driveways have been refreshed with new pavement. The 135-year-old building has been closed for renovation for approximately 21 months.
Photo:  Kent Barton

Memorial Day Weekend at the Manti Utah Temple

American flags fill the historic Manti City Cemetery, just north of the Manti Utah Temple across Highway 89. The patriotic exhibit was put on display for Memorial Day weekend. A clear view of the new entrance to the temple annex is available from the cemetery. The temple has been closed for major renovation for almost 20 months. Much of the exterior has been refurbished, but landscaping and interior work continue.
Photo:  Kent Barton

Manti Utah Temple Annex Entrance Revealed

The recently completed masonry work on the new entrance to the Manti Utah Temple annex has been uncovered. The structure was finished to complement the design of the historic temple with a battlement-style parapet and an arched doorway cased in stone with a central keystone. The 135-year-old building has been undergoing renovation for about 18 months.
Photo:  Kent Barton

Scaffolding Removed from the East Tower of the Manti Utah Temple

The refurbished towers of the Manti Utah Temple are on full display following the removal of scaffolding from the east end. Higher color contrast was introduced to the towers, which stand out more prominently from the limestone walls. The once ivory-colored structures are a lighter shade of off-white including the surrounding pinnacles. Roof shingles are slightly darker.
Photo:  Aaron Bradshaw

East Wall Excavation and Hardscape of the Manti Utah Temple

One of the major projects for the Manti Utah Temple renovation has been the excavation of the east wall of the foundation. The task was complicated by the presence of solid rock that adjoined the 150-year-old rubble walls. Through a process of drilling and digging, a 47-foot hole was created and some 4,200 cubic yards of dirt and rock were removed. Crews are now installing approximately 2,500 linear feet of main and secondary water line along with 200 feet of sewer and storm drain lines. A reinvented hardscape will also be installed.
Photo:  Kent Barton

Refurbishing the East Tower of the Manti Utah Temple

Scaffolding has been fully removed from the refurbished west tower of the Manti Utah Temple, and plastic sheeting has been wrapped around the east tower, shielding the structure from the freezing outdoor temperatures. The east tower will receive the same treatments as the west tower including a new fiberglass finish, gel coat, and roof shingles. All leaks are being remedied, which have been a problem at the historic temple for years.
Photo:  Kent Barton

Refreshing the Manti Utah Temple Towers

Scaffolding is being removed from the west tower of the Manti Utah Temple, revealing the newly shingled roof and freshly painted balustrade that crowns the structure. Scaffolds have been erected around the east tower so that it can undergo the same renovations. The 134-year-old temple closed one year ago for major renovations of the interior and exterior. Modern upgrades and subtle floor plan adjustments will greatly enhance the flow and function of the temple.
Photo:  Dane P Carver

135-Foot Boom Lift Delivered to the Manti Utah Temple

To support the continuing renovation of the Manti Utah Temple, additional heavy machinery has been delivered. In the accompanying photograph, a flatbed trailer truck carries a 135-foot boom lift to the base of temple hill. The basket at the end of the boom will lift workers who need access to the upper walls. Excavation has taken place around the east and south sides of the temple, giving crews access to the foundation stones.
Photo:  Aaron Bradshaw

Facade of the Manti Utah Temple Annex Removed

The canopy and front facade of the Manti Utah Temple annex have been removed and replaced with a temporary wooden barrier. The planters at the foot of the annex were previously removed. Excavation activity continues on the east end of the building while excavation begins on the south. On the west end of the temple, scaffolding has been erected up the tower and around the steeple. Inside, the historic murals have been protected while other preservation and dismantling activities progress.

Excavation Continues at the Manti Utah Temple

A trackhoe sits on the south lawn of temple hill where renovation continues on the magnificent 134-year-old Manti Utah Temple. On this same lawn, the annual Manti Miracle Pageant was held annually from 1967 to 2019. It was discontinued following a Church statement that stated: "Local celebrations of culture and history may be appropriate. Larger productions, such as pageants, are discouraged." Excavation continues at the east end of the temple where a long-standing water leak is being remediated, and hardscaping has been removed from around the front entrance.
Photo:  Jared Tolman

Remediating a Long-Standing Water Leak at the Manti Utah Temple

On the east side of the Manti Utah Temple, stone has been removed and excavations carried out to address a long-standing water leak that runs from the hill to the east into the basement. Andy Kirby, the director of historic temple renovations in the Special Projects Department, said: "It’s been a persistent leak over many, many years, with several attempts to try to fix it. We hope we will be the final attempt to fix and prevent that leak from damaging the interiors of the temple." He anticipates the full renovation of the temple will take at least two years.
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Modified Plans Announced for the Manti Utah Temple

At a press conference held in the Manti Tabernacle on Saturday, May 1, President Russell M. Nelson announced in a prerecorded message that plans for the Manti Utah Temple have been modified. He said: "We have been impressed to modify our earlier plans for the Manti Utah Temple so that the pioneer craftsmanship, artwork, and character will be preserved, including the painted murals loved by so many. We will leave those murals where they are located now—inside the Manti Utah Temple." The announcement came immediately following an announcement of a temple to be constructed in nearby Ephraim, Utah. Brent Roberts, Managing Director of the Temple Department said the renovation will be a mix of preservation, restoration, and installation of new equipment. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will be evaluated and renewed or replaced. Audiovisual equipment will be installed for film presentations. Bishop W. Christopher Waddell of the Presiding Bishopric said, "The work that will now be done will not only honor the Lord but will honor our pioneer forbears whose sacrifice and talent will continue to be on display for generations to come as members of the Church worship in this sacred house of the Lord."
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The Future of the Teichert Murals in the Manti Utah Temple

Church leaders have made the determination to save the murals painted by Minerva Teichert in the World Room of the Manti Utah Temple, which will be removed as part of a major renovation scheduled to begin this year. Since the murals were painted on canvas and affixed to the walls, painstaking efforts will be made to carefully separate them from the wall surface for subsequent restoration and display in a public setting. International experts are being consulted so that the best possible care is taken during the entire process.
Photo:  Kathie Marsh

Multi-Year Renovation of the Manti Utah Temple to Begin This Year

The Manti Utah Temple is slated for a major, multi-year renovation that will begin later this year. In addition to structural and mechanical updates that will prepare the temple to serve for generations to come, the progressive room-to-room presentation of the endowment by live actors will be replaced by video presentation in single rooms. The murals will be extensively photographed and documented before being removed, but the historic spiral staircases will be preserved.
Photo:  Ken Brown

Final Performances of the Mormon Miracle Pageant

The 53rd and final year of performances of the Mormon Miracle Pageant will be presented on eight nights this summer, June 13–15 and 18–22, on the grounds of the Manti Utah Temple. Admission is free, and gates open at 6 p.m. with performances starting at 9:30 p.m. A high level of turnout is expected for these last performances, so plans for accommodations are recommended.
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Pageants to Be Discontinued in Utah and New York

The Church has announced that The Mormon Miracle Pageant at the Manti Utah Temple will end after 2019, and the Hill Cumorah Pageant near the Palmyra New York Temple will end after 2020. Two other Utah pageants have already had their final performances: the Castle Valley Pageant and the Martin Harris pageant in Clarkston. Pageants will continue at the Nauvoo Illinois Temple, Mesa Arizona Temple, and Preston England Temple (every four years).

Mormon Miracle Pageant Resumes Tonight in Manti

The annual Mormon Miracle Pageant held on Temple Hill in beautiful Manti, Utah, commences its final week of performances tonight. The pageant tells the story of the Prophet Joseph Smith and enacts scenes from the Book of Mormon.

Pioneer Heritage Center and Gardens Dedicated in Manti

Beautiful gardens honoring the early settlers of the Sanpete Valley have been dedicated in the shadows of the Manti Utah Temple. The 2.5-acre park features a reflecting pool for the temple, park benches, an amphitheater, and finely crafted statues.

Manti Temple Grounds Become Venue for Annual Mormon Miracle Pageant

The 44th season of the Mormon Miracle Pageant began this week in Central Utah on the grounds of the Manti Utah Temple. Admission is free. Performances begin at 9:30 p.m. on June 17-19, 22-26.

Final Weekend of the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti

A long-held summer tradition at the Manti Utah Temple grounds is the presentation of the Mormon Miracle Pageant. This is the final weekend of the pageant, which is free to anyone who wishes to attend. Click here to listen to a recent interview with the pageant president.