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Photo:  Dan Askew

Manhattan New York Temple Closes for Major Renovation

The Manhattan New York Temple closes after the last session today for extensive renovations that are expected to last three years. Renovation plans were announced on August 28, 2023, with an accompanying exterior rendering. The third floor meetinghouse will also be updated. The travertine-faced building originally opened in 1976 to house Church office and meetinghouse space. It was later repurposed as a temple and meetinghouse facility that was dedicated in June 2004. It stands one block west of Central Park and across from the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts at the intersection of Columbia, 65th, and Broadway.
Photo:  Diane Ottosen

Preparing for the Renovation of the Manhattan New York Temple

In preparation for the renovation of the Manhattan New York Temple, Church representatives have signed a three-year lease for 40,000 square feet of shared and dedicated space at the West End Collegiate Church at 245 West 77th Street, between Broadway and West End Avenue. The 132-year-old facility will provide a worship space for members displaced by the renovation, as the temple houses a meetinghouse on the third floor. The temple is scheduled to close at the end of the day on Saturday, March 2, 2024. The renovation was announced at the end of August and is expected to last three years.
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Renovation Slated for the Manhattan New York Temple

A rendering has been released for renovations planned for the Manhattan New York Temple, expected to begin in 2024 and completed in approximately three years. The meetinghouse on the third floor of the building will also be updated. During the renovation, Church members in the temple district are encouraged to attend the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple or the Hartford Connecticut Temple. Dates for a public open house and rededication will be announced as the renovation nears completion.
Photo:  Jennifer Tolman

Manhattan New York Temple Closes for Repairs

The Manhattan New York Temple closed this weekend for an extended three-month maintenance closure to accommodate mechanical repairs. The work is expected to be completed in late October, just prior to the new temple presidency beginning service on November 1.