Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Louisville Kentucky Temple

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedicated 19 March 2000
by Thomas S. Monson

Our beloved Father, Thou Almighty God of the universe, we bow our heads before Thee in solemn and reverent prayer.

We are met today to dedicate this beautiful house which we, Thy children, have built unto Thy holy name.

As Thine ordained servants, acting in the authority of the holy priesthood in us vested, we dedicate and consecrate to Thee and to Thy Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, this the Louisville Kentucky Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is Thy house, a place of holiness. We pray that Thou wilt visit it and cause that Thy Holy Spirit may abide here as the work of salvation and redemption goes forward within these walls.

We dedicate the grounds on which this temple stands with their beautiful vegetation. We dedicate the structure from the footings to the top of the tower including the figure of Moroni. We dedicate all of the rooms and facilities of this sacred house, including the Baptistry, the ordinance rooms, the beautiful celestial room, the sealing rooms with their sacred altars, and every other space and facility found within the walls of this sacred structure.

We are grateful that it is now complete and available to us as Thy Saints. May it be a house of peace, a house of worship, a house of faith, and a house of prayer. May the ordinances performed herein, eternal in their nature, affect for everlasting good the lives of all who participate, whether they be working in their own behalf, or in behalf of the dead. May all who enter the portals of this house do so with clean hands and pure hearts, having left behind the stress and the worries of the world, to come within these walls and here experience the quiet beauty of Thy Holy Spirit.

May the hearts of the children be turned to their fathers in the gathering of records and the accomplishment of a great vicarious work of faith. May those in the life beyond who are helpless to move forward, rejoice in the completion of this sacred building. Through the work that will take place herein, may they be made free to go forward on the road that leads to immortality and eternal life.

We plead with Thee, Thou great Elohim, that Thine eternal purposes, Thy great plan of happiness for Thy children, will blossom and grow in this part of Thy vineyard.

We thank Thee for all who have made possible this day, those who have made the decision to place a temple here, the architects and contractor, the city officials who have granted the necessary permits, the workmen and all associated with this undertaking. Bless them for their efforts.

Bless the faithful tithe payers of the Church who have made all of this possible. Keep Thine ancient promises made by the prophet Malachi and open the windows of heaven and shower down blessings upon them.

May this house stand as an expression of Thy love for Thy children. May the peace of the Lord be here. May there be quiet and reverence. May this be a house of worship wherein Thy Holy Name and that of Thy Son is spoken in praise unto Thee and unto Him.

May no unworthy intruder breach these walls. Wilt Thou preserve this Thy house from the storms of nature, and from defilement of any kind.

We pray for all who will serve herein, for the temple presidency, and the matron and her assistants, for all who labor as ordinance workers, and for those who participate as patrons. May all rejoice in the great opportunity to be of service. Bless the youth in this temple district that they may keep themselves clean from the filth of the world, and be eligible to enter Thy house, here to stand as proxies in baptism for those beyond the veil of death.

Now, Father, as we gather here we remember before Thee Thy Church in all the world wherever it may be established. Bless Thy faithful Saints, magnify them, bring joy into their lives as they walk in righteousness before Thee. Whisper into their hearts a living testimony of the truth of Thy great cause and kingdom.

We pray for Thy servants the missionaries, who are called to proclaim the truths of Thy kingdom to all the world. Save them from harm and evil. Protect them from danger and death. Give them joy in their labors, and let Thy Holy Spirit lead them to those who will accept their message.

We thank Thee for the land in which this temple is built. We are profoundly grateful for the Constitution of the United States with its Bill of Rights. These are the guarantors of our freedom and our liberty. Preserve them through the generations to come that Thy children may be free to worship Thee without restraint or hindrance of any kind. May Thy work roll on to fill the earth and touch for everlasting good the lives of all who will accept it.

We love Thee, Father. We love Thy dear Son whom Thou gavest to the world, "that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16). Help us to walk in paths of truth and righteousness, with obedience to Thy divine will. Smile with favor upon us that our lives may be acceptable unto Thee we humbly pray in the name of Him who is our Redeemer, even the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.