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Indianapolis Indiana Temple Dedicated

President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency, dedicated the Indianapolis Indiana Temple on Sunday, August 23. Prior to the dedication, President Eyring conducted the traditional cornerstone ceremony. The evening before, a youth cultural celebration was held.

Open House Tours Continue at Indianapolis Temple

Free tours of the interior of the beautiful Indianapolis Indiana Temple continue through Saturday, August 8. The building stands at the corner of W 116th St and Spring Mill Rd in the suburb of Carmel. It is the first Latter-day Saint temple constructed in the state.

Open House Tours Begin for Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indiana's first temple is now open to the public for free tours of the interior, beginning with VIP and media tours through Thursday and opening to the general public this Friday through Saturday, August 8. Take a virtual tour of the temple.

Indianapolis Temple Open House Tickets Now Available

Free reservations to tour the interior of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple are now being taken through the online reservation system. The general public is invited to attend. Tours times are available from Friday, July 17, through Saturday, August 8, 2015, excluding Sundays.

Laying Sod at the Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Long rows of beautiful green sod are appearing on the grounds of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple, which is being prepared for a public open house that begins next month. A photo stream is available on Facebook, including photographs of the stately new monument sign.

Taking a Closer Look at the Indianapolis Indiana Temple

A series of new photographs posted to Facebook present some of the beautiful details featured on the exterior of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple. Also included are photographs of the adjoining stake center and temple president's residence. The open house begins in July.

A Monument to the Lord at the Crossroads of America

A beautiful House of the Lord now stands in Indianapolis, Indiana, which will be dedicated in August. Landscaping work is underway including tests of the water feature. A Facebook page has been created for the cultural celebration.

Exterior Lighting for the Indianapolis Indiana Temple

The new exterior lighting system at the Indianapolis Indiana Temple creates a beautiful contrast of light and shadow that accentuates the building's architectural features. The temple will open to the public this July for a three-week open house before its dedication on Sunday, August 23.

Indianapolis Tickets Available in July

Free reservations to tour the interior of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple will be taken online beginning Friday, July 3, 2015. Decorative painting is currently proceeding inside the temple.

Indianapolis Indiana Temple Lights

Some lighting activity around the Indianapolis Indiana Temple spire was captured yesterday morning. Before the temple opens to the public in July, an exterior lighting system will be installed to illuminate the building at night.

Indianapolis Indiana Temple Open House and Dedication

The opening dates for the Indianapolis Indiana Temple have been announced. The free public open house begins Friday, July 17, and continues through Saturday, August 8, 2015 (except for Sundays). The temple will be dedicated in three sessions on Sunday, August 23, 2015.

Indianapolis Fence and Lamp Posts

At the Indianapolis temple site, new lamp posts have been installed, and work has begun on installing the decorative fence that will surround the building.

Continued Progress in Indianapolis

A protective plastic dome covers the east fountain of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple as cold weather keeps most construction activities indoors.

Overhead View of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple

A recent photograph of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple shows the progress being made on the grounds, which will feature concrete walkways around water features and garden areas. A beautiful stand of trees will create a natural buffer and transition from the residential area to the west.

Finishing Up Exterior of Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Having placed the angel Moroni statue atop the spire of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple three weeks ago, workers are nearly finished with the exterior. The new temple will serve Midwest members who currently travel to Chicago, Louisville, or Columbus to participate in temple worship.

Moroni Added to Indianapolis Temple

It was an important day today for the construction of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple as the iconic figure of the angel Moroni was placed atop the spire.

Attaching Stone to Indianapolis Indiana Temple Spire

Workers could be seen inside the top section of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple spire yesterday as the work of attaching stone to the exterior of the building nears completion. The spire's design draws inspiration from historic memorials and monuments found in downtown Indianapolis.

Bird's-Eye View of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple

An aerial photograph of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple complex gives a unique view on the progress being made.

More Plants, Panels, and Panes at the Indianapolis Temple

The latest series of photographs posted for the Indianapolis Indiana Temple show numerous new plants, the arrival of more exterior panels, and the progress on installing beautiful art glass windows. Concrete has been poured for the water feature at the main entrance.

More Stone Arrives in Indianapolis

Additional preassembled pieces of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple façade have arrived on site, including sections that will be placed on either side of the temple spire.

Indianapolis Temple Art Glass

Several art glass windows have been added to the Indianapolis Indiana Temple, some of which represent the blossoms of the tulip poplar—Indiana's state tree. Framing, dry wall, and priming are underway inside.

Trees Delivered to Indianapolis Indiana Temple Site

Planting efforts will soon begin at the Indianapolis Indiana Temple grounds where numerous trees have been delivered. Most are standing on the eastern side of the property. More trees are planned throughout the site. Installation of the art glass windows is also underway.

Indianapolis Indiana Temple Complex Update

In the rapidly growing suburb of Carmel, the Indianapolis Indiana Temple is rising alongside a meetinghouse that is simultaneously under construction. And while the brick exterior of the meetinghouse appears complete, stone work continues on the upper exterior of the temple.

Stonework Reaches Upper Levels of Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Basket cranes at the Indianapolis Indiana Temple are lifting construction workers even higher as classically detailed pieces of the stone façade are attached to the building exterior. Insulation attached to the other side of the walls helps keep out the cold.

Detailed Stonework Added to Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Cornices, fluted columns, and decorative window borders are the newest additions to the exterior of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple, which is being faced with a light-colored granite. The stone is attached in a bottom-up fashion and covers the majority of the walls about three-quarters high.

Stonework Reaches Eastern Side of Indianapolis Indiana Temple

At the Indianapolis Indiana Temple, stone blocks have now been attached to a portion of the front façade of the building, as seen in recently posted photographs. There are eleven stakes organized in the state of Indiana with three in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

Exterior Progress at Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Despite the frigid temperatures and winter weather gripping the Midwest, work continues on the Indianapolis Indiana Temple. Boom lifts are elevating laborers to the upper sections of the building where they attach stone slabs over blue insulating blocks using steel channels.

Indianapolis Indiana Temple Now Fully Enclosed

Having commenced framing for the Indianapolis Indiana Temple in early summer, the structure is now fully enclosed, just in time for the winter months. With the interior protected, framing for rooms may proceed. Plans call for ordinance and sealing rooms along the western wall.

Framing Continues at the Indianapolis Indiana Temple

A large opening on the north side of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple has been filled in with framing for four long windows. Scaffolding surrounds other sides of the temple as insulating materials are applied, followed by attachment of the exterior stone to steel channels.

A Peek Inside the Indianapolis Indiana Temple

As stone is attached to the exterior of the Indianapolis Indiana Temple, framing has commenced inside the structure against the exterior walls. A new photograph shows interior studs and an arched steel beam. At the back of the temple are the three openings for the Celestial Room windows.