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Working Late at the Hong Kong China Temple

An evening photograph of the Hong Kong China Temple gives a glimpse of the interior work underway through the narrow construction glass. The temple closed for a three-year renovation just over two years ago. The debris net that surrounded the building for 18 months was removed in February when cladding of the exterior was completed.

Keeping an Eye on the Hong Kong China Temple Renovation

On July 8, 2021, the Hong Kong China Temple will have been under renovation for two years of an estimated three-year project. The temple is seen here through the upstairs circular window of the meetinghouse that sits across the street. The meetinghouse facilities that once functioned inside the temple were no longer needed once the Church acquired property across the street for construction of a chapel and other supporting facilities. The interior renovation of the temple will reclaim the space formerly used for ward meetings.

Hong Kong China Temple Inscription Stones

Gold characters adorn the east side of the Hong Kong China Temple declaring Holiness to the Lord and designating the edifice as the House of the Lord. Bamboo scaffolding began to be removed from around the temple beginning in February and remains only around the base of the building. Renovation of the temple will reach the two-year mark in July.

Unveiling the Hong Kong China Temple

The bamboo scaffolding and debris netting that has surrounded the Hong Kong China Temple for the last year and a half began to come down last month, revealing the newly clad exterior of the building. Several alterations were made to the exterior to accommodate the new layout of the interior and to incorporate design elements seen in other Church buildings in Hong Kong. Although the exterior stone is in place, months and months of interior work remain ahead before the temple will be completed.

Temple Renovation Nearing One-Year Mark in Hong Kong

In less than two weeks, the Hong Kong China Temple will have been under renovation for a full year, having closed for the three-year project on July 8, 2019. For most of that time, the temple has been hidden from view, cloaked in white debris netting. But like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, members are looking forward to seeing the transformed exterior of the temple once the netting is removed.

Hong Kong China Temple Dressed in White

Sporting a form-fitting, ruffled debris net, the Hong Kong China Temple continues to be renovated under wraps. The exterior of the building is at an unknown stage of transformation—a process that includes stripping the granite cladding, making alterations and improvements to the exterior walls, attaching moisture barriers, and recladding the building in new stone.

Hong Kong China Temple Renovation Progressing

The decommissioned Hong Kong China Temple is wrapped in white debris netting as interior and exterior renovations are carried out. In front of the building, a covered sidewalk shields pedestrians from the construction activity. The exterior stone of the temple is to be removed, allowing for alterations to the exterior appearance of the building and giving contractors an opportunity to install superior moisture barriers that will protect against Hong Kong's humid subtropical climate.

Renovation Details Shared for the Hong Kong China Temple

Interior renderings and details of the renovation of the Hong Kong China Temple have been released. The temple closed last month for a three-year project that will upgrade the mechanical, electrical, heating, and plumbing systems. To create a better patron experience, some of the rooms and windows will be reconfigured, and the meetinghouse level will be repurposed for temple use. The building will receive better protection against moisture and will be refaced with new exterior stone. New art glass, artwork, and furniture—following an Asian motif—will beautify the interior of the building. The steeple and angel Moroni will be removed.

Hong Kong China Temple Closes for Renovation

The Hong Kong China Temple officially closes today to accommodate an extensive renovation. It was originally built as a multipurpose building, housing the temple, a meetinghouse, a family history center, a mission office, and three apartments. Several non-temple spaces are expected to be reclaimed for temple worship, as the Church in recent years has constructed a meetinghouse, housing facilities, mission office, and distribution center across the street.

Hong Kong China Temple to Undergo Renovation

The First Presidency has announced that the Hong Kong China Temple will close on July 8, 2019, for an extensive renovation. The temple was originally constructed in the 1990s as a multipurpose Church facility housing a temple, a meetinghouse, a family history center, a small mission office, and three apartments with elevators that go only to certain floors. The Church has since constructed a beautiful meetinghouse, housing facilities, mission office, and distribution center across the street, reclaiming many of the functions that were once housed in the temple building.

First Stakes in Cambodia

The first stakes in Cambodia were organized on Sunday: the Phnom Penh Cambodia North Stake and Phnom Penh Cambodia South Stake. The stakes belong to the Hong Kong temple district, which covers over one third of the world's population. The 20th anniversary of the Church in Cambodia will be celebrated this Saturday.

Growth in Hong Kong China Temple District

India's first stake was organized today in Hyderabad under the Hong Kong China Temple District. Since the temple was dedicated in 1996, the temple district has experienced great growth including the maturation of two districts into stakes in Indonesia, the creation of a stake and two districts in Mongolia, seven new districts in Malaysia, five in China, five in Cambodia, four in India, and one each in Thailand and Sri Lanka. The first stake in Cambodia is expected in the coming months.