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Harrisburg Pennsylvania Temple

Planning and approval phase; site location announced; groundbreaking not announced


605 Rutherford Road
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  17109
United States


2 April 2023


5.36 acres  |  2.2 hectares

Total Floor Area: 

20,000 square feet  |  1,858 square meters


493 feet  |  150 meters

Construction Status

The Harrisburg Pennsylvania Temple is currently in the planning stages. No groundbreaking date has been announced.

Temple Rendering

An official rendering of the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Temple has not yet been released to the public.

Temple Site

On October 30, 2023, the location of the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Temple was announced as a 5.36-acre site located at 605 Rutherford Road in Harrisburg. Plans call for a single-story temple of approximately 20,000 square feet.1

Temple Announcement

On April 2, 2023, President Russell M. Nelson announced plans to construct the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Temple at the April 2023 General Conference. It was the third temple announced for the state. Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania, is found in the Susquehanna Valley in south-central Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple was dedicated in September 2016 by President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency. At the time of the announcement, the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple was under construction and Pennsylvania had more than 52,000 Church members in over 100 congregations. The state was host to many significant events in the early days of the Church. Much of the Book of Mormon was translated in the town of Harmony, and the first members of the Church were baptized in the Susquehanna River in May 1829.2

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Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple
152nd dedicated temple in operation
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Temple
Preparing for public open house beginning 16 August 2024