Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Guadalajara Mexico Temple

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedicated 29 April 2001
by Gordon B. Hinckley

Our Eternal Father in heaven, Thou great God of the universe, we bow before Thee with thanksgiving and love on this day of dedication. Our hearts reach out to Thee in faith and prayer. We invite Thy Holy Spirit to attend us. Our gratitude unto Thee knows no measure.

We thank Thee for the knowledge Thou hast given us of Thee and of Thy Beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank Thee for the Prophet Joseph Smith through whom Thou hast revealed eternal gospel principles and practices, including the ordinances of Thy holy house. We thank Thee for those who have gone before us in this great work. They have given their time, their fortunes, their very lives for the promulgation of Thy cause and kingdom.

We thank Thee for the progress of Thy work in this great nation of Mexico. Move it forward, dear Father. Touch the lives and hearts of great numbers of people who will hearken to the message of truth and come into the fold of Christ. Bring about the miracle of conversion among the great and good people of this land. May those who govern look upon Thy people with respect and with a desire to be helpful. Wilt Thou bless them and the nation for their friendliness to Thy work.

And now, acting in the authority of the holy priesthood in us vested and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ whose servants we are, we dedicate and consecrate unto Thee and to Him this the Guadalajara México Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We dedicate the grounds on which it stands with the vegetation growing thereon. We dedicate the building from the footings to the top of the steeple with its crowning figure of Moroni. We dedicate the walls and windows that they may stand against the storms of nature and be looked upon with reverence and respect by all who pass this way. We dedicate the interior facilities, the Baptistry, the endowment rooms, the celestial room, and the sealing rooms with their sacred altars. We dedicate all of the halls and spaces, the offices and other facilities in this sacred temple.

Wilt Thou accept of this Thy holy house as the gift of our hearts and hands. Wilt Thou honor it with Thy presence. May Thy Holy Spirit dwell here at all times and be felt by all who come within its portals. May a mantle of holiness come upon this sacred structure. May it stand as a beacon of everlasting truth in this great city. Wilt Thou stay the hand of any who may be disposed to mar or defile it in any way.

May all who enter do so worthily. Wilt Thou seal upon them an endowment of righteousness that will become the guardian of their culture and the lives they live.

Bless the children who will serve in the Baptistry that there may come upon them an understanding of the eternity of Thy work. May they know that they are engaged in that which is holy and sacred and divine in its nature. Having had such experience, may they remain true and faithful throughout their lives, returning often to this Thy house through the years to come.

Bless all who attend as patrons that Thy Spirit may rest upon them, that the covenants of the House of the Lord may be impressed upon their minds, that they may know that in receiving the ordinances of this house they receive that which is most precious above all other blessings. We pray for those who shall serve in this Thy house as workers. May they do so with a spirit of dedication. May they be generous and kind to all they serve. May they know that the service which they give here is service unto Thee.

We pray for the temple president and his counselors and for the matron and the assistants to the matron. We pray for all who will serve in any capacity whatever that this may be a service of great joy. May the solemnities of eternity rest upon them as they administer the ordinances of this Thy holy house.

We thank Thee for faithful tithe payers throughout the world whose consecrated offerings have made possible this and other houses of the Lord. Bless Thy faithful people everywhere. Open the windows of heaven and shower down blessings upon them. May they feel of Thy love and may Thine encircling arms be about them.

Bless Thy work in all the earth. May it roll forth with majesty and power to touch the hearts of the faithful everywhere.

Now, Father, we express unto Thee our love. We know that Thou dost love us. We love Thy Beloved Son who stands at Thy side. We thank Thee for His atoning sacrifice. All of the blessings of this house rest upon that great divine act that came of the love of the Savior for all mankind.

Accept our thanks, dear Father, accept our love. Accept our prayer as we rededicate ourselves to Thy service and do it all in the name of our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.