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Photo:  Aaron Nuffer

Extended Maintenance for the Denver Colorado Temple

The Denver Colorado Temple closed this week for a seven-week extended maintenance that includes renovation of all four instruction rooms. The nearly 36-year-old building was dedicated on October 24, 1986 by President Ezra Taft Benson. It was the first temple dedicated in the state, followed by the Fort Collins Colorado Temple in 2016. A third temple is under construction in Grand Junction.
Photo:  Chris West

Baptistry Renovation at the Denver Colorado Temple

The Denver Colorado Temple recently closed for an extended maintenance closure, which will include a complete renovation of the baptistry. The temple is expected to reopen on October 8, 2019. Patrons will be accommodated at other temples including the nearby Fort Collins Colorado Temple.

Denver Temple Remodel

The Denver Colorado Temple reopened last month after a six-week remodeling project, which included modernization of the heating and air conditioning systems, roof work, new carpet, conversion of a sealing room into a sealing office, and conversion of the dining room and kitchen into a nonpatron waiting room and worker break room.