Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Chicago Illinois Temple

Dedicatory Prayers

Rededicated 8 October 1989
by Gordon B. Hinckley (addition only)

Our beloved Father in Heaven, we come unto Thee in prayer again in Thy holy house in a dedicatory service.

We are grateful for the opportunity to assemble in these sacred precincts. We were here four years ago to dedicate this beautiful structure unto Thee and unto Thy Beloved Son. That was a great and solemn occasion. The extensive use of this Thy house has made necessary its enlargement. And now acting in the authority of the holy priesthood in us vested we dedicate unto Thee and to Thy Son the additions which have been made to the original structure. We dedicate the new baptismal font, the new sealing room, the added endowment room and other rooms and facilities which have been completed to facilitate and make possible and convenient the greater use of this structure by Thy faithful people.o

We pray that Thou wilt accept of these added features. May they become an integral part of the entire building. May they add to its beauty and usefulness. May they be of assistance to the presidency and the many workers who serve here with great faith, as well as to the patrons who will come to engage in the sacred work that is performed here.

We repeat a few of the words that were spoken in prayer at the original dedication of the Chicago Illinois Temple:

Almighty God, wilt Thou hallow it and sanctify it. May Thy presence be felt here, and may Thy holy spirit abide constantly within its walls. May all who enter feel of that spirit and know that they are in holy precincts. May it be a place of worship, a house of prayer, a refuge from the cares of the world, a house of peace and love. May its rooms and halls be hallowed to those who shall walk here. May faith increase in the hearts of all who come, and may knowledge of Thine eternal plan grow in the minds of those who here serve, be they workers or patrons. May gratitude well up in the hearts of Thy faithful saints throughout the earth, and may the dead beyond the veil rejoice over what will here be accomplished to their eternal blessing …

We pray for Thy people everywhere. May Thy peace dwell in their hearts and homes. May they be blessed in their basket and in their store as they walk honestly with Thee. May their children grow in righteousness and faith that their lives may be enriched and that Thy kingdom may become ever stronger.

Father, wilt Thou bless particularly the people of this temple district. May they grow in faith and faithfulness, and may their hearts turn toward their forebears and toward this Thy holy house as a place where they may bring incomparable blessings to those on the other side through whose generations has come an inheritance of body and mind and lineage to the great blessing of this generation and the generations which follow.

Bless all who will labor here that they may be imbued with Thy holy spirit. May there be peace and order, love and respect, and total unselfishness on the part of all as they serve in this house.

We remember before Thee Thy servant President Ezra Taft Benson. We are grateful for his life and leadership. Wilt Thou bless him according to his need. Bless those associated with him, and bless Thy faithful saints throughout the world.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for Thy great gifts unto us, Thy people. We are particularly grateful for the gift of Thy Son, who gave His life that we might have eternal life. We are grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith through whom Thou has restored Thy work in this the dispensation of the fullness of times. We are mindful of the fact that his life was taken in this State and that in the shedding of his blood there was sealed a testimony of the truth of this great latter-day work. We thank Thee for the peace of this day. We thank Thee that a spirit of friendship and appreciation has grown in the hearts of millions over the earth toward Thy people, and that Thy kingdom is growing and becoming ever stronger according to Thy divine plan.

Now, Father, we thank Thee for those who are assembled here this day. Wilt Thou bless them that this may be an event long remembered. May the spirit of this hour of dedication rest upon us and abide with us and constantly prompt us to live up to the pattern Thou hast set for the blessing and joy of Thy saints. May the rooms and halls of this new addition as well as the main structure be hallowed to all who enter. May testimony of Thy reality and divinity and of that of Thy Son grow in the hearts and minds of Thy people and may Thy work spread over the earth for the blessing of Thy sons and daughters wherever they may be found.

To this end we humbly pray as we dedicate anew ourselves to Thy service with praise to Thy holy name in the name of Thy Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Amen.