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President Monson Rededicates the Boise Idaho Temple

Following a 17-month renovation of its exterior, interior, and landscapaing; the Boise Idaho Temple was rededicated today by President Thomas S. Monson in three sessions at 9:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, and 3:00 p.m., which were broadcast to all of the stakes in the Idaho Area.

Public Open House Tours Begin at the Boise Idaho Temple

On the first day of the public open house of the Boise Idaho Temple, thousands of curious visitors of all faiths gathered to the landmark structure to see the renovated building. Free tours continue through Saturday, November 10.

Public Invited to Tour Boise Idaho Temple

Beginning this Saturday through Saturday, November 10 (excluding Sundays), free tours of the Boise Idaho Temple will be conducted. Secure your tickets online or by calling 1-855-537-2000.

Open House Tickets Now Available for the Renovated Boise Idaho Temple

Following a 15-month renovation, the Boise Idaho Temple is being prepared for public open house tours that begin Saturday, October 13, and continue through Saturday, November 10 (excluding Sundays). Free reservations to tour the temple are now available via the online open house reservation system. Exterior lighting of the temple has resumed, which illuminates the beautiful granite cladding and six soaring spires.

Monument Sign Installed at Boise Idaho Temple

Workers at the Boise Idaho Temple have installed an updated monument sign and cornerstone, which designate the Church, the temple, and the year of dedication. Tickets to tour the temple will be made available beginning September 29.

Boise Temple Update

At the Boise Idaho Temple, construction continues at a fast pace where landscaping efforts are nearing completion, beautiful art glass has been revealed, marble for the water feature is ready for installation, and the numbering for the address has been fastened to a fence post.

Boise Idaho Temple Receiving Art Glass Windows

Beautiful panels of art glass, featuring an exquisite tree design, are currently being installed at the Boise Idaho Temple. The temple will be rededicated in three sessions on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, which will be broadcast to all of the stakes belonging to the Idaho Area.

Trees and Flowers Planted at Boise Idaho Temple

The grounds of the Boise Idaho Temple are being landscaped and beautified with the addition of flowers, plants, and trees. The public will be given an opportunity to tour the renovated temple beginning October 13, 2012.

Planting Begins at the Boise Idaho Temple

Trees have appeared on the eastern side of the Boise Idaho Temple where landscaping efforts are in full swing. The temple is scheduled to be rededicated on Sunday, November 18, 2012.

First Presidency Announces Opening Dates for Boise Temple

A public open house for the newly renovated Boise Idaho Temple will be held from Saturday, October 13, through November 10, 2012, excluding Sundays. The temple will be formally rededicated on Sunday, November 18, in three sessions.

Update on Boise Idaho Temple Renovation

Renovation of the Boise Idaho Temple will continue through the summer and into the fall with completion anticipated in the fourth quarter of this year. Granite installation continues on the exterior of the building, and a monument sign stands ready to receive lettering that identifies the temple.

Boise Idaho Temple Renovation Progress

Attachment of new granite tiles to the exterior of the Boise Idaho Temple continues to progress from the east side of the building to the west. Renovation activities also continue on the interior, which the public will be able to tour during an open house.

Boise Idaho Temple Dons New Granite Façade

Significant progress has been made on the installation of granite to the exterior of the Boise Idaho Temple. The eastern façade has taken on a new appearance, which will soon be surrounded by trees and colorful landscaping. The renovation of the temple is expected to be finished later this year.

Granite Installation Begins at Boise Idaho Temple

Construction workers at the Boise Idaho Temple have finished removal of the variegated marble tiles from the temple exterior and have just commenced installation of the first few white granite tiles. Click here to view an unofficial 3D model of the new temple exterior.

Boise Idaho Temple Shedding Marble Exterior

Construction workers at the Boise Idaho Temple continue to remove marble from the exterior of the building with just a few portions on the west end remaining. Temple white granite—the same stone applied to the exterior of the Draper Utah Temple—will replace the marble in coming weeks.

Exterior Marble of Boise Idaho Temple Coming Down

The dark variegated marble that has characterized the exterior of the Boise Idaho Temple for nearly 30 years is being removed. The marble will be replaced with temple white granite from China—the same stone used on the Draper Utah Temple. Renovation will continue into the fall.

New Angel Overlooks Boise

In conjunction with the renovation of the Boise Idaho Temple, a new gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni was hoisted atop the tallest spire of the temple today. Work continues on a new entrance to the baptistry, and new sheetrock has been installed in the ordinance rooms including the sealing rooms and Celestial Room.

Renovation Work Continues at the Boise Idaho Temple

At the Boise Idaho Temple, renovation work is largely confined indoors, as cold weather has set in, delaying landscaping efforts until the spring. Advances are visible on the new baptistry entrance, however, on the west side of the temple. Renovation is expected to be completed late this summer.

Renovation Updates at the Boise Idaho Temple

The renovation of the Boise Idaho Temple is progressing with framing for a new entrance to the baptistry—connected to a new retaining wall surrounding the exterior walls, installation of a new circular water feature, and work on the new heating and air conditioning systems.

Boise Idaho Temple Renovation

At the Boise Idaho Temple, more excavation has been completed on the south side, and rebar stands ready for new cement walls.

Jacobsen Construction Removing Boise Temple Landscaping

At the Boise Idaho Temple site, renovation work has begun with erection of a construction barrier and removal of the landscaping. Members in the Treasure Valley look forward not only to a renovated temple but also to a new temple in Meridian; no location has been announced.

Boise Temple Renovation

The Boise Idaho Temple has now closed to receive new interior finishes and furnishings; remodeled restrooms; new ceiling boards; and updated auxiliary systems. The grounds will be reconfigured with new sidewalks and stairways, retaining walls and planters, and a decorative water feature. A new grounds shop addition will also be constructed.

Boise Idaho Temple to Close for Extensive Renovation

The First Presidency has announced the closure of the Boise Idaho Temple beginning Monday, July 11, for an extensive renovation of the building. Following construction, the temple will be rededicated. During the closure, patrons will be accommodated at the Twin Falls Idaho Temple.