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Four South American Temples to Begin Phase 1 of Reopening

On November 23, 2020, four temples in South America will begin Phase 1 of reopening including the Arequipa Peru Temple, Buenos Aires Argentina Temple, Lima Peru Temple, and Trujillo Peru Temple. That brings the total number of reopened temples to 155 with five of those temples currently paused. Newly paused temples include the Sacramento California Temple and San Diego California Temple.

Arequipa Peru Temple Dedicated

Elder Ulisses Soares of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles dedicated the Arequipa Peru Temple today, making it the 167th temple in operation and the 3rd in Peru, joining the Lima Peru Temple and Trujillo Peru Temple. At the cornerstone ceremony preceding the dedicatory sessions, Elder Soares said: "Today is a glorious day for all Arequipa and for this beautiful country. At this special moment, we must raise our thoughts to our Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ who is the true cornerstone of this work and of our lives, on which everything else rests." The evening before the dedication, Elder Soares spoke to youth in a special devotional that was broadcast to meetinghouses in the temple district.

Public Open House Begins Friday for Arequipa Peru Temple

The public is invited to see the newly completed Arequipa Peru Temple beginning this Friday, November 15, and continuing through Saturday, November 30, 2019. The free tours will be offered Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (No reservations are needed.) The Flor de Texao, a symbol of Arequipa, is used in carved hardwood, art glass windows, metal fixtures, and stonework. The flooring features white and cream carpets, Perlantino marble tile, and woolen area rugs from China. Giclee prints depicting the life of Jesus Christ hang in the corridors. The main entrance plaza features a Spanish-style water fountain, and landscaping incorporates a mixture of grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees native to the region including the cantuta, the national flower of Peru.

Arequipa Peru Temple Public Open House

The presidency of the South America Northwest Area is inviting the public to participate in the open house for the Arequipa Peru Temple beginning in one month on Friday, November 15, and continuing through Saturday, November 30, 2019, except for Sundays, November 17 and 24. Free tours will be offered from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Watch the new video presentation posted last evening.

Fountain Operating at the Arequipa Peru Temple

Streams of water cascade down the three-tiered fountain at the center of the entrance plaza to the Arequipa Peru Temple. Over the next few weeks, skilled craftsmen will complete the interior of the building in time for the November public open house. The temple will be dedicated on December 15 and opened for ordinance work the week before Christmas.

Idyllic Setting of the Arequipa Peru Temple

Cows munch on the soft green grass that fills the terraced pastureland below the Arequipa Peru Temple. The magnificent structure stands in a pocket of paradise in the middle of Arequipa's sprawling metropolitan area of over one million people. Finish work is progressing nicely inside the building where ornate light fixtures, detailed millwork, marble baseboards, and interior art glass are being installed.

Arequipa Peru Temple Art Glass Windows

The art glass windows in the Arequipa Peru Temple feature beautiful depictions of a flower that is representative of Arequipa known as El Texao. The deep reds and vibrant greens are especially visible at night when the light emanating from the temple's interior backlights the stunning details of the windows.

Lovely Landscaping at the Arequipa Peru Temple

A handsome display of trees, shrubs, and flowers have filled the grounds of the Arequipa Peru Temple, adding to the tranquility of the serene setting. Temporary glass has been replaced by stained glass in the temple's window openings, and workers continue finish work on the interior. The public open house for the temple complex begins in five months.

Open House and Dedication Announced for the Arequipa Peru Temple

The First Presidency has announced the opening dates for the Arequipa Peru Temple. The general public is invited to attend a free open house beginning Friday, November 15, and continuing through Saturday, November 30, 2019, except for Sundays, November 17 and 24. A youth devotional will be held Saturday, December 14, and the dedication will follow on Sunday, December 15, in three sessions at 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m. The devotional and dedicatory sessions will be broadcast to meetinghouses within the temple district. The temple opens to patrons on Thursday, December 19, 2019.

Landscaping Nearly Completed at the Arequipa Peru Temple

The verdant grounds of the Arequipa Peru Temple are teeming with life including the recently added palm trees, plants, flowers, ground cover, and sod. A monument sign has been placed on the south side of the property, and temporary glass has been installed in all of the window openings, including the cupola.

Landscaping Around the Arequipa Peru Temple

A captivating aerial photograph shows the continued rapid pace of construction at the Arequipa Peru Temple where new landscaping is appearing around the immediate area of the temple including a beautiful Spanish-tiled fountain at the temple entrance and gathering plazas on each side of the building. A black weed barrier has been laid for the soft landscaping with new trees and shrubs already making their appearance.

3D Model of Arequipa Peru Temple Includes Volcanoes

An updated 3D model of the Arequipa Peru Temple includes the magnificent mountains and volcanoes that surround the region. The most prominent and symmetrical volcano, named Misti, rises 19,101 feet (5,822 meters) into the air. The last time that the volcano erupted was in 1985.

Nighttime Flyover at the Arequipa Peru Temple

The Arequipa Peru Temple is a stunning sight at night—a physical manifestation of the spiritual light that emanates from the holy structure. "Verily, thus saith the Lord:…every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me…shall see my face and know that I am; and that I am the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world" (Doctrine and Covenants 93:1–2).

Exterior Lighting at the Arequipa Peru Temple

Exterior lighting of the Arequipa Peru Temple is creating a splendid nighttime sight around the community of Carmen Alto. The first lighting tests coincided with the Church's "Light the World" initiative during the month of December, and the fully lit temple was on display while fireworks filled the sky to celebrate the New Year.

Swift Progress at the Arequipa Peru Temple

Contractors at the Arequipa Peru Temple site are working at a commendable pace on the buildings and grounds. On the west side of the property, the guardhouse, monument sign, and decorative perimeter fence are in place. The lighting system for the grounds and temple exterior is largely installed and undergoing testing.

Lighting Being Installed at the Arequipa Peru Temple Grounds

The oval-shaped plaza that anchors the grounds of the Arequipa Peru Temple is coming to life at night with the recent installation of lamp posts and bollards that illuminate the driveways and walkways. Sod has already been laid, and bushes and trees have been planted.

Angel Moroni Crowns the Arequipa Peru Temple

It was a special day yesterday for the Saints of Arequipa and Southern Peru as the brilliant gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni was hoisted to stand atop the lantern that caps the cupola of Peru's third temple, the Arequipa Peru Temple. Hundreds of spectators gathered for the event and expressed their enthusiasm.

Stone Cladding Nearly Reaches Dome of Arequipa Peru Temple

The carved pieces of granite being attached to the exterior walls of the Arequipa Peru Temple have nearly reached the top of tower. A suspended scaffold still hangs just below the base of the dome as the final slabs are set into place. Temporary window coverings allow work to proceed on the interior.

Stone Cladding Reaches Tower of Arequipa Peru Temple

Stone installers at the Arequipa Peru Temple have made significant progress cladding the exterior of the building over the past several months. Stone has now reached the base of the domed tower. Work continues simultaneously on the interior of the structure.

Up-Close Look at the Holiness to the Lord Inscription in Arequipa

A new photograph of the upper facade of the Arequipa Peru Temple offers an up-close look at the Holiness to the Lord inscription. The words are flanked by scrolled stones and topped with an elegant arch. The exceptionally beautiful stonework continues its progress up the temple walls.

A Breathtaking Setting for the Arequipa Peru Temple

Motorists traveling toward the village of Carmen Alto in Arequipa, Peru, are met with the spectacular sight of the rising Arequipa Peru Temple against the natural backdrop of rugged mountains and gentle pasture land. Cladding of the exterior is nearing the level of the tower.

Arequipa Peru Temple Facade

As each piece of stone is attached to the exterior of the Arequipa Peru Temple, the beautiful facade of the building continues to take shape featuring magnificent pillars, arches, and scrolled stones. The temple will be third constructed in the nation of Peru with a fourth announced for the Lima metropolitan area.

Retaining Wall Going Up Around Arequipa Peru Temple

To create a level site for the Arequipa Peru Temple and its auxiliary facilities, a series of retaining walls are being constructed around the perimeter of the property and faced in an attractive stone. The black decorative fence that will surround the grounds is also being erected.

Scaffolding Set Atop the Arequipa Peru Temple

Two towering stacks of scaffolding have set atop the Arequipa Peru Temple in preparation for the delivery and installation of the steel steeple framework that will sit on the building's center. Work continues inside the enclosed structure.

Temporary Windows for the Arequipa Peru Temple

Crews at the Arequipa Peru Temple are installing temporary windows to enclose the structure as work on the interior has commenced. The steel framework for the steeple is being assembled off site before it is delivered for installation.

Work Begins Inside the Arequipa Peru Temple

The completion of the beautiful concrete shell of the has allowed construction to proceed inside the walls. Early activities include framing and roughing-in utilities. Crews are also backfilling the foundation.

Exterior Walls Completed for Arequipa Peru Temple

Construction of the continues to make steady, unobstructed progress. The concrete exterior walls of the building have been finished, and the large tower crane that has conspicuously marked the site has been removed. A beautiful domed cupola will stand atop the temple.

Preparing for Steeple Base of Arequipa Peru Temple

At the , crews are installing a vapor barrier along the foundation walls and preparing to pour the walls for the base of the steeple. The contractor for the temple is also overseeing construction of the similarly designed .

Preparing for Roof Slab at Arequipa Peru Temple

Walls are completed for the second floor of the Arequipa Peru Temple with crews now preparing for the roof slab, parapet walls, and tower walls. The construction company, which has experience building other temples, is making steady progress.

Exterior Walls Rising for the Arequipa Peru Temple

Crews at the Arequipa Peru Temple have made progress on pouring the second level exterior walls for the temple and the adjoining housing facility. The new temple complex will serve the tens of thousands of members living in Southern Peru.