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A View from Above of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

The day following the installation of the angel Moroni, the beautiful Winnipeg Manitoba Temple was captured from the perspective of a drone, showing the progress on all sides of the building. The brickwork has nearly been completed, and roof work continues. The flyover also gives a good view of the attractive landscaping including the curved walkways and the garden areas around the perimeter. Watch the video.

Angel Moroni Added to the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Following an unsuccessful attempt on July 15, Saints are rejoicing at the installation of the angel Moroni statue today atop the spire of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple under beautiful blue skies. The event comes less than three months before a public open house is scheduled to begin on October 22, 2020, and continue through October 31. Construction is nearing completion with interior finish work well underway and a little brickwork and roof work remaining on the exterior.

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Art Glass Windows

The art glass windows installed over the past few weeks in the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple reflect brilliantly under the blue skies featured in the latest photographs of the temple complex. Window installation continues on the front and rear sides of the temple and will soon begin in the lantern, just beneath the spire. Brick layers are also making steady progress up the front side of the building.

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple to Be Dedicated in November

People of all faiths are invited to tour the beautiful Winnipeg Manitoba Temple during a free open house starting Thursday, October 22, and continuing through Saturday, October 31, 2020, except for Sunday, October 25. Visitors will learn more about the purpose of the temple and have an opportunity to ask questions. Elder Gerrit W. Gong of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will dedicate the temple on Sunday, November 8, 2020, in three sessions, at 9:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, and 3:00 p.m. A youth devotional will be held on the evening prior to the dedication.

Beautiful Brickwork Adorns the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Brickwork has been completed on three sides of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple, leaving only the front side where the most detailed patterns will be laid. A light-colored stone around the windows and the base of the building set off the deep red hues of the brick. Increasing temperatures has allowed work on the roof to resume. A gray underlayment has been installed on the roof deck, which will be covered with dark brown shingles.

Presidents Called for Temples in Winnipeg, Yigo, and San Juan

The First Presidency has called the temple president and matron for three temples that are under construction. George L. and Linda A. Spencer have been called to oversee activities in the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. Marlo O. and Memnet P. Lopez will serve patrons of the Yigo Guam Temple. And Justo P. and Lucy R. Casablanca will have charge over the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple.

Exterior Tarps Coming Down at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

The brickwork and stonework on the exterior of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple is being revealed as orange tarps that have clung to the building for the last several months are removed. Work started on the east side of the temple, moved to the rear, and then to the west, finally reaching the front side a few weeks ago.

Construction Moving Forward in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tarps are stretching across the front of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple as bricklayers make their way around the building and up the facade. The windowed tower, still covered in foam board insulation, will also be covered in brick. Winter weather is expected to subside over the next couple of months, removing the hindrance of cold temperatures and allowing construction to move ahead at an accelerated pace.

Brickwork Progressing on the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Tarps are covering nearly all sides of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple, protecting masons as they continue to lay a reddish-colored brick in handsome patterns along the building's exterior walls. The adjoining brick meetinghouse is already completed on the outside. Last month, the spire was attached to the tower of the temple. Work is progressing on the interior.

Spire Attached to Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Tower

The gold-colored spire of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple, which has stood in a staging area near the temple for the past few months, was installed today in its permanent location atop the tower over the main entrance. Subcontractors continue to work on the interior and exterior of the building through the challenging winter months.

Beautiful Day at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

The new year brought blue skies to the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple where brick is being laid under bright orange tarps, and finish work is progressing on the interior of the building. The temple will significantly reduce travel time for members who currently drive several hours to perform ordinance work in the temple, especially the Regina Saskatchewan Temple.

Laying Exterior Brick at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Orange tarps are draped around the exterior of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple to keep brick layers and their materials warm under Canada's frigid winter temperatures. In a staging area in front of the temple, the frame for the spire has been sheathed and is being painted gold. The exterior of the adjoining meetinghouse is nearly completed including functioning exterior light fixtures.

Sheathing the Exterior of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

A beige sheathing layer is being installed over the green insulating layer on the exterior of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple in preparation for the brick exterior. At the adjacent meetinghouse, brickwork is nearly finished and the interior is progressing. Major landscaping elements are in place including curbing, lamp posts, and some trees and asphalt.

Installing Asphalt at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Pavers have begun installing asphalt in the parking lots surrounding the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple and adjoining meetinghouse. Soft landscaping is also underway with trees being planted along the driveway that leads to the temple complex. Excellent progress has been achieved on the brick exterior of the meetinghouse.

Enclosing the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

With temperatures slowly sinking across the Interior Plains, laborers at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple have boarded up the window openings and have nearly finished enclosing the structure. The metal framework for the spire sits on a staging pad in front of the temple. Watch a new video of a flight taken over the meetinghouse and temple.

Curbing Poured at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Construction at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple complex has made several notable advancements including recently poured curbing, an addition to the structural support for the temple tower, more roofing underlayment attached to the roof deck, the installation of several lamp posts, and the laying of brick at the meetinghouse.

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Roofing Underlayment

The roofing underlayment being applied to the roof deck of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple will provide a waterproof barrier and an added layer of protection from harsh weather conditions. Exterior walls are being attached to the front entrance of the building. By enclosing the structure before winter, weather-related delays to construction will be reduced.

Tower Framework Installed Atop Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

The structural steel framing for the tower that will support the steeple of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple has been attached to the building's entrance framing. Plans call for a stained glass-filled lantern topped by an elegant gold spire and capped with an angel Moroni statue.

Structural Framing Continues for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Structural framing for the entrance to the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple was set into place today. The entrance will support a handsome steeple with a gold-colored spire, capped with an angel Moroni statue. On the rear side of the roof, framing for a chimney can be seen. Exterior walls have been attached to much of the steel structure.

Steeple Added to Meetinghouse at Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Site

Watch a video taken yesterday of the installation of the steeple atop the meetinghouse at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple site. Exterior walls have been attached to the steel frame of the temple. Numerous trees are on site waiting until they can be integrated into the landscaping. Work is moving quickly in the warmth of the summer months.

Decking Out the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Steel roof decking is being attached to the trusses of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple, and a mockup has been assembled next to the building as a reference for the exterior finishes. Crews have completed laying shingles atop the roof of the adjoining meetinghouse and are wrapping the areas above gables and around window openings with a moisture-protective housewrap.

Wings Added to Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Structural steel framing continues to rise for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple, including the recent addition of the east and west wings. The temple stands near the entrance monument to The Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater in Southwest Winnipeg. Framing is also advancing on the adjacent meetinghouse.

Structural Framing Begins for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

A crane is lifting steel beams into place over the concrete foundation and floor slab for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple, as work commences on the superstructure of the building. The structural framing will form the sturdy roof and exterior walls of the temple. Next door, interior framing is underway at the meetinghouse.

Main Floor Concrete Slab for Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Concrete mixers and a concrete pump truck are making the final pours for the main floor slab of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple while wood framing and sheathing continue on the adjacent meetinghouse. A small building for dispensing Church products and services will also be part of the complex.

Roof Trusses Installed on Winnipeg Meetinghouse

The roof trusses that were delivered to the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple site several weeks ago have been installed atop the on-site meetinghouse that is being framed and sheathed in wood. The concrete crew is pouring the floor slab for the temple using winter construction techniques to allow the concrete to properly cure.

Framing the Meetinghouse at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Site

Despite the snow and freezing temperatures, laborers at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple site are pressing on and making progress on the two buildings. Much of the meetinghouse has been framed, and roof trusses are on site ready to join the building's two wings together. The foundation for the temple is being poured, revealing the location of the baptistry on the east side of the edifice.

Information Center Opens at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Site

A trailer has been established as an information center at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple site where missionaries will receive guests wanting more information about the construction project. Framing and wood sheathing are going up for the on-site meetinghouse. Foundation work continues on the temple.

New 3D Model Posted for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Based on the updated rendering for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple that was recently released by Church headquarters, modeler Brian Olson has posted his beautiful new 3D model for the temple. Construction work on the temple is currently focused on the footings and foundation.

Updated Rendering Released for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

After making several revisions to the original design for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple, a new official rendering has been released. The most obvious change is the use of red brick for the exterior walls with light-colored trim accents, possibly Tyndall stone. The spire will be gold, complementing the angel Moroni statue. The more detailed exterior features keystones, brick columns, and a chimney.

Preparing for Pile Foundation of the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

Work has commenced on building the pile foundation for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. For the past several months, the focus has been on building the foundation for the on-site meetinghouse. Now both buildings will be under construction.