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Tijuana Mexico Temple Dedicated

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the First Presidency, dedicated the Tijuana Mexico Temple today. "We love you," he said. "We bring you the love and greetings of President Monson. His heart is here. He will participate by internet, by television. He will see it. He will hear you."

Take a Tour of the Tijuana Mexico Temple

Free guided tours of the Tijuana Mexico Temple will be available to the public beginning Friday, November 13, and continuing through Saturday, November 28. Take a virtual tour to view photographs of the exterior and interior.

Tijuana Mexico Temple Open House

The public open house for the Tijuana Mexico Temple begins in just one week on Friday, November 13. The temple will be open Mondays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (No tickets are needed.)

Preparing for Open House in Tijuana

With just four weeks remaining before the public open house of the Tijuana Mexico Temple (November 13–28), laborers are applying the finishing touches to the building.

Monument Sign Installed at Tijuana Mexico Temple

A beautiful mission-style monument sign has been installed on the grounds of the Tijuana Mexico Temple. The distinctive detailing and bright white coloring coordinate perfectly with the sacred structure. The public is invited to an open house for the temple in November.

Interior Work Progressing at Tijuana Mexico Temple

Laborers at the Tijuana Mexico Temple have nearly seven months to complete the building before doors open for the public open house in November. With the exterior finished including the wrought-iron fence, work is progressing inside on painting walls and laying beautiful tile.

Open House and Dedication Dates Announced for the Tijuana Mexico Temple

A free public open house for the Tijuana Mexico Temple will be held Friday, November 13, through Saturday, November 28, 2015 (except Sundays). The temple will be dedicated on Sunday, December 13.

Tijuana Mexico Temple Tower

Decorative touches are being added to the Tijuana Mexico Temple tower including soft accent lighting and beautiful wrought-iron work that will provide ornamentation in the arched openings found in the base section of the tower and in the cupola.

Exterior Lighting Tests at the Tijuana Mexico Temple

Members in Tijuana are catching their first glimpse of the exterior lighting for the Tijuana Mexico Temple, as lighting tests are now underway for the beautiful new building. Tijuana is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in Mexico.

Mexico's Thirteenth Temple

The beautiful Tijuana Mexico Temple—virtually finished on the outside—stands in the southeastern section of the city near the Cerro Colorado. Work is focused on the interior.

Windows Installed, Landscaping Progressing at Tijuana Mexico Temple

The bright colors and bold patterns embraced in Mexican culture are carried into the recently installed stained glass windows at the Tijuana Mexico Temple. The pristine grounds that surround the building present a beautiful juxtaposition of natural desert foliage and vibrant green grass. Construction advances steadily on the Spanish Colonial edifice, which is expected to be completed late next year.

Tijuana Mexico Temple Fence

A decorative wrought-iron fence has been installed around the Tijuana Mexico Temple site, featuring beautiful detailing consistent with the design motif of the temple.

Tijuana Saints Look Forward to Completion of Temple

As construction of the Tijuana Mexico Temple advances, anticipation grows in the joyful Saints who look forward to its completion. Grilles have recently been added to the lower window openings.

Tijuana Mexico Temple Complex

A recently submitted photograph of the Tijuana Mexico Temple complex shows the planted trees, new fencing, and boarded window openings in the supporting buildings.

Tijuana Mexico Temple Exterior

Scaffolding around the Tijuana Mexico Temple tower and a boom lift are getting workers to the areas of the exterior where seams between panels need to be filled.

Visualizing the Completed Tijuana Mexico Temple

As the exterior of the Tijuana Mexico Temple nears completion, many are envisioning how the final temple complex may appear. Artist Brian Olson shares his three-dimensional representation of the temple in a YouTube video, which highlights the distinctly Mexican influences of the architectural design.

Palm Trees Arrive at Tijuana Mexico Temple

With the attachment of exterior panels to the Tijuana Mexico Temple nearly complete, including the scrolled supports around the tower, the focus is turning to the interior and the landscaping of the grounds where palm trees stand ready for planting.

Tijuana Exterior Nearly Complete

With the addition of posts and balusters to the Tijuana Mexico Temple tower, few pieces remain to complete the beautiful Spanish Colonial exterior of the building.

Milestone Reached in Tijuana

A gold-leafed figure of the angel Moroni—a beloved symbol of the restored Church—was fastened to the top of the cupola of the Tijuana México Temple tower today.

Cupola Added to Tijuana México Temple

The cupola that will soon support a gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni has been added to the Tijuana México Temple. Framework stands ready around the base of the tower for archways topped with scrolled embellishments.

Tijuana Temple Tower Panels

The attachment of concrete panels to the exterior of the Tijuana México Temple has reached the level of the tower. The rear side remains to be done.

Tijuana Progress

White precast panels have been attached to the exterior of the Tijuana México Temple, leaving the focus on the central tower. Work advances on the other buildings in the complex as well.

More Advancements at the Tijuana México Temple

The Tijuana México Temple has grown a little taller with the addition of a third tier of structural steel to the temple tower. Mission-style gables and finials have now appeared along the top of the bright white exterior walls, which are also reminiscent of Spanish colonial architecture. The temple is Mexico's thirteenth.

Portico Built and Tower Framework Rising for Tijuana México Temple

The beautiful Tijuana México Temple continues to take shape with the recent addition of a portico over the main entrance and steel framework for the central tower. White precast concrete panels cover the majority of the exterior, which gives the building a distinct Spanish Colonial feel. The site plan calls for additional buildings to join the temple complex.

Panels Going Up Fast on Tijuana México Temple

Large cranes continue to hoist bright white panels at the Tijuana México Temple for attachment to the exterior. The beautiful building will serve the growing LDS population in Baja California who currently travel to San Diego for temple ordinance work.

Tijuana México Temple Receives First Exterior Panels

Bright white precast concrete panels featuring mission-style arches have made their first appearance on the exterior walls of the Tijuana México Temple. Inside the walls, steel framing has been erected for the central tower, which will support the traditional angel Moroni statue.

An Elevated View of the Tijuana México Temple

A newly submitted photograph of the Tijuana México Temple gives a unique perspective on the construction progress. The exterior walls have been poured, which will be faced in a white stone and topped with a mission-style steeple.

Second Floor Walls Nearing Completion in Tijuana, México

Just south of the U.S. border in the city of Tijuana—home to nearly 1.8 million residents—the Tijuana México Temple continues to grow with the second level walls nearing completion. A decorative parapet wall will rise above the occupied portion of the building.

Work Begins on Second Level Walls in Tijuana

Rising near the base of Tijuana's prominent Cerro Colorado, the Tijuana México Temple is establishing its own prominence with work on the exterior walls, which have reached the second level. The temple is the country's thirteenth.

Main Floor Taking Shape of Tijuana México Temple

Under the clear, sunny Mexican skies, the Tijuana México Temple continues to rise at its Paseo del Río location. The majority of the main floor exterior walls have been poured, cementing into place plenty of rebar for the second floor.