Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Taylorsville Utah Temple

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedicated 2 June 2024
by Gerrit W. Gong

O God, our Eternal Father, Thou Great Elohim, in the sacred and holy name of Jesus Christ, we come to dedicate the Taylorsville Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Dear Father in Heaven, we rejoice today in Thy great plan of happiness, centered in the perfect life and divine ministry, atoning sacrifice, voluntary death and glorious Resurrection of Thy Son Jesus Christ. We rejoice that with infinite and eternal love, our Savior leads and guides, strengthens and heals, liberates us from death and hell. We rejoice that the sacred covenants and ordinances available in this house of the Lord can help cleanse, sanctify and make us holy without spot, and that we can be sealed as families, happy and forever, in time and eternity.

Dear Father in Heaven, we are grateful today for the myriad blessings that come with the continuing restoration of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We thank Thee, O God, for a prophet, from the Prophet Joseph Smith to President Russell M. Nelson today. We thank Thee, dear Father, that faith and restored priesthood authority and power can bless our lives, literally from cradle to grave and into eternity. We are grateful that, in the divine pattern of saviors on Mount Zion, sacred ordinances, performed one by one, name by name, connect us and those we love by covenant with Thee and Thy Son and can bring the power of godliness as we walk Thy path of righteousness marked by sacred covenants.

Dear Father in Heaven, we remember today a treasured “over Jordan” heritage. Over many years, individuals and families from many lands, languages and circumstances have consecrated heart and hand to make this central part of a great desert valley blossom as a rose.

Dear Father in Heaven, at this time of dedication, we dedicate and rededicate today ourselves to Thee and Thy Son, to be even more faithful, obedient, righteous, caring, generous, forgiving. We pledge to be guided even more by the spiritual influence we feel come from this magnificent house of the Lord, now in our midst, as it were, our shadow by day and our pillar by night.

We pledge, dear Eternal Father, as our circumstances allow, to come frequently to Thee and Thy Son, truly seeking holiness here in the house of the Lord. May unselfish service for ancestors we love draw us closer to them and to Thee, dear Father, and to Thy Son, so extended families on both sides of the veil can become, through Thy Son’s Atonement and sanctifying grace, more complete and perfect.

And, so, dear God our Eternal Father, in the authority of the holy Melchizedek Priesthood and under the direction of President Russell M. Nelson, we dedicate this Taylorsville Utah Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Thee and Thy Son, Jesus Christ.

We dedicate it from the bottom of its foundations to the top of its spire, each room and function for its sacred purpose, its mechanical and structural systems, its beautiful gardens and surrounding areas, that this may be a covenant place of generational sealing, of reverence, peace and inspiration.

We acknowledge the daily sacrifices and dedication of generations of Saints, who consecrated their time and talents and were and are faithful and generous in their tithes and offerings. We thank Thee for blessings sought and received from groundbreaking to this dedication. Please continue to bless the communities in which this house of the Lord is found. Let them always be places of goodwill and good neighborliness.

Dear Father in Heaven, please bless all who come here to worship and serve, presidents and presidencies, matrons and assistants to the matron, ordinance workers and patrons, missionaries, brides and grooms, new and returning members, rising generations, those coming often or for the first time. Dear Father, please bless those who come with broken hearts and contrite spirits, seeking comfort or guidance for themselves or others; please hear and sanctify their pleas, uttered or unexpressed, in Thy wisdom and time. May those who come feel Thy presence and Spirit. In Thy holy time and way, O God, our Eternal Father, we pray that Thee and Thy Son wouldst accept this temple as a house of the Lord.

Dear Father, please bless all who come to this temple to do so with clean hands and pure hearts. Let nothing detract from Thy Spirit here. Let this be a holy place protected and preserved from natural disruptions or any unhallowed hand or intent.

Dear Father in Heaven, we love Thee. We love Thy Son. On this sacred day, we express the joy, gratitude, remembrance and dedication of our hearts. We shout hosanna to God and the Lamb. We sing “let glory to them in the highest be given, henceforth and forever, amen and amen.”

In the sacred and holy name of Jesus Christ, amen.