Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Tampico Mexico Temple

Temple District

The Tampico Mexico Temple serves members from 11 stakes and 2 districts headquartered in Southern Tamaulipas, Northern Veracruz, Eastern San Luis Potosí, and Eastern Hidalgo:

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Southern Tamaulipas
Ciudad Mante México Stake
Ciudad Victoria México North Stake
Ciudad Victoria México Stake
Madero México Stake
Tampico México Bosque Stake
Tampico México Stake
Northern Veracruz
Pánuco México District
Papantla México Stake
Poza Rica México Palmas Stake
Poza Rica México Stake
Tuxpan México Stake
Eastern San Luis Potosí
Ciudad Valles México Stake
Eastern Hidalgo
Huejutla de Reyes México District