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Drilling for Tallahassee Florida Temple Pile Foundation

A massive auger is suspended from a crane at the Tallahassee Florida Temple site, ready to drill deep cylindrical cavities into the earth for a pile foundation. The cast-in-place piles will distribute the weight of the temple to the bedrock beneath, providing solid support for the sacred edifice. The concrete retaining walls for the storm detention system are visible along the tree line.

Staging Rebar at the Tallahassee Florida Temple Site

While site grading continues for the Tallahassee Florida Temple, reinforcing steel is being staged for footings, foundations, and landscape structures. Construction has also just begun on the retaining walls planned for the storm water management area. The rich, reddish-colored soil that is being uncovered is typical of the Red Hills region where the temple is being constructed—stretching from the north side of Tallahassee to Thomasville, Georgia.

Clearing the Tallahassee Florida Temple Site

Heavy machinery is clearing vegetation from the heavily wooded site for the Tallahassee Florida Temple. The groundbreaking event for the state's third temple was held earlier this month under the direction of James B. Martino. It will serve Church members in North Florida who currently travel to the Orlando Florida Temple in Central Florida or to the Birmingham Alabama Temple in North Central Alabama.

Groundbreaking Event Held for the Tallahassee Florida Temple

Elder James B. Martino, North America Southeast Area President, presided today at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Tallahassee Florida Temple, located in the northeast section of Florida's capital city. "This temple will bless the entire land around it and the entire community. It will be a beacon of holiness and a place of peace for all to both see and feel. Here we will seek to draw closer to God, to hear His voice, and seek to follow His teachings," said Elder Martino. The 29,000-square-foot temple will rise on a 4.97-acre site adjacent to the meetinghouse on Thomasville Road at 2440 Papillion Way. It will be third temple in Florida, joining the Orlando Florida Temple and Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple. Watch the groundbreaking video.

Sample Panel Presented for the Tallahassee Florida Temple

Details of the design and materials planned for the Tallahassee Florida Temple were shared at a pre-groundbreaking event held on May 22, 2021, including a sample panel of the white precast concrete exterior. The stone will be cast in a variety of shapes and sizes to bring numerous special features to the building including ornamental lintels, Ionic columns, and a magnificent tiered steeple with three levels of windows and a gleaming gold dome.

Young Single Adults Help Prepare the Tallahassee Florida Temple Site

A service activity held Friday evening at the Tallahassee Florida Temple site brought young single adults together from the local region to help clear and prepare the property the next month's groundbreaking event. Vegetation was pruned, mowed, and raked to clear a spot among the trees where a stand and chairs can be set up for the service. The temple will be built on Thomasville Road, which is a highway connecting to Thomasville, Georgia.

June Groundbreaking Announced for the Tallahassee Florida Temple

The First Presidency has announced that ground will be broken for the Tallahassee Florida Temple in June 2021. Elder James B. Martino, North America Southeast Area President, will preside at the invitation-only event. The single-story, 29,000-square-foot temple will be constructed on a 4.97-acre site at 2440 Papillion Way in Tallahassee. The addition of a distribution center for Church products and materials will also be part of the project. Photographs from the services will be shared after the event.

Location of Tallahassee Florida Temple Announced

The location of the Tallahassee Florida Temple has been announced as a 4.97-acre site at 2440 Papillon Way across from the meetinghouse on Thomasville Road. An official rendering has also been released. The single-story temple will be approximately 29,000 square feet with a center spire. A distribution center will also be constructed. Project leaders are working with City officials on preliminary plans and will soon file public documents. A groundbreaking date has not been set yet.