Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

St. Paul Minnesota Temple

Presidents and Matrons

Temple presidents and matrons are called to oversee all activities performed at the temple. They serve voluntarily, usually for a period of several years. Following is a list of the current and former presidents and matrons of the St. Paul Minnesota Temple.

Temple President Temple Matron Years Served
Robert Leonard Foote Kally Rae Henderson Foote 2022–2022
E. Bradley Wilson Mari-Lynn Johnston Wilson 2019–2022
Nathaniel Robertson Payne Shauna Lee Meikle Payne 2016–2019
David Darrell Smith Colleen Jones Smith 2013–2016
C. Kent Hugh Karen Louise Jameson Hugh 2010–2013
Gerald Kent Archibald Carol Smith Archibald 2007–2010
Thomas Albert Holt Bonnie Faye Anderson Holt 2004–2007
Kayland Evan Call Virjean Michaels Call 2000–2004