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Photo:  Kate Packer

Scaffolding Reaches the Top of the San Diego California Temple

Scaffolding has been extended to the tops of the spires of the San Diego California Temple in preparation for refurbishment of the finials and angel Moroni statue. Renovation of the temple has been underway for the past seven-and-a-half months. Leaks in the roof and windows have been addressed while outdated systems and materials are being replaced inside. Over 720,000 visitors toured the temple when it opened in 1993.
Photo:  Jody Bunker

San Diego California Temple Renovation Progressing

A patch of blue peeks through the clouds over the San Diego California Temple. Scaffolding surrounds nearly the entire building as refurbishment of the art-glass windows continues. Solar-powered security cameras keep the property under constant surveillance. President Russell M. Nelson has said: "Whenever any kind of upheaval occurs in your life, the safest place to be spiritually is living inside your temple covenants."
Photo:  Brian Olson

Replacing Windows in the San Diego California Temple

Nearly the entire exterior of the San Diego California Temple is surrounded in scaffolding, as crews replace windows and carry out refurbishments on the 30-year-old building. The temple became the third dedicated house of the Lord in California in 1993. There are now eight dedicated temples in the state, two under construction in Yorba Linda and Modesto, and two more announced for San Jose and Bakersfield.
Photo:  Darlene Hansen

Scaffolding Erected Around the San Diego California Temple

Scaffolding has been erected around the lower walls of the San Diego California Temple, as renovation of the 30-year-old house of the Lord gets underway. Crews will refurbish the roof and ensure that seals are tight around all the windows to prevent water from leaking. The iconic structure stands on the east side of Interstate 5 and is a spectacular sight for motorists, especially in the evening when the exterior is lit.
Photo:  Aaron Nuffer

San Diego California Temple Closes for Major Renovation

Following the conclusion of ordinance work today, the San Diego California Temple will close for major renovation. Some of the work planned for the 30-year-old building includes remediation of leakage problems with the roof and windows, repurposing of the cafeteria and dining room area, and the enlarging of some of the ordinance spaces. No anticipated timeline has been given of how long the temple will remain closed.
Photo:  Pam Burt

Major Renovation Announced for the San Diego California Temple

The San Diego California Temple will close in July 2023 for extensive renovations. A public open house and rededication will be announced following the completion of the renovation. During the closure, members of the Church in Southern California are encouraged to attend other temples in the area. There are seven dedicated temples in California, two under construction, and three more in the planning stages.
Photo:  Scott C. Sorensen

List of Temporary Temple Closures Reaches 40

As worldwide efforts advance to contain the spread of COVID-19, more temples that were operating on a restricted basis have fully closed, including all of the temples in the state of California, bringing the total number of closures to 40. A few that had closed before March 13 have reopened on an appointment-only basis for living ordinances. Strict limits on attendance are observed that comply with all government guidelines.

Gleaming White Exterior of San Diego Temple Preserved

The San Diego California Temple, an I-5 landmark, has been surrounded in scaffolding as of late as crews clean and seal the exterior of the building and make repairs on the roof and seams. Before its dedication in 1993, over 700,000 people toured the interior.