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Open House Tours Announced for the Quito Ecuador Temple

The public is invited to tour the Quito Ecuador Temple starting Friday, October 14, and continuing through Saturday, October 29, 2022, with no tours held on Sundays. The temple will be formally dedicated in three sessions on Sunday, November 20, 2022. Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will preside. The temple was announced on April 3, 2016, and the groundbreaking followed on May 11, 2019.

A Beautiful Temple for the Capital of Ecuador

Members continue to patiently await an announcement of the open house and dedication dates for the Quito Ecuador Temple. Construction of the buildings has been completed for several months, and the temple president and matron have been named, but conditions have not yet permitted the opening events to move forward. The stunning temple is a favorite location for local members and missionaries to take pictures.

Quito Ecuador Temple Entrance Plaza

The beautiful cobblestone entrance plaza has been completed at the Quito Ecuador Temple. A lighted tiered fountain sits at the center, surrounded by a stone-clad wall at seating height. Bollard lights separate the plaza from the driveway and light the garden spaces on either side, featuring expressive palm trees, fresh plants, and green groundcover. The paneled doors are a dark rich wood, flanked by colorful art glass and ornamental stone.

The Quito Ecuador Temple All Aglow

The exterior lighting system for the Quito Ecuador Temple is fully operational and running on a regular schedule. A new series of photographs captures the temple at night from various locations. The illuminated building is a stunning evening landmark for motorists traveling Ruta Viva. Construction of the temple is in the final stages and is expected to be completed this year.

Quito Ecuador Temple Monument Sign Installed

A monument sign has been installed on the grounds of the Quito Ecuador Temple, inscribed with the name of the Church and the temple. The sign coordinates with the design of the temple, using the same stone as the exterior and contrasting beautifully with the dark green plants that surround the concrete base. The nearly completed grounds feature sections of grass, flower gardens, royal palm trees, and black lamp posts.

Installing the Stained Glass in the Quito Ecuador Temple

Temporary construction glass is being removed from the Quito Ecuador Temple and replaced with the final stained glass. The swirls of blue and green harmonize beautifully with the verdant tones of the nearby Andes mountains and provide a wonderful contrast to the cream-colored exterior. All of the windows in the temple tower have now been installed.

Landscaping the Quito Ecuador Temple Grounds

The gorgeous gardens surrounding the Quito Ecuador Temple are bringing color and life to the circular landscaping and cream-colored buildings that will give thousands of Church members an opportunity to draw closer to the Lord through more frequent temple worship and ordinance work. Gray pavers have created beautiful parking and driveway surfaces across the grounds, which are in the final stages of completion.

Nighttime Lighting for the Quito Ecuador Temple

Installation and testing of the exterior lighting system for the Quito Ecuador Temple is in progress. The four corners of the tower are now regularly illuminated at night by a group of lamps at the tower's base. Work is advancing to the late stages of landscaping and construction. The temple is the second to be built in the country, joining the Guayaquil Ecuador Temple.

A Glorious View of the Quito Ecuador Temple

The cream-colored Quito Ecuador Temple is a stunning sight against the verdant Andes Mountains and foothills. The temple stands in the suburb of Cumbayá at a recently constructed intersection with double roundabouts. The majority of the exterior cladding has been attached to the temple, and palm trees have been planted around the building as landscaping progresses.

Angel Moroni Added to the Quito Ecuador Temple

A gold-leafed figure of the angel Moroni was installed atop the tower of the Quito Ecuador Temple today. The angelic being represented by the statue was instrumental in the restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having appeared to and instructed the Prophet Joseph Smith on multiple occasions. Beautiful cladding continues to be attached to the temple exterior.

View of the Quito Ecuador Temple from a Nearby Roundabout

Standing on the hill next to the roundabout at the Quito Ecuador Temple offers a beautiful view of the temple site with the peaks of the Andes mountains creating a natural backdrop. Cladding of the exterior of the temple continues at various locations including around the walls of the spire. Ornamental details have been incorporated over the windows and in the portico.

Exterior Progress on the Quito Ecuador Temple

The exterior walls of the Quito Ecuador Temple are progressing at all phases. The sealed lower walls are being clad in stone starting from the northeast corner and moving to the southwest. The bare concrete steeple is surrounded by scaffolding to provide a working platform for the crew. Progress is also being made on the interior of the building and on the accompanying housing facility.

Cladding the Quito Ecuador Temple Portico

The majority of the portico at the entrance to the Quito Ecuador Temple has been clad in beautiful white stone, creating fluted columns with decorative medallions. A wide staircase and planter boxes have been poured along the base of the portico. Landscaping plans include a tiered water fountain that will sit in the center of the courtyard area.

Cladding of the Quito Ecuador Temple Underway

Stone cladding has started on the upper walls surrounding the tower of the Quito Ecuador Temple. The metal rod for the spire that will support a gilded fiberglass figure of the angel Moroni was recently installed atop the steeple that sits directly over the Celestial Room. The lower art windows in the tower will stream natural light into that holy space, which is a representation of the heavenly realm.

Spire Support Frame Added to Quito Ecuador Temple

A crane has hoisted the metal frame that will support the spire of the Quito Ecuador Temple to the top of the tower. The rod-like spire will be attached to the frame and hold the angel Moroni statue in place. A concrete sealer has been applied to several of the exterior walls of the temple, and interior work continues to progress on the temple and the adjoining accommodation center.

Aerial Photograph of the Quito Ecuador Temple

A bird's-eye view of the Quito Ecuador Temple construction site shows the clean and professional working environment maintained by the general contractor. The main entrance to the temple faces toward the L-shaped housing facility where several crew members are working on the scaffolding along the rear side of the building. Work has been progressing inside the temple ever since it was enclosed several months ago.

Quito Ecuador Temple Tower Walls in Place

The final sections of the Quito Ecuador Temple tower walls have been poured and topped with brackets that will support the building's slender spire and angel Moroni statue. The temple and accompanying housing facility have been enclosed, allowing interior work to progress. Construction has moved forward steadily at the temple complex, much to the delight of area members who have watched the structures rise.

Time-Lapse Video of the Quito Ecuador Temple

Watch an aerial time-lapse video of the construction of the Quito Ecuador Temple and accommodation center, which has been underway for just 11 months. The superstructures of these facilities are in place, and scaffolding surrounds the temple's tower walls. Ecuador's second temple is rising at a major intersection in the Tumbaco Valley where thousands of motorists will gaze on this House of the Lord daily.

Relief Society Visit to the Quito Ecuador Temple

To commemorate the anniversary month of the organization of the Relief Society, the sisters of the Ponceano Ward of the Quito Ecuador La Ofelia Stake visited the construction site of the Quito Ecuador Temple. The walls of a beautiful tower are rising over the center of the temple while construction progresses simultaneously on a patron housing facility. The Relief Society is the largest women's organization in the world. It was formed 178 years ago this month on March 17, 1842.

Tower of Quito Ecuador Temple Rising

Concrete has been poured for the tower walls rising atop the Quito Ecuador Temple. Window openings in the tower and spire will hold beautiful art glass that will coordinate with glass installed throughout the building. Rebar has been set in preparation for pouring the walls of the spire.

Rebar Rising for the Center Tower of the Quito Ecuador Temple

A collection of new photographs shows the construction progress of the Quito Ecuador Temple. Parapet walls are being poured, and rebar is going up for the center tower. Construction of the temple began almost eight months ago. It will join the Guayaquil Ecuador Temple to serve the 250,000 members in that nation.

Quito Ecuador Temple Construction Advancing

The main floor exterior walls are standing for the Quito Ecuador Temple with distinct openings for the windows and entrances. Steel bars line the edges of the building in preparation for pouring parapet walls. The temple is being constructed on a major interchange of the new Ruta Viva highway that connects the Tumbaco Valley with Quito.

Exterior Walls Going Up for the Quito Ecuador Temple

Construction of the Quito Ecuador Temple has been underway for six months. Over that time, contractors have completed the building's substructure and are now pouring the walls for the temple's superstructure. The temple is rising in the Quito suburb of Cumbayá where new infrastructure is spurring construction throughout the community.

Construction Activity at the Quito Ecuador Temple

It's been nearly a month since the groundbreaking for the Quito Ecuador Temple, and the construction crew has been hard at work on erecting Ecuador's second temple. A white outline of the temple has been made on the ground, and some excavation work has begun. Plans are underway to open a visitors' trailer where questions may be answered and construction activity observed.

Quito Ecuador Temple Groundbreaking Ceremony

It was a beautiful sunny day in Ecuador's capital city for the groundbreaking ceremony held this morning for the Quito Ecuador Temple. Elder Enrique R. Falabella, South America Northwest Area President, presided at the service and gave the site dedicatory prayer. A sweet spirit accompanied the tender testimonies, the moving music, and the powerful prayers. The temple will be the country's second, following the Guayaquil Ecuador Temple (1999).

Clearing the Quito Ecuador Temple Site

In preparation for next month's groundbreaking ceremony for the Quito Ecuador Temple, heavy equipment is on site clearing the ground and hauling away brush and debris. View a video of the activity. The groundbreaking is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 11, with Elder Enrique R. Falabella presiding.

May Groundbreaking Announced for the Quito Ecuador Temple

Elder Enrique R. Falabella, South America Northwest Area President, will preside at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Quito Ecuador Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Saturday, May 11, 2019. Attendance at the temple site is by invitation only, but the general public is invited to view the proceedings live from local meetinghouses.