Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Quito Ecuador Temple

Temple District

The Quito Ecuador Temple is anticipated to serve members from 15 stakes and 3 districts:

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Ambato Ecuador Stake
Esmeraldas Ecuador Stake
Ipiales Colombia District
Los Chillos Ecuador San Rafael Stake
Los Chillos Ecuador Stake
Otavalo Ecuador Imbabura Stake
Otavalo Ecuador Imbaya Stake
Otavalo Ecuador Stake
Pasto Colombia Stake
Popayan Colombia District
Quito Ecuador Calderón Stake
Quito Ecuador Chillogallo Stake
Quito Ecuador Colón Stake
Quito Ecuador La Ofelia Stake
Quito Ecuador Stake
Quito Ecuador Turubamba Stake
Riobamba Ecuador District
Santo Domingo Ecuador Stake