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Pocatello Idaho Temple Bridal Plaza

On the north side of the Pocatello Idaho Temple, forms are being set for a gathering plaza that will especially cater to bridal parties. Brides and grooms will exit from the rear side of the building and walk to the north where they can be received by family and friends and take pictures with the granite walls of the temple as backdrop. Exterior work is progressing with granite cladding climbing the second-level walls and sheathing being attached to the base of the tower. Interior work is also underway on the main level.

Landscaping the Pocatello Idaho Temple Grounds

Over the past three weeks, landscape contractors at the Pocatello Idaho Temple have made major improvements to the temple grounds including sidewalks and trees around the perimeter of the property, trees in the garden spaces, new irrigation lines, and landscape structures at each of the four corners of the site. Installers are attaching granite to the front entrance portico and preparing for granite installation on the second level by attaching hanging brackets and backing. Temporary glass has been installed in all of the window openings, allowing interior work to move forward.

Deliveries to the Pocatello Idaho Temple

Hundreds of crates fill the staging areas around the Pocatello Idaho Temple as deliveries of materials continue to arrive at the construction site like stacks of steel framing studs, window frames, and ductwork; crates full of granite cladding; and dozens of trees awaiting planting. Granite has been installed on most of the main level including all of the north and east sides and much of the south and west. On the second and third floors, interior framing is well underway, ducts are being installed for the HVAC system, and window frames are going in. At the rear corners of the property, concrete footings have been poured and rebar set for landscape structures. Irrigation lines are also being installed.

Temple Presidents Called for Pocatello and Praia

The First Presidency has extended calls to two more couples who will serve as the temple president and matron of temples that are under construction. Bruce H and Karen F. Winegar have been called to oversee the Pocatello Idaho Temple. And Roberto F. and Eliana A. Oliveira will leave Utah to serve in the Praia Cabo Verde Temple.

Granite Cladding Progress at the Pocatello Idaho Temple

Scaffolding stretches across the rear side of the Pocatello Idaho Temple where granite cladding is being attached. Work started on the north end and has wrapped around to the east side. Months of work are ahead to finish cladding the main level and everything above it. Temporary glass has been installed on the main level and framing progresses inside.

Pocatello Idaho Temple Groundbreaking Anniversary

The Pocatello Idaho Temple reached its groundbreaking anniversary today. In just a year's time, both the substructure and superstructure of the building have been erected, an expansive retaining wall installed, all parking lots paved, and the maintenance building constructed. The work is currently focused on enclosing the temple so that interior work may move forward. A beautiful sunset created the perfect backdrop for this heavenly House of the Lord.

A 360-Degree View of the Pocatello Idaho Temple

Get an overhead view of all sides of the Pocatello Idaho Temple by watching the latest aerial flyover. Outstanding progress has been made on the sublime structure, which has been under construction for just under a year. Interior framing is underway on the main floor while sheathing, sealing, window installation, and granite cladding continues on the exterior.

Pocatello Idaho Temple Sheathing Progress

Enclosure of the Pocatello Idaho Temple has made significant progress with GlasRoc sheathing attached to much of the second and third floors. The water- and fire-resistant surface will soon be covered with a white sealant and hanging brackets for the granite cladding. On the main level, window frames are being installed including the decorative metal medallions that depict wildflowers of the region. The section of granite cladding that has been installed on the north end is now visible.

A Peek at the Pocatello Idaho Temple Cladding

The Temple White granite being attached to the exterior of the Pocatello Idaho Temple is visible along the northwest corner of the building. The precut, numbered pieces are assembled like a giant—and very heavy—jigsaw puzzle. Framing for the exterior walls is nearing completion, which will be followed by window installation and roofing. The work of sheathing and cladding the exterior will continue for many months.

Framing Continues for the Pocatello Idaho Temple

Framing progress is visible along the second and third levels of the Pocatello Idaho Temple where workers are attaching shiny framing brackets and steel studs to the exterior of the heavy-gauge structural framing. Large mechanical equipment has been installed in a future mechanical room, located in the the southeast corner of the third floor. Stone cladding continues under plastic sheeting on the north side of the main level.

Construction Milestone Reached at the Pocatello Idaho Temple

The final section of frame for the spire of the Pocatello Idaho Temple was set in place today, bringing the sacred structure to a height of nearly 200 feet. In the coming months, the spire will be covered in granite, as the work of cladding progresses from the ground floor to the top of the tower. The final height of the building will be achieved when the steeple is crowned with a statue of the angel Moroni.

Inspiring Progress at the Pocatello Idaho Temple

The Pocatello Idaho Temple continues to grow taller with each section of steel frame that is installed for the heaven-reaching spire. On the north side of the building, plastic tarps cover a large section of wall where masons are beginning the work of cladding the exterior in stone. The majority of the ground floor has already been sheathed and protected with a sealant. On the second floor, shiny steel studs are making their appearance along the edges of the temple while many more await their turn to be attached.

Watch Live: Pocatello Idaho Temple Construction

The Facebook page for the Pocatello Idaho Temple now features a live feed of the construction activity at the temple site. Light-gauge steel studs continue to be attached to the structural beams that form the steel skeleton of the building, and a gypsum-based sheathing is forming a solid surface for the walls along the north half of the ground floor. Inside the structure, a few concrete pours have taken place including the front staircase, which is still tented while the concrete cures.

Enclosing the Main Level of the Pocatello Idaho Temple

As winter weather settles into East Idaho's mountain valleys, contractors at the Pocatello Idaho Temple are enclosing the main level of the building with thick sheets of plastic to retain heat and to allow the pouring of the main floor slab. Framing of the building is transitioning from heavy gauge steel to light gauge steel—visible along the north and northwest sides of the main level. Structural framing is expected to be completed by December, taking the temple another 85 feet higher. No delays have been experienced since construction of the temple began in March.

Framing for Tower Begins at the Pocatello Idaho Temple

The last day of October saw the first steel beams installed for the tower of the Pocatello Idaho Temple. Structural framing and floor decks have been completed for the first and second floors while structural framing continues for the third floor and the tower. The first segment of the grand staircase has been installed, leading from the first floor to the second floor. Concrete blocks are being set in place for the exterior walls of the maintenance building located in the southwest corner of the property.

Structural Framing Progress at the Pocatello Idaho Temple

Structural framing of the Pocatello Idaho Temple is steadily moving forward with the assistance of a massive crawler crane that lifts and lower steel beams into place. Workers climb on top of the structure to fasten and weld the steel together. Framing began on the north end of the temple and is moving south and east. Several construction trailers have been moved to the newly paved parking lots.

Parking Lots Paved at the Pocatello Idaho Temple

The parking lots and driveways for the Pocatello Idaho Temple were paved with asphalt this week while backfilling of the foundation continues. Installation of the concrete block for the retaining walls is finished. Large shipments of structural and corrugated steel are on site, ready to create the superstructure of the temple once the main floor slab has been poured. The foundation walls on the south side of the building have been painted in a black waterproofing mastic and are being insulated with foam board.

Preparing for Main Floor at the Pocatello Idaho Temple

In preparation for pouring the main floor slab at the Pocatello Idaho Temple, steel beams and a metal floor deck have been installed over the basement walls with visible cut-outs for the stairs and elevators. On the north side of the structure, crews are backfilling the concrete walls and leveling the dirt inside. More concrete is being poured on the west side including the entrance canopy footings. The retaining structures on the east end of the site have nearly reached street level. Curbing continues to be added, giving more definition to the driveways and parking lots.

Structural Framing Begins for the Pocatello Idaho Temple

Steel beams have been laid across the north side of the basement for the Pocatello Idaho Temple, as structural framing gets underway. Cement mixers are still churning out concrete for the remaining foundation walls and for the parking lot curbing. At the southwest corner of the property, a foundation has been poured for the maintenance building where landscaping tools and equipment will be stored.

Retaining Walls Going Up at the Pocatello Idaho Temple Site

Workers at the Pocatello Idaho Temple site are setting decorative concrete blocks to create the extensive retaining structures that will surround the southeast parking lot and the east (rear) side of the temple. Concrete bases are also being installed for the lamp posts that will light the grounds. Foundation walls continue to be poured including a basement wall at the southeast corner of the temple and shorter walls along the north side.

Footings Poured for Retaining Structures at the Pocatello Idaho Temple Site

To achieve a more level site for the Pocatello Idaho Temple, large retaining structures will be installed along the rear side of the hillside property. Crews have already begun to compact the ground and pour the footings. The high walls will create a feeling of secluded retreat on the east side of the temple grounds. Work continues on pouring foundation walls along the south side of the basement.

More Foundation Walls Poured for the Pocatello Idaho Temple

The foundation walls for the Pocatello Idaho Temple continue to appear along the northern and eastern sides of the future basement. Terraced footings coming off the western and northern sides rise up to the main floor level. Concrete slabs will eventually be poured for the main floor over both the partial basement and the dirt surfaces between the basement walls and the main floor footings.

Foundation Walls Rising for the Pocatello Idaho Temple

The first foundation walls of the Pocatello Idaho Temple have been poured for the basement level. The basement will house mechanical equipment, an engineer's office, laundry facilities, and hold the baptismal font for the first-floor baptistry. Also sharing the first floor will be the recommend desk, chapel, dressing rooms, bride's room, and office area. Four 50-seat ordinance rooms will occupy the second level with a two-story Celestial Room. And on the third floor will be four sealing rooms and a marriage waiting room.

Forms Set for Elevator Shaft at Pocatello Idaho Temple

The concrete mixer at the Pocatello Idaho Temple construction site is hard at work churning out concrete for the extensive system of footings being poured to support the foundation. Footings started at the basement level, including a footing to support the baptismal font. Work has now progressed to the main floor level, and forms have been set for an elevator shaft.

Pocatello Idaho Temple Foundation Footings

Under a mass of gray clouds with on-and-off-again rain, crews are setting forms for the concrete footings of the Pocatello Idaho Temple on top of approximately 800 aggregate piers. Conduits are being buried in utility trenches as connections are made to the City's water and sewer systems. Work has begun on spreading gravel for the aggregate base of the parking lot.

Preparing to Install Underground Utilities at the Pocatello Idaho Temple Site

After hauling off hundreds of tons of dirt per day for weeks, the Pocatello Idaho Temple site has been leveled, and crews are working on finer grading including the definition of parking areas. Large conduits have also been delivered that will be buried for underground utility installation.

Water Injection at the Pocatello Idaho Temple Site

Some 12,000 truckloads of dirt have been removed from the Pocatello Idaho Temple site, leaving a large excavation area for the temple foundation. The entire property is being injected with water to raise the moisture content of the extremely dry dirt to a target level for compaction. To achieve relatively flat ground, retaining structures will be incorporated into the hard landscaping including a large retaining structure along the rear side of the property bordering Legacy Drive.

Excavating for the Pocatello Idaho Temple Foundation

Full-scale construction on the Pocatello Idaho Temple began Monday, March 18, two days after the Saturday groundbreaking. In just a week's time, construction crews have set up trailers on the top tier of the stake center parking lot, erected a chain-link barrier around the construction site, commenced rough grading of the ground, and have begun excavation of huge mounds of dirt for the temple foundation.

Beautiful Day for the Pocatello Idaho Temple Groundbreaking Ceremony

In an answer to many prayers, sunshine and beautiful blue skies accompanied the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pocatello Idaho Temple today, despite weeks of gray clouds and heavy snowfall. The opening prayer was offered by hometown hero, Taysom Hill, who is a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints but put on his jersey for the Latter-day Saints on this occasion. Elder Wilford W. Andersen of the Seventy presided at the ceremony and offered the dedicatory prayer. Church and community leaders, local developers, and numerous interfaith leaders were the first to turn the ceremonial shovelfuls of dirt.

Youth Gather to Clear Pocatello Idaho Temple Site

Over 2,500 eager Pocatello-area youth descended with shovels on the Pocatello Idaho Temple site this evening to clear the ground of vegetation in preparation for the groundbreaking scheduled for March 16, 2019. With so many hands, all of the weeds and sagebrush had been pulled from the 12-acre site in less than 30 minutes.