Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monterrey Mexico Temple

Temple District

The Monterrey Mexico Temple serves members from 26 stakes and 6 districts headquartered in Nuevo León, Coahuila, Northern Tamaulipas, and Northeastern Durango:

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Nuevo León
Apodaca México Stake
Linares México District
Monterrey México Anáhuac Stake
Monterrey México Andalucía Stake
Monterrey México Libertad Stake
Monterrey México Los Angeles Stake
Monterrey México Mitras Stake
Monterrey México Moderna Stake
Monterrey México Roma Stake
Monterrey México Valle Verde Stake
San Nicolás México Stake
Acuña México District
Coahuila México Madero District
Monclova México East Stake
Monclova México Stake
Nueva Rosita México District
Piedras Negras México Stake
Saltillo México Miravalle Stake
Saltillo México República Stake
Saltillo México Valle de las Flores Stake
Torreón México Jardín Stake
Torreón México Reforma Stake
Torreón México Stake
Northern Tamaulipas
Matamoros México Stake
Nuevo Laredo México Stake
Reynosa México East Stake
Reynosa México Stake
Tamaulipas México Río Bravo District
Valle Hermoso México Stake
Northeastern Durango
Bermejillo México District
Gómez Palacio México La Laguna Stake
Gómez Palacio México Stake