Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Monterrey Mexico Temple

Temple District

The Monterrey Mexico Temple serves members from 27 stakes and 6 districts headquartered in Nuevo León, Coahuila, Northern Tamaulipas, and Northeastern Durango:

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Nuevo León
  • Apodaca México Stake
  • Linares México District
  • Monterrey México Anáhuac Stake
  • Monterrey México Andalucía Stake
  • Monterrey México Libertad Stake
  • Monterrey México Lincoln Stake
  • Monterrey México Los Angeles Stake
  • Monterrey México Mitras Stake
  • Monterrey México Moderna Stake
  • Monterrey México Roma Stake
  • Monterrey México Valle Verde Stake
  • San Nicolás México Stake
  • Acuña México District
  • Coahuila México Madero District
  • Monclova México East Stake
  • Monclova México Stake
  • Nueva Rosita México District
  • Piedras Negras México Stake
  • Saltillo México Miravalle Stake
  • Saltillo México República Stake
  • Saltillo México Valle de las Flores Stake
  • Torreón México Jardín Stake
  • Torreón México Reforma Stake
  • Torreón México Stake
Northern Tamaulipas
  • Matamoros México Stake
  • Nuevo Laredo México Stake
  • Reynosa México East Stake
  • Reynosa México Stake
  • Tamaulipas México Río Bravo District
  • Valle Hermoso México Stake
Northeastern Durango
  • Bermejillo México District
  • Gómez Palacio México La Laguna Stake
  • Gómez Palacio México Stake