Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Idaho Falls Idaho Temple

Temple District

The Idaho Falls Idaho Temple serves members from 46 stakes headquartered in Eastern and Central Idaho:

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American Falls Idaho Stake
Ammon Idaho East Stake
Ammon Idaho Foothills Stake
Ammon Idaho North Stake
Ammon Idaho Stake
Blackfoot Idaho East Stake
Blackfoot Idaho Northwest Stake
Blackfoot Idaho South Stake
Blackfoot Idaho Stake
Blackfoot Idaho West Stake
Chubbuck Idaho Stake
Firth Idaho Stake
Idaho Falls Ammon West Stake
Idaho Falls Central Stake
Idaho Falls Eagle Rock Stake
Idaho Falls East Stake
Idaho Falls Lincoln Stake
Idaho Falls North Stake
Idaho Falls South Stake
Idaho Falls Stake
Idaho Falls Taylor Mountain Stake
Idaho Falls West Stake
Idaho Falls YSA Stake
Iona Idaho South Stake
Iona Idaho Stake
McCammon Idaho Stake
Menan Idaho Stake
Moore Idaho Stake
Pocatello Idaho Alameda Stake
Pocatello Idaho Central Stake
Pocatello Idaho East Stake
Pocatello Idaho Highland Stake
Pocatello Idaho North Stake
Pocatello Idaho Stake
Pocatello Idaho Tyhee Stake
Pocatello Idaho West Stake
Pocatello Idaho YSA Stake
Rigby Idaho East Stake
Rigby Idaho Holbrooke Stake
Rigby Idaho South Stake
Rigby Idaho Stake
Salmon Idaho Stake
Shelley Idaho South Stake
Shelley Idaho Stake
Terreton Idaho Stake
Ucon Idaho Stake