Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Idaho Falls Idaho Temple

Dedicatory Prayers

Rededicated 4 June 2017
by Henry B. Eyring

Almighty Father, Thou great Elohim, we come before Thee in love and humility, in the name of Thy Beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are assembled to rededicate this, Thy holy house and a prophesied place of rest for Thy Son (see Acts 7:49).

This beautiful temple has been a haven in the past for all who have entered herein and who have felt of its spirit. We thank Thee for it and ask for Thy Spirit to once again dwell continuously within its walls.

We are thankful for those who laid the foundations of this and other nearby communities. Now their posterity enjoys the sweet fruits of those efforts and the crowning blessings that come from faithful service in this magnificent and beautiful temple.

We are profoundly grateful for the Constitution of the United States, with its Bill of Rights. These are the guarantees of our freedom and our liberty. Preserve them through the generations to come that Thy children may be free to worship Thee without restraint or hindrance of any kind.

Bless those who govern in this nation that they may be inspired to do that which will ensure peace and freedom for the people of this land. Similarly, bless leaders in all nations, where Thy children dwell.

Now, acting under the direction of Thy servant, President Thomas S. Monson, and in the authority of the holy Melchizedek Priesthood, we rededicate and reconsecrate this, the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We rededicate the ground on which it stands, the landscaping, the buildings, all the parts thereof, and all the furnishings and facilities. Continue to preserve it against the storms of nature and from any destructive hand. Save it from pollution of any kind. Wilt Thou continue to hallow it, we pray.

We reconsecrate and rededicate the baptistry, the ordinance rooms, the sealing rooms, and the crowning jewel-the celestial room.

Father, we ask Thee to endow with power those who go forth from this house as Thine authorized servants to carry the message of the eternal gospel to the people of the world. Let Thine inspiration rest upon them. May the Holy Ghost be their companion. May they be protected from harm and evil.

We pray for those who are sealed as man and wife in this temple for eternity. Bless them with charity, the pure love of Christ. Bless them with the power to be faithful to the covenants they make with Thee and with each other. Protect them from selfishness and pride. Bless them that their hearts will be turned to Thee, to each other, to their children, to their descendants and to their ancestors. Bless those who are sealed here with patience and with a hope of eternal life.

Bless Thy worthy Saints who come here that they may grow in faith and testimony concerning Thy Beloved Son. May they grow also in understanding of Thine eternal purpose to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of Thy sons and daughters.

Bless the temple presidency and matrons, ordinance workers, patrons, and especially missionaries who receive their endowment here.

Guard and fortify and strengthen all who come here against the forces of evil. Please strengthen the youth, who are surrounded by temptations. Give them the courage to stand firm for truth and righteousness. Bless them with a vision of their eternal purpose.

May all who come here be protected as they travel. May they find safety in their covenants. Bless them that they may feel Thy loving arms and those of the Savior in whatever challenges may come into their lives and the lives of their children. Bless them with the peace Thy Son has promised His true disciples.

We ask Thee to bless the faithful tithe payers. Prosper them and their families. May Thy Spirit reach into the homes of those who will come bring the names of their ancestors who are now in the spirit world. Allow them to feel the love and the gratitude of those who have longed for the eternal blessings available only through the gospel of Jesus Christ. May they also feel Thine approval and that of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

May the influence of the Holy Ghost be unrestrained in this sacred place.

May all that is done herein be done with an eye single to Thy glory and to the building of Thy kingdom here upon the earth. Now, gracious Father, permit us to praise Thy holy name forever in all nations, with all kindreds and tongues and people.

As President George Albert Smith prayed in this location in 1945, we now present again this precious temple unto Thee, Holy Father, with all that pertains to it, inside and out, with our love and gratitude, and pray that Thou wilt accept of our offering, and unto Thee we ascribe all honor, glory, and praise forever through Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, amen.