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Closure Announced for Houston Texas Temple

The First Presidency has announced a short-term closure of the , which has not been in use since Hurricane Harvey. The temple will be rededicated in a private service next year with no open house or cultural celebration.

Damage Assessment Made at Houston Texas Temple

Flooding in Southeast Texas has resulted in significant damage to the Houston Texas Temple. The baptistry flooded to the top and water reached waist deep in some areas of the basement. Water ruined carpet and furniture on the main floor.

Floodwaters Surround the Houston Texas Temple

The devastating floods created by Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas have now breached the Houston Texas Temple. The ancillary building and several area meetinghouses have already taken on water. The temple presidency is requesting prayers for all affected by the tragedy.

Massive Storm Closes the Houston Texas Temple

A sudden weekend storm in Houston that dropped 17 inches of rain led to a one-day closure of the Houston Texas Temple on Tuesday, April 19. While the temple sustained no damage, the streets became impassable. A reopening is expected today.