Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Córdoba Argentina Temple

Temple District

The Córdoba Argentina Temple serves members from 25 stakes and 8 districts headquartered in Northern Argentina:

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Bell Ville Argentina Stake
Concepción Argentina District
Córdoba Argentina Chacabuco Stake
Córdoba Argentina East Stake
Córdoba Argentina Patricio Stake
Córdoba Argentina Sierras Stake
Córdoba Argentina South Stake
Córdoba Argentina West Stake
Godoy Cruz Argentina Stake
Guaymallén Argentina Stake
Jujuy Argentina Stake
La Rioja Argentina Stake
Maipú de Cuyo Argentina Stake
Mendoza Argentina Stake
Metan Argentina District
Oran Argentina District
Punilla Argentina District
Río Cuarto Argentina Stake
Salta Argentina Stake
Salta Argentina West Stake
San Juan Argentina Chimbas Stake
San Juan Argentina Nuevo Cuyo Stake
San Luis Argentina Stake
San Martin Argentina District
San Pedro Argentina Jujuy District
San Rafael Argentina Stake
Santa Fe Argentina North Stake
Santa Fe Argentina Stake
Santiago del Estero Argentina Stake
Tartagal Argentina District
Tucumán Argentina Stake
Tucumán Argentina West Stake
Valle de Uco Argentina District