Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Concepción Chile Temple

Temple District

The Concepción Chile Temple serves members from 25 stakes and 6 districts headquartered in Southern Chile and Western Argentina:

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Southern Chile
Angol Chile Stake
Arauco Chile Stake
Chillán Chile Ñuble Stake
Chillán Chile Stake
Chiloe Chile District
Concepción Chile Andalién Stake
Concepción Chile Chiguayante Stake
Concepción Chile Stake
Coyhaique Chile District
Hualpén Chile Stake
Linares Chile Stake
Los Ángeles Chile North Stake
Los Ángeles Chile South Stake
Nueva Toltén Chile District
Osorno Chile Rahue Stake
Osorno Chile Stake
Penco Chile Stake
Puerto Montt Chile Stake
Punta Arenas Chile Stake
San Pedro Chile Stake
Talca Chile Stake
Talcahuano Chile North Stake
Temuco Chile Cautín Stake
Temuco Chile Ñielol Stake
Valdivia Chile Calle Calle Stake
Valdivia Chile Stake
Victoria Chile District
Villarrica Chile District
Western Argentina
Bariloche Argentina Stake
Esquel Argentina District
Zapala Argentina Stake