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Cladding of the Belém Brazil Temple Progressing

Scaffolding surrounds the body of the Belém Brazil Temple, giving the construction crew a temporary platform to continue their finish work of the exterior walls. A vapor barrier has been attached to the majority of the concrete surfaces, and work is well underway on installing the stone cladding, which will featured some carved stones that will be placed in key areas on the temple's exterior.

Scaffolding Removed from the Belém Brazil Temple Tower

Since the inflatable dome was removed from the Belém Brazil Temple at the end of August, the scaffolding has been removed from around the tower, the exterior walls have been wrapped in a vapor barrier, and the window openings have been covered to enclose the building. Construction is advancing simultaneously on an accommodation center just east of the temple.

A Temple is “Hatched” in Belém, Brazil

The massive canvas dome that has covered the Belém Brazil Temple for the past nine months was removed last week, revealing the concrete structure of the building. The dome went up late last year as a protective measure against heavy rains, allowing concrete pours to move forward on schedule. The enormous leathery structure sparked the imagination of local residents who posted humorous retouched photographs of the dome to social media. It became known as "Belém's dinosaur egg."

Awaiting the Big Reveal in Belém, Brazil

Construction progress on the Belém Brazil Temple is still fully obscured from view. A weather-protecting dome was placed over the site more than six months ago, providing dry working conditions for the crew from the heavy and frequent rainfalls. Local members look forward to catching a glimpse of their new temple once the dome is removed and the buildings are revealed. Belém is located on the north coast of Brazil, nearly a thousand miles from the closest temple.

At Home Under the Dome in Belém, Brazil

An inflatable dome continues to protect fresh concrete pours and provide shelter for contractors from the nearly daily rain showers experienced at the Belém Brazil Temple site. Both those on site and passers-by have become accustomed to the structure, which has been in place for almost three months. Its initial appearance produced many questions and caused a local social media sensation.

Dome Structure Erected Over the Belém Brazil Temple

When heavy rains at the Belém Brazil Temple site threatened the integrity of the newly poured concrete foundation, crews erected a massive dome structure over the construction area to protect the concrete walls and allow them to cure properly. The looming egg-like tent has inspired a wide variety of memes on social media, and Church members are receiving questions from their curious friends about the temple and—what many have termed—"Belém's dinosaur egg."

Construction Facilities in Place at Belém Brazil Temple Site

Since the groundbreaking ceremony for the Belém Brazil Temple two months ago, the general contractor has set up a staging area and erected several supporting structures on site. The future temple and adjoining buildings have been staked, and ground is being prepared for construction including grading and excavation activities.

Ground Broken for the Belém Brazil Temple

"May this work be a symbol of light and a representation of the love of Jesus Christ to all," said President Marcos A. Aidukaitis, president of the Brazil Area, in his site dedicatory prayer at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Belém Brazil Temple held on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Hundreds of Church members and guests gathered to the site to participate in the historic services including Church, civil, religious, and community leaders. For years, faithful members have looked forward to the day when a temple would be built in their midst, having previously participated in temple ordinances in the distant cities of São Paulo, Campinas, Recife, and most recently Manaus.

Official Rendering Released for the Belém Brazil Temple

Accompanying a news release today from the First Presidency announcing the groundbreaking ceremony for the Belém Brazil Temple was an official rendering of the sacred structure to be constructed on a site near the Val de Cans International Airport. The ceremony will be held in two weeks on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Heavy equipment is currently on site clearing the ground in preparation for the services.

Surveyors at the Belém Brazil Temple Site

With next month's groundbreaking ceremony approaching for the Belém Brazil Temple, surveyors are making precise measurements and staking the site in anticipation of the building's construction. A regional choir has been assembled and is regularly practicing the musical numbers that will be presented at the service. Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis, president of the Brazil Area, will preside.

Belém Brazil Temple Groundbreaking Ceremony Announced

In a letter sent to area seventies, stake presidents, district presidents, and mission presidents, the presidency of the Brazil Area has announced that the groundbreaking ceremony for the Belém Brazil Temple will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis, president of the Brazil Area, will preside. Attendance at the temple site will be by invitation only, but the proceedings will be broadcast live via the internet. The temple will be constructed in a central location to the Belém metropolitan area near the Val de Cans International Airport.