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Vernal Utah Temple Parking Lot Taking Shape

More curbing and sidewalks have been poured for the Vernal Utah Temple parking lot expansion project. Electrical wiring has been run and bases installed for the lamp posts that will light the parking area. Outlines have been drawn for the various landscaping features including a circular gathering area at the center of the parking lot median.

Curbing Being Poured for Vernal Utah Temple Parking Lot

Construction is moving forward on the parking lot expansion for the Vernal Utah Temple. The street that once separated the temple from the block to the east has been removed, and crews have surveyed, staked, and rolled the site. Curbing is now being poured around the lot to define the parking areas, an entrance plaza, and a center island that will be beautifully landscaped with grass and trees.

Construction Underway on Vernal Utah Temple Parking Lot Expansion

A major expansion to the parking lot for the Vernal Utah Temple and adjoining stake center has begun on the block and the street east of the buildings. Limited parking has long been a problem for the temple and stake center, which was alleviated somewhat by an overflow lot north of the stake center. The new east lot will eliminate the need for patrons to cross a street or park on the street and will allow landscaping to be added in front of the temple for the first time.

Vernal Utah Temple Parking Expansion

Plans are underway to create additional parking and landscaping at the Vernal Utah Temple. Last year, the Church presented plans for a parking lot on the block east of the temple where the Church had acquired six residences and an empty lot. As City staff examined the request, however, they recommended that the street directly east of the temple and stake center also be vacated, which was approved by the City Council following a public hearing. A revised concept plan was created incorporating beautiful landscaping in front of the temple. The Vernal Planning Commission voted on the revised plan last week, recommending approval of a conditional use permit to the City Council.