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Structures Removed from the Tarawa Kiribati Temple Site

A satellite image of the Tarawa Kiribati Temple property captured in June shows that the former structures on site have been removed. The location and rendering for the temple were released almost two and a half years ago, but no groundbreaking date has been announced. The temple will stand on the 0.8-acre property across from the Kiribati House of Parliament in Ambo, South Tarawa.
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Location Announced for the Tarawa Kiribati Temple

The location of the Tarawa Kiribati Temple has been announced as a 0.80-acre site at Ambo, South Tarawa, directly across from the Kiribati House of Parliament. Plans for the temple call for a single-story building of approximately 10,000 square feet with a single spire. Additional facilities, including a meetinghouse and patron housing facility, are in development and will be located 450 meters west of the temple site. No groundbreaking date has been scheduled.