Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Suva Fiji Temple

Dedicatory Prayers

Rededicated 21 February 2016
by Henry B. Eyring

O God, Our Beloved Father in Heaven, thou great Elohim, our Eternal God, we reverently come unto Thee in prayer, in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. We meet today in this, Thy Holy House, to rededicate it. It was first dedicated on June 18, 2000. Now, it has recently undergone extensive and beautiful renovation. In many respects, it has been rebuilt. We give thanks unto Thee for the many blessings so generously bestowed upon us. We thank Thee for the restoration of Thy great work in this dispensation, with all the keys and authority appertaining thereto, through Thy chosen instrument, the Prophet Joseph Smith. We thank Thee for the missionaries who have blessed this land to bring the glad tidings of the restored gospel. We thank Thee for their faith and their consecration. We thank Thee that Thou hast touched the hearts of many by the power of Thy Spirit, to accept the truth and walk in faithfulness. We thank Thee for Thy faithful Saints in this beautiful land. We invoke Thy blessings upon them, that they may be blessed with love and peace, that their lands shall be productive, and that they shall be prospered and protected in their righteous undertakings. We ask that they be protected from the storms of nature and from the conflicts of men as they walk in obedience to Thy commandments. Now, acting under the direction of Thy servant, President Thomas S. Monson, and in the authority of the Holy Priesthood, we rededicate and reconsecrate this, the Suva Fiji Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Wilt Thou accept it as the offering of Thy people. Please smile upon it. May no unclean hands defile it. Please bless the ground on which it stands with the flowers and shrubbery thereon. Bless the footings and the foundations, its walls and the roof with the figure of Moroni crowning the tallest steeple. We dedicate the baptistry and all the rooms and facilities used in the ordinances of Thy house, including the sacred altars found herein. We also dedicate the ancillary buildings on this temple site. May this place be holy unto all who pass this way. May they recognize the House of the Lord. May it always be held in reverence by Thy people. We pray for all who enter the doors of this sacred structure that they may receive their washings and anointings and become clean, and that they may receive the sacred endowment and the blessings of the sealing covenants. We ask Thy blessings upon Thy servant, Thomas S. Monson who, by the authority of the priesthood he holds, has commissioned this rededication. Wilt Thou bless him and extend his life according to Thy eternal plan. We remember before Thee thine appointed leaders in Thy Church and kingdom, here and across the world. Please strengthen and bless them. Add to their days and qualify them for the work which is expected of them. We invoke Thy blessings upon the leaders and the people of this great nation. We pray that they may look with favor upon Thy people, always, and assist them in the accomplishment of the purposes Thou has set before them, to teach the gospel to all of Thy children and to build Thy church to the blessing of Thy sons and daughters. Father, we pray that in this beautiful land there shall be no abridgement of the great freedom of worship afforded by the law and the government. May Thy work grow and flourish in this blessed land.Bless, we pray Thee, the president and matron of this temple, together with the counselors in the presidency and the assistants to the matron. Grant them strength and energy to carry forward the work in this Thy Holy House. Father, we pray for Thy work in all the earth. Bless Thy covenant people, everywhere. We pray for those who serve as missionaries here and throughout the world. Sustain them, inspire them, and lead them to those who prayerfully look for eternal truth. We pray for Thy people who walk in faith and obedience wherever they may be found. Please reward their faith and prosper their labors. Bring to naught the evil designs of any who seek to oppose Thy church and kingdom. May all who come here be protected as they travel. May they find safety and protection in their covenants. Bless them that they may feel Thy loving arms and those of the Savior in whatever challenges may come into their lives and the lives of their children. Bless them with the peace Thy Son has promised His faithful disciples. May Thy faithful Saints of this and future generations look to this temple as a sanctuary and a place of service to Thee and to Thy children. We pray that all may be touched by the Spirit of Elijah and with it, a desire to live in families forever. Please turn the hearts of fathers and mothers to their children and turn the hearts of children to their parents. Open the way for those who are searching out the records of their forebearers. Bless them with the desire to offer the ordinances of salvation and eternal life to their family members. We pray that those who are sealed as husband and wife in this house will feel joy, love, and protection in their marriages and in their families. On this historic day in Fiji, we sing Thy praises dear Father. We are mindful that Thou art God, the Father of our spirits, the Almighty Governor of the universe. How thankful we are that we know Thou hearest and wilt answer our prayers. We pray for these blessings on this day of rededication of the Suva Fiji Temple as we renew our faith and strengthen our determination to honor our own covenants. In conclusion, we express unto Thee our love for Thee and for Thy Beloved Son. We praise Thee and plead with Thee to extend Thy blessings to us always, at all times and in all circumstances, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.