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One-Year Anniversary of the St. George Utah Temple Renovation

Watch a video presentation marking the one-year anniversary of the renovation of the St. George Utah Temple. Renovation activity is highlighted including the construction of the north entrance addition and the shoring up of the historic hand-laid rock foundation by wrapping the original fourteen columns in fiberglass and attaching them to micropiles that are driven deep into the earth. Aerial footage of the meandering walkway through the grounds captures the beauty of the improving landscaping.

Majority of Panels Attached to the St. George Utah Temple Annex

The impressively sized annex for the St. George Utah Temple will add much-needed space to the 143-year-old House of the Lord, providing an area for the non-ordinance spaces. The majority of the exterior panels have been attached to the annex, beautifully matching the exterior of the temple including battlements along the taller walls over the entrance. The center portion of the building is vaulted to accommodate elegant light fixtures in the foyer and grand hallway.

St. George Utah Temple Annex Exterior Panel Progress

The St. George Utah Temple annex is becoming more beautiful by the day as sturdy white panels—matching the historic exterior of the temple—are attached to the steel frame of the new addition. A second addition is planned for the west side of the temple where the stair tower was removed. A second temple in the city, the Red Cliffs Utah Temple, will begin construction next month.

Cladding of the St. George Utah Temple Annex Begins

White stone panels were hoisted by crane yesterday and attached to the exterior of the newly constructed annex of the St. George Utah Temple. The structure will beautifully complement the temple proper and serve as the main entrance to the building. The interior will be finished in dark hardwood floors and white moldings with arched windows and doorways and Victorian-style fixtures and furnishings—true to the design aesthetic of the late 19th century when the temple was originally constructed.

Structural Framing Continues for St. George Utah Temple Annex

A host of auxiliary functions will be housed in the extensive annex under construction next to the St. George Utah Temple, leaving the temple for the performance of ordinance work. The rest of the foundation walls have been poured for the annex, and structural steel is being set in place. Also visible are shear walls and an elevator shaft. A beautiful entrance plaza will be created in front of the annex, welcoming patrons who will walk across 400 South from the parking lot.

St. George Utah Temple Annex Growing

The basement for the St. George Utah Temple Annex is in place, and walls are rising for the superstructure of the building in a combination of structural steel and concrete block. The annex will serve as the main entrance to the temple, featuring elegant arched windows and doorways cased in ornamental moldings. The rear (west) side of the building will be significantly extended and include stairs, elevators, and restrooms.

Landscaping Added to St. George Utah Temple Grounds

Landscaping elements are being added to the St. George Utah Temple grounds along the west and south sides of the property. Desert boulders are being strategically set in place. Trees are being planted including Deseret Willow and Olive. And beautiful shrubs are adding color like the Butterfly Bush. Work continues on building the new annex. The substructure has been established, and superstructure walls are just beginning.

Concrete Poured for St. George Utah Temple Annex Foundation

Crews performed an overnight pour at the St. George Utah Temple of a concrete slab for the foundation of the new annex. The fresh concrete will adjoin the existing basement of the former annex, making it one foundation structure. All of the landscaping has been removed from the block except for trees around the perimeter and fenced-off islands of trees and grass that are being preserved for integration into the new landscape plan.

Scaffolding Reaches St. George Utah Temple Tower

An addition has been made to the scaffolding on the east side of the St. George Utah Temple that gives crews access to the roof and to the octagonal tower, capped with a weathervane. A large mound of dirt sits in front of the temple where landscaping was removed. It will be replaced with a patron plaza featuring palm trees, a tiered water fountain feature, and large garden spaces.

St. George Utah Temple: A Beacon of Light

Renovation activities at the St. George Utah Temple have not extinguished the exterior lighting system that creates a familiar beacon of light for St. George residents and visitors. With its 1970s additions removed, the 143-year-old temple appears more like it did during the first half of the twentieth century. On the east side of the temple, scaffolding has been erected, and a large mound of dirt is just about all that remains of the east-side landscaping.

Original West Wall of St. George Utah Temple Revealed

With the 1970s stair tower addition removed from the west side of the St. George Utah Temple, the original windows and walls are visible for the first time in over 40 years in remarkably good condition. The annex, another 1970s addition, has also been removed from the north side of the building, and materials have been sorted for recycling or repurposing. Both the annex and stair tower will be reconstructed in a manner that is more safe, functional, and consistent with the original architecture of the temple.

Stair Tower of St. George Utah Temple Coming Down

Demolition has begun on the stair tower addition to the St. George Utah Temple, which extends from the rear side of the building. The stair tower was constructed in the 1970s to provide wider staircases and better access to the temple's floors. The replacement structure will extend even farther and be made to the match the exterior of the original temple. It will include a grand staircase and two elevators with stops at each floor. The street on the south side of the temple, 500 S, has been closed to better accommodate construction.

St. George Utah Temple Annex Demolished

The St. George Utah Temple has been fully decommissioned, and renovation activities are evident on all sides of the building. On the north, the longstanding annex that was constructed in the 1970s has been razed, leaving only the east wall and basement of the structure. On the east, plywood has replaced the doors and will protect the uprights along the stairs. On the south, flexible ducts have been connected to each floor of the temple to use during interior demolition. And landscaping has been removed immediately around the temple including the west side.

Road Closed at the St. George Utah Temple

As work at the St. George Utah Temple transitions from decommissioning to renovation, the road between the temple and the parking lot—400 South—has been closed to traffic. The road will be raised to provide a level crosswalk for patrons coming from the parking lot to the new annex and entrance plaza. The location of a second temple to be built in St. George, known as the Washington County Utah Temple, was recently announced for the corner of 3000 East and 1580 South.

Final Day of Ordinance Work at the St. George Utah Temple

At the conclusion of ordinance work at the St. George Utah Temple this evening, the historic structure will close for a multi-year renovation of the entire temple block. The closure was announced at a news conference held on May 22 of this year. Plans include an overhaul of the landscaping that will introduce new plazas for bridal parties and visitors, demolition and reconstruction of the temple annex and stair tower, the addition of a separate baptistry entrance, and a complete restoration of the interior including a return of full murals to the endowment rooms.

Renovation Plans Shared for the St. George Utah Temple

At a news conference held in the St. George Temple Visitors' Center today, plans were released for the upcoming renovation of the St. George Utah Temple, which closes on November 4, 2019. Brent Roberts, managing director of the Special Projects Department said, "Latter-day Saints have worshipped here for almost 150 years. However, the building has worn out over time, and it is once again time for us to refresh and strengthen this historic structure for future generations to enjoy." Improvements are planned for the entire block including new walkways, landscaping, water features, and shade trees. The existing annex will be replaced with a larger structure that complements the temple's exterior and incorporates a new exit for brides. Major structural and mechanical upgrades will require some excavation around the foundation. A new baptistry entrance will be added on the south side of the temple. The renovation is expected to be completed in 2022, which will be followed by an open house and rededication.

New Stake Center Lost to Fire in St. George, Utah

A nearly completed stake center for the St. George Utah East Stake that had been under construction across the street from the St. George Utah Temple was lost to fire in the early hours of Saturday morning, just one day after an announcement that the temple would be closed for renovation late this year. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined, but it is being treated as a criminal investigation.

Renovation Announced for the St. George Utah Temple

On November 4, 2019, the St. George Utah Temple will close for a major renovation to extensively reinforce the structural integrity of the building and to upgrade all of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The interior will be cosmetically refreshed throughout. Construction is expected to be completed in 2022.