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Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Phased Temple Reopenings Continue on October 12

On Monday, October 12, the Tampico Mexico Temple will begin Phase 1 of reopening, and the Monticello Utah Temple and Sapporo Japan Temple will begin Phase 2 of reopening, bringing the total number of temples in Phase 2 to 109. Under Phase 2, living ordinances are available by appointment, but patron housing, clothing rental, and cafeteria operations remain closed.
Photo:  Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

All Temples in Japan Temporarily Close

Continued concern over spread of the coronavirus has prompted the temporary closure of additional temples for the protection of workers and patrons, many of whom are more susceptible to complications of the virus due to age. All temples in Japan including the Tokyo Japan Temple (previously closed for renovation), Fukuoka Japan Temple, and Sapporo Japan Temple will join the list of previously announced temples including the Taipei Taiwan Temple, Seoul Korea Temple, and Hong Kong China Temple (previously closed for renovation).

151st Operating Temple Dedicated in Sapporo, Japan

Japan's third temple, located on the island of Hokkaido, became the 151st operating temple of the Church today. President Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve dedicated the Sapporo Japan Temple in three dedicatory sessions broadcast throughout the country.

Stage Built for Sapporo Temple Cornerstone Ceremony

A temporary stage has been constructed at the southeast corner of the Sapporo Japan Temple where the cornerstone ceremony will be held on dedication day, scheduled for Sunday, August 21. Approximately 13,000 guests participated in the two-week public open house held in July.

The Unique Design of the Sapporo Japan Temple

Discover the numerous Japanese design elements incorporated in the Sapporo Japan Temple by watching a newly created video presentation about its architectural details. The temple is scheduled to be dedicated on Sunday, August 21.

Sapporo Japan Temple Opens to Public This Week

Beginning Friday, July 8, the public is invited to tour the interior of the Sapporo Japan Temple during an open house that continues through Saturday, July 23. Free reservations are requested. Unable to attend? Take a virtual tour of the temple.

Reservations Now Available for Sapporo Japan Temple Open House

Those wishing to tour the new Sapporo Japan Temple may obtain free tickets for the open house through the online reservation system. The temple will be open to the public July 8–23, 2016.

Sapporo Japan Temple Open House Tickets

Free reservations for guided tours of the Sapporo Japan Temple will be made available online beginning Monday, June 27, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. JST (Japan Standard Time). The open house will be held Friday, July 8, through Saturday, July 23.

Sapporo Japan Temple Is Picture Perfect

With less than six weeks before its public open house, the Sapporo Japan Temple is undergoing final preparations to greet guests at this new House of the Lord. View a beautiful aerial photograph of the temple complex.

Furniture Deliveries at the Sapporo Japan Temple

With interior work wrapping up at the Sapporo Japan Temple, large delivery trucks are now arriving with furniture and other furnishings. The parking lot has been striped, and preparations are well underway for the temple opening events.

Sunset at the Sapporo Japan Temple

Day turns to night at the Sapporo Japan Temple—beautifully illuminated by gentle nighttime floodlighting. The temple will become the 151st operating temple of the Church and the 3rd operating temple in Japan when it is dedicated on August 21.

Sapporo Japan Temple Entrance Now Visible

The main entrance to the Sapporo Japan Temple has been shielded from view for months behind white construction sheeting, which has recently been removed. The beautiful new temple will hold an open house and dedication this summer.

Opening Dates Announced for the Sapporo Japan Temple

The First Presidency has announced that the open house for the Sapporo Japan Temple will begin on Friday, July 8 and continue through Saturday, July 23, 2016. The temple will be dedicated in three sessions on Sunday, August 21, preceded by a cultural celebration the evening before.

Sapporo Japan Temple Committee Assembled

As the Sapporo Japan Temple moves into the final months of construction, a local committee has been organized to begin preparations for the temple opening events, including the open house and dedication. No dates have yet been announced.

Nighttime View of the Sapporo Temple Complex

With exterior floodlighting now operational, the Sapporo Japan Temple has become a stunning nighttime landmark in this bustling city of nearly two million people. Temple housing and mission office buildings are seen in the foreground.

Sapporo Japan Temple Exterior Lighting

At the Sapporo Japan Temple, tests are underway of the exterior lighting system, which beautifully illuminates the architectural details of the temple and its multi-tiered spire. The temple can be easily seen from several major roads in Sapporo.

A Wintery Day at the Sapporo Temple

Heavy snowfall at the Sapporo Japan Temple has accented the building's beautiful architecture with crisp white lines.

A Temple on the Atsubetsu River

A new photograph of the Sapporo Japan Temple captures its beautiful setting on the Atsubetsu River. The temple is the third in Japan.

Majority of Scaffolding Removed from Sapporo Japan Temple

With its exterior nearly complete, the Sapporo Japan Temple is a beautiful sight for passers-by. The sacred edifice stands near a local landmark known as Rainbow Bridge—a colorful pedestrian bridge.

Sapporo Japan Temple Perimeter

New plants and decorative rock-faced walls now surround the Sapporo Japan Temple site. The temple features details inspired by traditional Japanese architecture.

Landscaping Progress at Sapporo Japan Temple

More and more trees are appearing around the Sapporo Japan Temple site as workers shift their focus from the buildings' exteriors to the buildings' interiors and grounds. The distinctive edifice will be the third operating temple in Japan.

Housing Facilities at the Sapporo Japan Temple

The exteriors are complete for the three housing facilities that surround the Sapporo Japan Temple. One building will be for the mission office and mission home, another for temple missionaries, and the third for temple patrons.

Sapporo Japan Temple Gardens

New trees and plants are appearing at the Sapporo Japan Temple site where landscaping efforts are well underway. A large pond near the temple entrance will feature large boulders that have been decoratively placed in the pond bed.

Summertime at the Sapporo Japan Temple

The leaves are green and the skies are blue at the Sapporo Japan Temple where construction is advancing swiftly. Scaffolding is coming down as the exterior nears completion with the obvious exception of the cornerstone.

Sapporo Japan Temple and Housing Facility

New photographs of the Sapporo Japan Temple complex show the progress that has been made on the Temple Missionary Housing facility that stands behind the temple next to the new mission office and mission president residence.

Angel Moroni Installed Atop Sapporo Japan Temple

The traditional gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni was lifted into place atop the Sapporo Japan Temple this morning. Yesterday, a large crane hoisted the temple's single spire over the center of the building where it was fastened into place, and scaffolding was erected.

Spring Arrives at the Sapporo Japan Temple

With the coming of spring, flowering trees are now abloom near the site of the Sapporo Japan Temple. The majority of the temple has been faced with exterior stone and landscaping efforts continue on the grounds. Installation of the spire is anticipated.

Sapporo Japan Temple Spire Awaiting Installation

The spire that will be attached atop the Sapporo Japan Temple is on site, surrounded by scaffolding and awaiting installation. Work on the entrance pond continues, which will feature boulders surrounded by water. Satellite imagery of the temple complex is now available.

Stonework and Window Installation in Sapporo

Construction progress on the exterior of the Sapporo Japan Temple is now visible, as a portion of the sheeting that has surrounded the temple for months has been removed. Several windows have been installed and stonework attached.

Sapporo Japan Temple Tower Base

The removal of sheeting from the scaffolding that surrounds the Sapporo Japan Temple tower has revealed the work that has been accomplished on assembling the tower base. A long spire will eventually be attached to the base.