Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Portland Oregon Temple

Presidents and Matrons

Temple presidents and matrons are called to oversee all activities performed at the temple. They serve voluntarily, usually for a period of several years. Following is a list of the current and former presidents and matrons of the Portland Oregon Temple.

Temple President Temple Matron Years Served
Lawrence Paul Blunck Karen Janeece Hawman Blunck 2022–2022
David Lee Garner Robin Sue Macdonald Garner 2019–2022
David Afton Lundgreen Penelope Joan Whisenand Lundgreen 2016–2019
Steven Howard Pond Karen Diane Burgoyne Pond 2013–2016
Myron Glenn Child Gearldine Margarette Tribe Child 2010–2013
R. Conrad Schultz Carolyn Lake Schultz 2007–2010
Nicholas Peery Collins Susan Leilani Ralston Collins 2004–2007
George Dale Weight Carilee Kesler Weight 2001–2004
Keith Lamar Sellers Elva Louise Last Sellers 1998–2001
Philip Tadje Sonntag Voloy Andreasen Sonntag 1995–1998
Thomas Young Emmett Rose Marie Bostetter Emmett 1992–1995
Lorin Edward (Ted) Perry Nelle Hunter Perry 1989–1992