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Temple Construction Advancements in 2014

During 2014, three new temples were dedicated in Gilbert, Arizona; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; and Phoenix, Arizona. The Ogden Utah Temple was rededicated, and ground was broken for the Meridian Idaho Temple. No new temples were announced.

Phoenix Arizona Temple Dedicated Today

The Phoenix Arizona Temple became the 144th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today and the 5th operating temple in Arizona. A sixth temple has been announced for Tucson, which is in the planning stages.

Preparing for Phoenix Temple Dedication

In preparation for Sunday's dedication of the Phoenix Arizona Temple, volunteers are constructing a platform for the cornerstone ceremony. The cornerstone traditionally conceals a time capsule and bears an inscription of the year the temple was erected.

Phoenix Residents Take Rare Opportunity to Tour Mormon Temple

The newly completed Phoenix Arizona Temple is capturing the attention of Phoenix residents and other guests from far and wide who are taking advantage of the opportunity to tour a Mormon temple.

Arizona Governor Tours Phoenix Arizona Temple

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer toured the Phoenix Arizona Temple on Monday saying, "I have learned that the purpose of the temple is even more beautiful than the building." Tours open to the public beginning tomorrow.

Open House Tickets Now Available for Phoenix Arizona Temple

Free reservations to tour the newly completed Phoenix Arizona Temple are now available to the public. The open house begins Friday, October 10, and continues through Saturday, November 1, 2014.

Chain-Link Fence Removal at Phoenix Temple

The green tarp and chain-link barrier that has surrounded the Phoenix Arizona Temple since construction began three years ago is finally coming down, giving passers-by an unobstructed view of the beautifully landscaped grounds.

Summer Storm at the Phoenix Arizona Temple

The Phoenix Arizona Temple shines against stormy desert skies in this beautiful photograph of the nearly completed edifice. The construction trailer has been moved off site as the list of tasks grows smaller. The open house begins in just seven weeks.

Preparing for Phoenix Temple Open House

The meetinghouse adjacent to the Phoenix Arizona Temple is receiving a fresh coat of paint in preparation for the public open house that will be held the last three weeks in October. Tours will begin in the meetinghouse before proceeding to the temple.

Phoenix Arizona Temple Open House and Dedication

The public is invited to tour the Phoenix Arizona Temple from Friday, October 10, through Saturday, November 1, 2014, excluding Sundays. The temple will be dedicated on Sunday, November 16.

Furniture Delivery at the Phoenix Arizona Temple

Padded chairs, end tables, and other furniture arrived at the Phoenix Arizona Temple yesterday as the building moves closer toward completion. An official announcement of the open house and dedication dates is expected very soon.

Phoenix Arizona Temple Address Set in Stone

The numbers designating the Pinnacle Peak Road address of the Phoenix Arizona Temple have been precisely attached to an outer wall encircling the grounds. Beautiful beveled mirrors in gold frames have been delivered for the sealing rooms.

Wrapping Up Landscaping

Landscaping is nearly complete at the Phoenix Arizona Temple where newly laid sod sits between the planters and garden areas. Finishing work continues inside.

Furniture Delivery to the Phoenix Arizona Temple

The delivery of furniture to the Phoenix Arizona Temple is an indication of the progress being made inside. Also, area stakes have been directed to submit names for VIP tours and to begin preparations for the cultural celebration.

Getting the Phoenix Temple Lighting Just Right

New entrance lighting and adjustments to the positions of existing lights are creating a sense of sacred symmetry at the Phoenix Arizona Temple. Inside, art glass for the Celestial Room skylight has been installed and carpet is being laid.

Phoenix Temple Overview

Landscape progress at the Phoenix Arizona Temple site is clearly visible from the unique perspective provided by this aerial photograph taken from a quadcopter.

Cactus Added to Phoenix Arizona Temple Grounds

Landscaping plans for the Phoenix Arizona Temple call for a natural desertscape on the south side, featuring a variety of desert plants including the iconic Saguaro cactus. A beautiful travertine fountain has been installed on the west side.

Gateway to the Phoenix Arizona Temple

At the Phoenix Arizona Temple, workers are erecting a wrought iron gate in front of the entrance. Lamp posts have been installed and more trees planted. A recent delivery of glass broke in shipment and will be reproduced and reshipped.

Phoenix Arizona Temple Making Progress

The grounds of the Phoenix Arizona Temple continue to be beautified with new vegetation, fencing, and decorative grates. On the inside, chandeliers, interior doors, and decorative stone trim for the sealing rooms are being installed.

Landscape Boulders Delivered to the Phoenix Temple Site

Heavy equipment has been hard at work at the Phoenix Arizona Temple site this week positioning large landscape boulders. Plants and bushes continue to be added to the grounds as well.

Fence Installation at the Phoenix Arizona Temple

A decorative fence is appearing in the red soil that surrounds the Phoenix Arizona Temple. Arizona's fourth temple was recently dedicated in Gilbert. The Phoenix temple will be the fifth in the state. And a sixth is planned for Tucson.

Phoenix Temple Main Level Illuminated

Installation and testing of nighttime lighting for the exterior of the Phoenix Arizona Temple has reached the main level. Tests on the upper level started as early as last summer, but lights for the lower level have now been integrated into the system.

Landscaping Progress for Phoenix Arizona Temple

Landscaping is moving at a swifter pace at the Phoenix Arizona Temple, as crane access is no longer required on site since the art glass was installed. A groundskeeping building is being built concurrently with the president's residence.

Art Glass Installed in Phoenix Temple Spire

The upper section of the Phoenix Arizona Temple spire has been fitted with beautiful panes of art glass, featuring an agave plant design colored in green, blue, and gold hues. Framing for the president's house is advancing rapidly.

Terracotta Details Added to Phoenix Arizona Temple

Workers at the Phoenix Arizona Temple are carefully installing beautifully detailed terracotta panels to the exterior of the building. The panels feature soft pastel coloring and design elements like ellipses and agave stalks and blossoms.

Footings Poured for Phoenix Temple President Residence

Directly north of the Phoenix Arizona Temple, footings have been laid for the house where the temple president will reside. Beautiful agave tiles have been attached to the temple entrance columns.

Road Improvements at the Phoenix Arizona Temple

While construction workers at the Phoenix Arizona Temple continue to apply stone to fountain and planter walls, heavy equipment is making improvements to Pinnacle Peak Road at the driveway entrance to the temple complex.

Gilding Sacred Words at the Phoenix Arizona Temple

Following the admonition in Exodus, workers are gilding the sacred words that appear above the Phoenix Arizona Temple entrance. "And thou shalt make a plate of pure gold, and grave upon it…HOLINESS TO THE LORD" (Exodus 28:36).

Quadcopter Captures Aerial Views of Phoenix Temple

The beauty and symmetry of the Phoenix Arizona Temple are captured in new photographs.

East Side Progress at Phoenix Arizona Temple

Scaffolding has been assembled on the east side of the Phoenix Arizona Temple in order to replace temporary glass with beautiful art glass over the entrance canopy. New concrete continues to be added and stone applied to the water feature.