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The Orem Utah Temple Is an Impressive Sight

The Orem Utah Temple is looking more magnificent each day and is especially catching the attention of travelers on Interstate 15 and FrontRunner—the local commuter train. Scaffolding still surrounds the ground floor of the temple where stone cladding continues, but it has been temporarily removed from around the steeple. A vapor barrier is being attached to the exterior of the meetinghouse, and work has begun on shingling the roof.

Meetinghouse Framing Progress at the Orem Utah Temple Site

Framing of the meetinghouse at the Orem Utah Temple site is swiftly moving forward. Framers have installed the roof trusses that span the main body of the building and are covering them in wood sheets to form the roof deck. Granite cladding of the temple, which has been hindered by shipping delays, has resumed at the southwest corner. The upper floors have been sheathed and mostly sealed. Framing and sheathing of the tower is also progressing.

Preparing to Clad the Entrance to the Orem Utah Temple

As granite cladding moves across the west face of the Orem Utah Temple, the recently sheathed and sealed entrance will soon be clad as well. Roofing continues over the south side of the main level while frames are installed in the south side window openings. Framing for the steeple is making good progress as is framing for the on-site meetinghouse. Just behind the temple, the floor slab has been poured for the maintenance building.

Scaffolding Erected Around Orem Utah Temple Steeple

The majestic Wasatch Mountains stand behind the Mountain of the Lord being constructed in the Utah Valley community of Orem. Scaffolding has been erected around the upper steeple of the Orem Utah Temple to give workers a platform to install steel studs, sheathing, and eventually granite cladding. Sheathing is nearing completion on the west (front) side of the temple while steel framing and sheathing continues on the north and east sides. Electrical and plumbing is being roughed in for the on-site meetinghouse ahead of the concrete slab pour.

Work Underway on All Levels of the Orem Utah Temple

Construction is progressing steadily on every level of the Orem Utah Temple. On the main level, granite cladding is proceeding at the north end where the first temporary windows have been installed. On the second and third levels, sheathing is being fastened to steel studs and covered in a white sealer. At the steeple level, welders are attached steel cleats, which will be used to anchor the light-gauge framing for the exterior walls.

Cladding the Orem Utah Temple in Granite

The first pieces of granite cladding have been installed on the north side of the Orem Utah Temple over the past couple of weeks. Orange sheathing was attached to the main floor exterior walls and has recently made an appearance on the upper walls. The sheathing is coated in a white sealer before hanging brackets are affixed for the granite. The roof deck has been completed for each tier of the tower, and footings have been installed for the meetinghouse.

Attaching Hanging Brackets to the Orem Utah Temple

The orange sheathing covering the exterior of the Orem Utah Temple is being coated in a white sealer before stainless steel brackets are attached for hanging the stone cladding. Mechanical equipment has been delivered to the third floor while steel framing continues on the upper levels. Concrete footings have been poured around the base of the steeple, and forms are being set for the footings of the meetinghouse, located west of the temple.

Sheathing Started at the Orem Utah Temple

Orange boards of sheathing are appearing on the north side of the Orem Utah Temple over the recently installed steel studs along the main level. Concrete floor slabs have been poured and cured for all three floors of the building, and metal decking has been installed for the roof and the first two tiers of the steeple. The front portico has also been framed where patrons will enter the facility.

Framing the Orem Utah Temple Steeple

The steel frame for the central steeple of the Orem Utah Temple is being assembled and installed atop the three-story structure. With the heavy framing and floor decks in place, light-gauge steel studs are now being attached to the exterior of the building, starting with the main level. Rebar has been placed at the bottom of the mechanical enclosure at the southeast corner for a floor slab pour.

Making Serious Strides on the Orem Utah Temple

Construction of the Orem Utah Temple is moving forward at a brisk clip with framing for the base of the tower started, the floor deck for the third level installed, and the concrete support walls for the baptismal font poured and cured. Installation of the grand staircase, located at the center rear of the building, is also underway. Patrons will ascend from the main floor to the second floor instruction rooms or to the third floor sealing rooms.

Second Level Floor Deck Installed for the Orem Utah Temple

Structural framing for the Orem Utah Temple is moving swiftly with framers already securing steel beams and columns for the third level. The floor deck for the second level has also been installed. The temple is being constructed on the west side of the city near Utah Valley University—not far from the shores of Utah Lake. Across the lake, another temple is under construction in Saratoga Springs.

Preparing to Pour the Font Support Walls at the Orem Utah Temple

A ring of steel bar in the basement of the Orem Utah Temple is ready for forms and concrete to cast the circular walls that will support the weighty baptismal font. The steel infrastructure for the temple is being assembled over the basement and the recently completed footings for the main level. A corrugated steel floor deck has been installed over the basement walls, in preparation for the main floor slab that will be poured.

Foundation Poured for the Main Level of the Orem Utah Temple

The basement of the Orem Utah Temple has been backfilled, and short foundation walls have been poured that will support the main level. An aerial view of the project shows the greatly expanded footprint of the building, which had originally focused on the partial basement, located in the southeast corner. A 300-foot crane lifts the steel beams to their proper positions for the structural frame of the temple. It will later be used for installing the exterior wall panels.

Steel Beams Rise Over the Orem Utah Temple Basement

While footings continue to be poured for the main level of the Orem Utah Temple, that has not stopped structural framing from moving forward. Vertical steel beams now rise over the concrete basement with horizontal beams spanning across the tops of the walls. The font room will remain open to the main level since the top of the font will be level with the floor of the main floor baptistry.

Main Level Footings for the Orem Utah Temple

The footprint for the main level of the Orem Utah Temple is coming into view as footings are poured and trenches are dug beyond the walls of the partial basement. The walls have been backfilled on much of the north side with the foundation growing to the north and west. The square-in-square supporting walls for the baptismal font are clearly visible on the south side of the basement.

Orem Utah Temple Basement Nears Completion

The crisp concrete walls of the Orem Utah Temple basement are being coated in a black waterproofing mastic and insulated with foam board before the foundation is backfilled. An aerial view of the structure shows a prominent elevator shaft near the center and numerous pipes and conduits for the rough electrical and plumbing work underway. Columns of rebar have been set around an outdoor mechanical area that will house a cooling tower and other equipment.

Installing the Basement Walls for the Orem Utah Temple

For the past three weeks, the construction crew at the Orem Utah Temple has been forming and pouring the concrete walls for the basement level of the temple. The walls are in place for about half of the basement with rebar installed for the remainder of the walls. In the coming weeks, footings will be poured for the main level, giving construction observers a view of the full footprint of the temple.

Parking Installed at the Orem Utah Temple Site

Parking lot curbing and pavement have been installed around the Orem Utah Temple grounds, providing a better staging and parking area for subcontractors. The basement slab for the temple has been poured, and tarps are being removed. Protruding rebar will help provide strength for the basement walls. The temple will be the sixth in Utah County. The county's seventh will be built in Lindon at a yet-unannounced location.

Curbing Poured at the Orem Utah Temple Site

The Orem Utah Temple site has been better defined with the addition of new curbing and asphalt. The driveway coming from Geneva Road has been paved and 1100 West has been extended while curbing has been poured around the meetinghouse property. A crane has joined the heavy equipment at the temple excavation where crews are laying rebar across the preliminary slab and setting forms for the footings and foundation.

Preparing for the Orem Utah Temple Foundation

Inside the excavation at the Orem Utah Temple site, the crew appears to be working on a drainage system and on bringing the soil to the proper moisture level to support the weight of the building. The bottom was filled with aggregate before a slab was poured to provide a solid surface for the heavy machinery being used. The odd-shaped area is for a partial basement that will sit under the much larger footprint of the temple.

Orem Utah Temple Excavation Progress

In the month since the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Orem Utah Temple, the site has been staked, drilled, and excavated for the footings and foundation. The nearly 220-foot temple will become a local landmark that is easily visible from FrontRunner, a commuter rail train, and from I-15, the interstate highway. It will be the sixth temple built in Utah County. A seventh temple, the Lindon Utah Temple, was announced on Sunday.

Ground Broken for the Orem Utah Temple

A small gathering of 30 attendees broke ground for the Orem Utah Temple on Saturday, September 5, 2020. Elder Craig C. Christensen, president of the Utah Area, presided at the event and said in his remarks: "The Orem Utah Temple will become an added refuge of strength in an increasingly uncertain world—a holy place where we learn and live more fully the great plan of happiness made possible by our Savior, Jesus Christ." Elder Evan A. Schmutz, a member of the Utah Area presidency who grew up in Orem, said: "[The temple] will act as a beacon, drawing the gaze of millions as they pass by this hallowed ground, and inviting the devoted service of hundreds of thousands of faithful Latter-day Saints, as the ordinances of salvation are offered to the living and the dead."

Activity at the Orem Utah Temple Site

Heavy equipment has been clearing the land where the Orem Utah Temple and an adjoining meetinghouse will stand. A residence that stood at the corner of the property has been also been razed in preparation for September's groundbreaking ceremony. The temple will be the sixth constructed in Utah County.

Orem Utah Temple Groundbreaking Date Announced

The First Presidency has announced that ground will be broken for the Orem Utah Temple on Saturday, September 5, 2020. The ceremony will be presided by Elder Craig C. Christensen, president of the Utah Area. Attendance at the temple site will be by invitation only. The three-story, 70,000-square-foot temple and an adjoining 20,000-square-foot meetinghouse will be constructed on a 16-acre parcel located at approximately 1471 South Geneva Road, just west of Interstate 15 and south of University Parkway.

Planning Commission Approves Rezoning for the Orem Utah Temple

Plans for the Orem Utah Temple are progressing through the approval process with the City of Orem. One necessary approval was granted today by the Planning Commission with a unanimous vote to approve rezoning of the property. The final rezoning approval is expected to be granted by the City Council on April 14. Once an official site plan has been submitted and approved by the Planning Commission, a groundbreaking could be held as early as late summer or early fall. Construction is anticipated to last two years. Interior and exterior renderings of the temple will be released prior to the groundbreaking. The height of the proposed temple is just over 218 feet.

Neighbor Meeting Held for the Orem Utah Temple

A concept site plan for the Orem Utah Temple was presented yesterday at a meeting held for neighbors of the Geneva Road site. Two buildings would stand on the 16-acre parcel—a stake center and the temple. The meetinghouse would be located near the road while the temple would stand on the back of the lot near the interstate with a stunning backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains. Plenty of parking and beautiful landscaping would surround the sacred structures.

Orem Utah Temple Site Announced

The three-story, 70,000-square-foot Orem Utah Temple will be constructed in the southwest corner of Orem, near Utah Valley University, at approximately 1471 South Geneva Road, as announced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on December 11, 2019. The 16-acre tract of land will be shared by a meetinghouse of roughly 20,000 square feet. The future temple will be immediately west of I-15, offering convenience to patrons and a beautiful landmark to interstate motorists.