Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple

Dedicatory Prayers

Rededicated 19 May 2019
by Henry B. Eyring

O God our Eternal Father, Thou mighty Elohim, in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and by the authority of the divine priesthood, we come before Thee to rededicate this, the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints unto Thee, our living God, and as a resting place for Thy Son.

As Thou knowest, this holy temple was first dedicated on July 30, 2000. Now, after an extensive and beautiful renovation, this house of God has an even more powerful feeling of peace, holiness, and personal dedication to it as a gift from Thee.

We thank Thee for the gift of Thy Beloved Son, who came into the world so that Thy sons and daughters, by partaking of the gifts offered in this house, may return to Thy loving presence, to live in families with Thee forever.

We are grateful for the faith that has made possible the great privilege of having a temple in this place. Because of the faith, strength, goodness, and selfless service of those who have labored in this house, thousands have been blessed — in this world and in the spirit world. We are grateful for the faithful tithe payers of the Church, who have made it possible for us to offer this holy house to Thee and Thy Beloved Son.

We are grateful for the restoration of the holy priesthood through Thy Prophet Joseph Smith and for all of the prophets who have followed him in an unbroken line, each holding the keys of the priesthood for all the world. We thank Thee that the prophet Elijah was sent to restore the keys of the ordinances of salvation and exaltation for both the living and the dead. We thank Thee for those priesthood keys that allow us to have families sealed forever and to live in love and in glory with Thee.

Father, we now ask for Thy protection of this structure — from its footings to the tower with its figure of Moroni. May the walls, the windows, and the roof of this structure be secure against storms, winds, and water. May the baptistry herein carry forth the great work of Thy Son for those beyond the veil of death. We rededicate the endowment rooms, the sacred celestial room, and the sealing rooms where a man and a woman, parents and children may be bound together for all eternity.

We rededicate the halls, the offices, and every facility and fixture found in this holy house. May all that is found within be sacred to those who come here. May a spirit of reverence and worship envelop this structure at all times.

We rededicate the beautiful surrounding grounds and pray that those who pass by this temple, and those who approach its portals, will recognize it as a sacred structure built unto Thy holy name. May each look upon it with reverence and respect.

May the defiling hand of the vandal and the destroyer be kept from the exterior. May none with evil intent enter within this holy house.

We pray for the temple presidency, for the matron and her assistants, and for all who will serve in any way in this sacred structure and in its surrounding grounds. May all who serve be blessed by Thy sustaining and loving influence.

We pray that Thou wilt bless every patron who comes here to have a spirit of unselfish service to carry forward the great work of the Son in behalf of those who are helpless to help themselves. And bless those patrons as they give that service in the name of Thy Beloved Son, that they may draw closer to Him and increase their love for Him.

Dear Father, we pray for the missionaries who will go forth from this house endowed with blessings and power from on high. May divine authority rest upon them. May Thy watchcare be over them. Bless them with power to testify of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of salvation and exaltation. We pray that the work may spread far and wide among the nations and the peoples, that it will roll forth and fill the earth, as Thou hast promised.

We pray for a blessing on the people who live in the communities within this temple district. May their interest in learning more about Thy work increase. May they continue to seek for knowledge concerning the true source of happiness so that they embrace the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Father, we declare our love for Thee, our Heavenly Father and our God. We love Thy divine Son, our Savior, who is our Lord and our King. Please accept our thanks. Please accept our testimonies. Please accept our faith.

With heads bowed, with hearts filled with gratitude, with declarations of love, we lift our voices in solemn prayer and rededicate ourselves and all that we have to Thy divine service. And we do so in the name of thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, amen.